20 Year Old with Back Pain And Bone Spurs Due to Breast Size - Louisville, KY

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As many of the women on this site, I suffer from...

As many of the women on this site, I suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. The vertebraes in my neck rub against each other which causes bone spurs to form Due to my heavy chest that puts pressure on my neck. A bone spur is basically an extra bone which than alters your spinal cord. Pinched nerves in my shoulder blades cause chronic pain causing me fatigue and stiffness. I began my journey of weightloss about 3 years ago when I measured a 38DDD , I lost as much fat as I could which left me with a size 38D now , my bmi is normal which means I can't lose anymore breast tissue. My insurance is Anthem and they declined my first visit so I asked my ps to resend after losing 10 more pounds. I have yet to hear for them which I'm totally ok with knowing that's how things work. I don't know what I'm going to do if they decline me again because I don't have the money for it even though they should approve it. I just turned 20, have not breast fed , I don't have kids and I'm not married but my body physically feels 50. Even though appearance is a must, my number one priority is to gain comfort again. If you have my size frame, which is small.. I wear a size 5 in jeans and my waist is small but my breast almost reach my belly button. It leaves me with social disorders due to the fact that my body always hurts and no one understand my pain. They tell me to get over it, I can't get over it if when I'm just sitting down I feel sore all over. I'm a college student who barley has enough to get by but I still spend my last at the chiropractor and recieve little to no comfort. I don't believe in chiropractors .. But this is my life story , there isn't a day where I wake up and not think about my chronic pain. I'm praying this suffering would end.
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