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I've always, always had bad teeth from childhood....

I've always, always had bad teeth from childhood. Back the 60's, dentists hollowed out molars for teeny cavities. By the time I was 13 and in braces (the tin can style), my mouth was a silver, crooked disaster.
Fast forward through all the root canals and crowns, lost teeth because of too many hotspots to deal with at once.
So, after consultation with my dentist and a great prosthodontist, scans, impressions and a lot of consideration, I'm on the books for my big day on 3/22/16. I have complete trust in this team, I'm just concerned because I'm an remote executive between jobs and the timing isn't the best.
I'm being told a week of recovery, hoping for no more than four days plus the weekend.
Keeping in mind I'll be starting a new job in the next two weeks with a week of out-of-town training on their system before surgery... what a conundrum.
Any tips?
No before photos yet... I'll have to hunt for those.

Before photos...

You can't really see how bad they are under all the crowns. I have a four-tooth bridge on the lower right that has come loose. The only thing keeping the molars in is a pin. The teeth underneath are down to the gumline. All my crowns are over 12 to 17 years old.

Long day... impressions...

I've updated the total for my all on 5's from $40,000 to $70,000. Oh, trust me, I gasped when I received the final treatment plan. Here's the thing though. When I got my crowns 18 years or so ago, I was told my case was one of the most difficult the office had ever seen. I have a child sized mouth and very large teeth, my upper jaw is crooked and my teeth are oddly spaced.
So when I got to the office at 11 this morning we talked about it. We'll spread it out as far as possible to make it less painful financially, and I completely trust Dr Wayland and his staff, although I did tell him this chunk of change automatically allows me to call him Ryan. ;)
I knew impressions would be taken today and my four tooth bridge on the bottom would be reglued temporarily. It was much more involved than I thought.
He worked only on my upper teeth (all my lowers will be pulled along with a few upper teeth on 3/22). All crowns except two were ground off, mushy areas were drilled out. I was well numbed, but had to remember to breathe through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Completely painless. I can't believe people choose to do this heavily sedated! As someone who has had root canals on almost every tooth, this was a cakewalk. It took about 3.5 hours.
He fashioned acrylic temps for the top that look identical to my old crowns but a few shades lighter, not enough to make the two side crowns look out of place. I'd like the interim teeth to be a lot whiter, but not bleached white. The great thing is, I've got options.
I'm disappointed I can't refresh my breath with sugar free gum, but stopped on the way home for mints. Not a huge sacrifice.
I was also put on amoxicillin for the next two weeks for one of my lower teeth, part of the four tooth bridge. I heard the words "necrotic" and "sepsis". Yikes!!!
So my surgery is 2-1/2 weeks away. I will be completely out for the entire procedure. They estimate it will be eight hours. I'll go home with top teeth and go back the next day for the bottoms. The top implants will be done later in the year.
All in all I'm impressed by Ryan Wayland and his partner, Mark Nation.
The next update will be toward the end of this month after surgery.

Finally done!

Surgery started at 9 a.m. US Eastern time yesterday morning (3/22/16). The anesthesiologist started everything at about 8:45 and I was out in just five minutes! Before I knew it my husband was there and it was 5:00 in the afternoon.
I was (still am) incredibly woozy. Absolutely no pain so far! That's amazing to me. There's a bit of tightness and numbness in the chin area. I have two implants in the back and three along the front. I'm not quite sure how many teeth were pulled on the uppers. It looks like I still have the two back molars and two on the upper right. The full implants will be done on the top toward the end of the year. The temporaries look okay until then. I love the color - white but not bleached white.
Tomorrow we go back to get the bottom temps fitted. Until then I'm nervous about soup. I've been sipping a lot of water and bone broth. The last thing I want is to lose a clot. I've had dry socket in the past, and it's excruciating. I'm treating those babies like gold! I can feel stitches everywhere.
I'm not swollen - yet. I'm icing frequently. The bloody drool is annoying. I had laid down and woke up several hours later to a damp red spot in my pillow. :-/
More tomorrow, I hope! I'm so relieved this part is over for now.

