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I have a nose job (Rhinoplasty ) with Dr Jonh...

I have a nose job (Rhinoplasty ) with Dr Jonh Derr, we talk about a small sweet, feminine nose after a year my nose looks like a big sausage. I have a second rhinoplasty with Dr jonh aging and Dr Fox paying hospital fees again. My nose now......4/28/15 looks like a have a car accident or something. They put too much cartilage, they took cartilage from my ears and the scars are in the back and inside of the ears. I have to make sure to cover my ears with my hair now. Dr Derr was suppose to reduce a little bit of fat or cartilage from the tip of my chin.....I ended with a big scar and not different at all ....he told me you can always used make up!!!!!..now I have to put make up !!!!!really. I have buttocks Implant and get the infection at the hospital (the super bug) after months dealing with antibiotic and a lot stress thinking that I was probably going to die. After healing I have a little bit string coming from the top of the buttocks, I went to see Dr Fox since it was the day for my following for my nose. I ask If I can have a prescription.....before a little of string been cut. This woman Christie Davis the Plastic surgeon who organize all the appointment for Dr derr and Dr Fox....she call me at home making fun of me saying that I am sorry I just think that what you have its so funny, she call me say .....Doctor Jonh .....jajajajajajakja........surgery..jajajajajajajajaja to remove jajajajajajajajajaja from you butt. I was on the phone in shock just thinking that everyone of the staff was laughing about me. She was suppose to tell me that there is going to be a surgery for me ...... just like that ...what unprofessional woman. on my following I have a surprise we have a surgery for you. Doctor John cut the incision again...he cut it completely, ohhhhhhhh my God, I was so scare. Then I got another infection a different one, more like fluid from bactria. to resume...... I complaint about this woman and If someone could probably told me about that surgery I will say NO!!!!!!! It was already heal . Yes I am familiar with mother nature..... mother nature ......mother nature over and over. and he never give me straight answers. They don't want to deal with me anymore, the stiches were open and the Implant is showing. They decide to remove the Implants again another decision to protect themselves, Dr john say that we have an agreement and that there is not medical malpractice in there. He will not close the stiches until I pay for hospital fees. He left me with no medical care. And I am crying, and crying. today is April 27 of 20015 and I am in really bad pain.....and Doctor Derr and Doctor John send me a letter saying that I am not aloud to go there other wise security will there for me. .....I can imagine how they laugh about womens situation.....We are trying to get our confidence back.....at the end I can not eat,sleep or enjoy thing ....I am in lot stress and tears. I can see the muscles inside my buttock with the flesh meat. What they did to me is unfair. I am worry I am embarrassed of people making jokes of me. I am frustrating and heart broken......

He left me with no medical care on my own mercy.

I feel like this people treat me with no respect, like a hobo asking for surgery. FOR FREE!!!!!!

I have night mares, I try to watch TV but my head is in another planet, I see this woman laughing at the offices, the last time that I sow her she was in the offices, I told her ...BECAUSE OF YOU I AM IN THIS PAIN, BECAUSE OF YOU FOR LAUGHING AND LAUGHING AT ME. I was crying and crying and the this woman the manager turn off the lights and say ......Its not that I am trying to kick you out ...Its because its time to close. I wish I will have someone demanding Justice for me. in this pictures It is burning inside,........ it's feel like hot oil burning inside the skin ....like hell. Today is April 29/2015. I can not concentrate in doing anything at all.

I am a mother,wife,housekeeping .....Still with pain, so I am not doing my job rigth now!!!!!

My bed its like a nest. do what I have to do to take care of myself. making calls asking for help, Girls be aware that once you plastic surgeon left you in my condition, nobody around the are will take you, Especially If they know each other. I hear " I don't want to get in something ....you know he is my "collegiate" neither give you a personal opinion. that what happens to me. I am like this old truck that my husband have :) . I try to sleep on my belly and sometimes I ended with no pillow over night, my breast hurt. I did a mammogram and I find out that the doctor in Dominican Republic didn't use the Gummy bear breast implant that I asked few years before" Doctor Walkiris Robles. who knows If that was already used silicone implant that I get. It is normal that you breast hurt so much?? I am separate in parts. Now it hard to know who to trust!!!

