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So I have finally overcome my fears, and plan on...

So I have finally overcome my fears, and plan on facing the giant in my life; my breast. no lol. Even before I was diagnosed with lumbar disc disease and fibromyalgia I was struggling with them. Being that I am a 42DD, I have seen worse so I just brushed it off. But no longer, can I ignore that they adding to the problem.

So I've decided against back surgery and plan on taking a more holistic approach, by changing my eating habits and getting a breast reduction. I've wanted to do this for years but was scared of the scaring and loss of feeling in my nipples. After a teenage friend of mine had hers done over 15 years ago, I knew I could not endure the damage that I witnessed. To me her surgery left her scared and disfigured. Something that I could not see myself going through. Especially since I actually thought my breast, despite the size were actually pretty nice. Not to mention the sensation I experienced from having over sensitive nipples.

Yes I was too young to be loosing the pleasure I had come to known from these mountains on my chest. That was until I was faced with the decision to live the rest of my life in pain, and constantly battling having a life. The pain I experience day in and day out is no joke.

So in less than two months I will come face to face with my fears. However, I have learned that if I loose weight, the amount of breast tissue they remove will be less. It looks like I will go from a DD to a comfortable C. I think that's a little too small considering my frame. I am a solid 5'9" weighing in at over 230 lbs. I've always been a big girl my largest weight being 274 size 18, and the smallest at 208 size 10. Funny that the only time I was a size 10, was after being hospitalized for almost four weeks.

My luck with surgeries has not been the best. I've had to have my gall bladder removed, but during the surgery the Doctor punctured my liver. I was sent home while my liver was leaking poisonous bile into my body. I was rushed back to the hospital 2 days later, and immediately admitted. I had to have a stint placed in my liver until I was released 3 1/2 weeks later. During my stay I was only feed liquids and for days, I was unable to bathe myself or use the restroom on my own.

The only time I've been hospitalized outside of giving birth nearly killed me. My nurse during my stay was such an inspiration. And with the grace of God, and healing power of my Lord and Savior I walked away smaller and ALIVE. That was a turning point in my life.

But 2 car accidents later, I'm here writing my experience and journaling for you. So stay tuned and continue to check here and my blog at

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I will give my Doctors details at a later time.

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