Post Day 4

Not so much aching today. Thursday (3/24) I had the bottoms screwed in. The bite is way off because the top temp is modeled on my old teeth. I will have implants done on them in four to six months at which time the bite will be corrected with the new tops. Because my maxilla angles one way and my mandible angles the other, there's a balance that has to be met. You can see in the before photo that the angle is so off on the bottom you can't even tell I have teeth on the right side.
I bought a Nutri Ninja last week and have been having a great time creating healthy green drinks and smoothies. I made a great pudding last night with 1/3 cup of ice, a whole kiwi (skin and all), banana and a whole avocado (no skin, of course). You'd be surprised how adding a kiwi or tangerine to a handful of kale and/or spinach and carrots can make quite a tasty meal.
Still no major pain, just aching. I broke down Thursday after the bottom was screwed in and took a hydrocodone, thenter a nap. I dont like taking narcotics, but it was very mild and did the trick. Now I'm just taking extra strength ibuprofen.

Day 11

So, today is the 11th day and a lot has happened. I went back for a followup on Thursday and am healing really nicely. I did have a stitch that ran diagonally across the right side of my palate and was really irritating and causing soreness when I ate and of course my tongue would find it and it made things worse. Dr Wayland snipped it - what a relief!

Eating has been fine. My hubby grilled steak a few days ago and I ran my filet through the Nutri Ninja. It looked like dog food, but was absolutely divine! I miss crunchy things, but really not feeling deprived.

Brushing very gently and losing stitches. Four came out last night, three along the top and one on the bottom back. There's a tremendous feeling of looseness there. The rest of the bottom still feels tight so I'm hoping as those stitches dissolve, that'll take care of the tightness in the rest of my mouth on the bottom.

I've decided to adjust the cost as I go along. The original treatment plan was almost $69,000. Yes. I choked, too. The first part, what I had done on 3/22, entailed extraction of all bottom teeth and five implants, one on each side in the back and three spaced closely where the front four teeth are. Additionally, all but four teeth were pulled on top and a full bridge put in.

The cost for this first phase was initially supposed to be close to $26,000, but wound up to be $20,480, close to $5,000 less than we were expecting. This included all extractions, bone grafting top and bottom, five implants, and top bridge and bottom temporary appliance. It did NOT include $2,220 for eight hours of IV sedation.

I'll update the cost as I go through each phase. I'm really pleased so far. I'll have the top implants done in four to six months. I don't expect the cost for this phase to be quite as much as the first phase. I do expect to use the IV sedation again which is a separate cost, and probably won't be as lengthy; maybe four or five hours.

Almost done...

It's been almost a year and I have to say all this has been well worth it.
I did not go cheap, I was not looking for a bargain. I was not willing to fly to Las Vegas or Mexico for cut-rates. The cost was about $70,000 plus $5000 for full sedation through three procedures. I didn't want to fly 3000 miles for this when my dentist's office was 15 minutes away. They're available 24/7 and I get to hang out with the most wonderful people. They listened to my concerns, gave me what I wanted and delivered. This is not a process one goes into lightly. Most of this was paid for working 12 hours a day.
Your teeth are pulled. All of them. To do this awake was unacceptable. Thank you, Denttiva! I never knew a thing!
So, ultimately, the first surgery in March 2016 to remove all my bottoms, drilling in the bottom implants and set the temps. I've had the bottoms for 10 months. They also removed all but four of my top teeth. I loved this setup. No solid food for three monhs, but worth it.
Second step was drilling in the top implants August of 2016. Same teeth top and bottoms. Minimal time to heal.
Third step was removing the four remaining top teeth. This step was wiggy because my top temps are acrylic and I quickly snapped off the back molars on each side. Bread! Seriously!
But all good because we're at the end... I had the wax try-in last week and this temporary set I'm expecting this week before we go to Hawaii is supposed to be more durable. It's a prototype, so not the final perms. They don't even look like they belong to me yet, but they're adaptable. I'll have I've over two,weeks to figure it out.
Will post photos as I go along.
Ryan Wayland

Love Renew Institute so far. More to follow.

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