I have a comment that say dont undertand the SURPRISE WE HAVE ASURGERY FOR YOU......this was in office surgey that I did not req

I decide to explain what I say about the surprise we have a surgery for you!!!!!! THIS SURGERY WAS FOR ME!!!!!!!!! I have the buttocks Implants in 2013 at the hospital I got the super bug infection, It burn the skin from the inside painful month after I finally Heal. By September 2014 , I was already happy riding my bike. My buttock augmentation was not perfect, one size was bigger that the other ....but I was happy. I have a little string with a blister that was almost dry and the top of the buttock. I have a little bit string with a blister at the top of the buttocks. I ask If I can Have a prescription to make it dry. Them this woman the plastic surgeon coordinator call me at home....... laughing and laughing at me. Every time I remember I cant stop crying. She say I am so sorry is just That I thing that what you have its so funny. She have to call me 3 times until finally ask me If I can be there on October 15 2014. When she call me laughing I was in shock , I have the feeling on been on elementary school or high school, but this woman was suppose to act in a professional way. I ask myself ...Does she always call the surgeon patience and laugh about them, laugh about the procedure that they have? or I'm the first patience who does not deserve respect ? Its the way I look? Its my accent? or its because I don't look like gorgeous, fabulous women? I feel like I am nobody. So I went to the day that for me was a regular appointment to see Doctor Derr to cut the little extra string or give me a prescription for the blister..........That day the nurse make sing a paper that say removing scar???? again all I have was a blister and the little string, the nurse say its part of the procedure. Doctor told me to laid down and he started putting cutting my skin, he has his gloves with blood and I was dizzy inmediately ......he cut me .... this was a complete surgery ...No one told me about this, I didn't have a Idea that I can have a surgery for free in doctor office. I did not request any surgery, This woman Christie Davis the surgeon coordinator did told me.....she was so busy....having fun of my buttock..........she say Doctor Derr....hahahahahajajajajajajajaj Surgery jajajajajahahahahah to remove jajahahahahjajajajaja I can still hearing her laugh in my head ..GOD WHY Me!!!? so she continued laughing and say to remove form you BUTT jajajajajajajajajahahahh. The surgery was over and I told Doctor Derr ....that was a big surgery ......my stomach was mixed, feeling dizzy, the room has a lot of cotton, gauzes with blood. He cut the incision again, and replace did the stiches with a very fine tread. I got build in fluid from another infection Pseudonomas . this is more like bacteria. I will continued post this in my Journey ..... I can't stop crying again. I wish I can talk with someone right now!!!!

I did follow you advice and when to the EMERGENCY ROOM.....

Honestly I was worried and scared to see the nurses and Doctors making bad judgment of me :) of what that crazy women did, I was shame of myself but feeling really happy that my nightmare will end soon. The Doctor look at my open wound saying that It was way too open, who did surgery? when? for how long its been open? He say they only deal with trauma, heart attacks.......they don't deal with open wound and no stiches. I can't believe they don't have a surgeon in there. They told me to make an appointment with plastic surgeon or a surgeon that deal with that. I told them I was desperate looking for help. He say the best he can do is give a couple of surgeon names and phone number and that I need to make and appointment. Nurse say I need an appointment right away and call every day until someone cancel. She gave me gauzes put inside the gluteal and change every three day........Yakkkkkkk She explain my husband how to build the gauzes, and If I have any fecal inside just to clean with water. The good thing is that they give a referral from the Emergency room, I have three appointments with different Surgeons until them I need to continue to take my Ibuprofen and keep stuffing the open space with the gauzes. I still asking myself why they don't deal with severe open wound ??????????? Also not antibiotics....UHHHHHHH , I will not stop until I get legal help. MY GOD. I can't eat , I lost my appetite or sleep, I look like the walking dead.......on pain .
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

He left me with no medical care and a big incision in the buttock area.

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