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Hello, I'm 32 and a mother of three girls, ages...

Hello, I'm 32 and a mother of three girls, ages 8,5,and14months. A loong time ago I was told by my Gyno that I needed a breast reduction. He had the receptionist to call to set up an appointment, but I was scared and hadn't had any children yet and I said NO. (Why get it done and have them grow back with pregnancy or not being able to breastfeed my babies.) After three babies and two miscarriages I AM READY!!! Recently have spoken with my surgeon about having a breast reduction. When I first went to his office (09/13/2013) for a consult I left feeling really down. I was told that very rarely does the insurance want to pay for this type of surgery b/c the say its cosmetic. He said they require lots of proof that you have been struggling with problems for years. I gave up.( I did though talk to some of my doctors about writing a letter saying I needed the surgery, and they agreed to. I Thought" How am I going to get the insurance to believe me." I went on home and went back to my life.(Also I was going back to my diet and chiropractor.) THEN on 9/27/2013 I got a phone call from the surgeon's office asking for some info because they were going ahead to see if my insurance would cover my surgery. I proceeded to tell them I've lost weight before ( Went from 160lbs. to 140lbs. but didn't lose any boob at all! I've seen a chiropractor since 1999 and struggle everyday with the heaviness on my chest. I have rashes that come and go under my breast, indention's on my shoulders , constant neck and back pain. Thank God for Ibuprofen and ice packs!!! I asked the receptionist what will happen if they disapprove. She assured me that they would try to appeal it. So the waiting game began. ON OCT. 1st I GOT ANOTHER CALL. I have been APPROVED. Holy Cow!!! Surgery scheduled for Oct. 24th 2013. I've recently lost 24lbs (220lbs to 196lbs) and looking at this as a pat on the back. I'm Scared to death, but have been reading lots of these wonderful people's posts on here and am finding some comfort in them. Thanks!

5 Days and Counting.......

Okay everyone my surgery is on Thursday morning. I'm really getting nervous/ excited. I will be going from a DDD/E (on one boob and a cup size larger on the other) down to hopefully a C. Of course it's what the doctor thinks will give me much relief. All in all I'm Ready! Here are some before pics.

Tomorrow is the BIG (going little) Day!!!

Surgery is scheduled for 10 AM tomorrow morning! I have to be there at 9 AM for pre op blood work, etc. Today I'm running around trying to get bed sheets washed, finish up any other laundry, house picked up, Ice packs laid out in plain view in the freezer, car stuff ready, and any other little odds and ends that needs to be addressed. Tomorrow is my daughters picture day and I won't be here get them ready, let alone tell them bye :( ( due to time change from where I live and the hospital time along with travel) of course I will, but they won't remember. Wish me luck. I'll be back on here when I'm feeling up to it.

The New Me!!!

Well, It's all finished, and am doing really well. Sore and uncomfortable, but that's about it. I'll post pictures later.

Some more pics.

Going to get in the shower later and can remove my bandages. I'll again take more pics then. As for now here are some with bandages on. Some before and after. Where they go?????

Bandages Off!

I think they look good. Small, but good.

4 days Post Op

I feel a lot better today. I've noticed I can be up a lot longer and can take ibuprofen to help with the little pain I have. Still using lots of ice. ( It feels so good!) Here are some more pics from this morning. I think they look pretty good. Little bruising, but not as bad as some I've seen on here. My family is keeping my spirits up, and yeah it hurts some when I laugh. For example. Today my 14mo. took my mom's phone and dropped it in the toilet. OOPS. I couldn't do anything but laugh, and that hurt. (both me and my mom). Another thing, I didn't notice any drawling on me. I wonder if he did it free hand, or do they even do that? Hum.
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