31 Yr Old Mother of 3, 712 Cc Round - Louisville, KY

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I have read several reviews from Dr. Derr, I met...

I have read several reviews from Dr. Derr, I met him before I got online and researched his work. Despite all of it, I trust that I will get my results I am looking for from him. I am 5'3 and weight 140, the implant size 712 is not as big as it sounds. It looks proportionate to my body, I am a short thick girl. The brand of implant I am receiving is an AART, so it has a firm feel to it.
I will post before and after pics and document my entire journey, not only to help others, but for myself.
I have stopped smoking about a week and a half ago. I want to ensure that my body doesn't reject the implant. That is a very scary thing ro think about. Paying thousands of dollars for something you don't even get to keep.

Worried sick!!

Everyday I get online a search something do with butt implants. I have got myself worked up over the under or over the muscle position. I want the shelf at the top, but I want big beautiful cheeks too. I have wide hips, and a wide ass anyways. But I am worried it will flip, sag, or be seen under the skin. I called the doctor's office today and they addressed my concerns. I am still worried. But 30+ years experience... I am in the best hands in Louisville.


So today I got myself cold compacts, a body pillow, snacks, movies, and a "YOU GO GIRL!" I thought it would help me use the restroom while in recovery. I tested it out and I think this will be my life saver!! It is kinda cool, weird, and exciting...

This is a very BIG deal!!

I have been on the internet everyday looking at butt implants. I went with a silicone solid. I have a firm feel to it bc I need it, my butt is not what it used to be. But I am worried about not getting the top shelf I want. I am getting a larger implant so I can not go into the muscle, so I am concerned about a hard saggy implant. I pray that this goes well and is everything I want it to be. There are some info in here, but as soon as the girls get their surgery the information just drops off. I want to ask them so many questions. There is a female on here that had the exact size as I am and it looks great, I have been trying to contact the doctor threw here to ask if it was subfascial.

The count down.

I can't eat or drink anything past midnight tonight. I am nervous... I want to smoke so bad so I have been eating like crazy. I am so excited, and nervous. I hope it looks good. I am vain as it is. Obviously, I habe had my boobs, now my butt altered. I have always wanted to look like a playboy model. Keep me in your prayers tonight ladies. I will do the same for you.


Got out about 2 pm, just wasn't feeling up to posting pics...

Day 2

I am in less pain, but I am more swollen and bruised. Dr. Derr has been so good. He has called me twice already. He is so pleasant to talk to, and seems so intrested in what I have to say. I het my drain taken out on Friday or Tuesday...

An update

It is healing slowly but surely. I have been sitting on it fully for about 3 weeks. I want to go back and get a fat transer. Just to add some uummph to the top. I am happy with the size, it fits me well. And lets be honest it is a BIG improvement.
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

I instantly fell in love with his personality, and he took his time to explain what I was getting and getting myseld into. He also went over the concerns I had about some of the reviews. Dr. Derr has 30 + years of experience, and was a private plastic surgeon for years. I have faith and believe in him whole heartedly.

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