The Time Has Come - Lift with reduction, no implants

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I'm planning on a lift with a slight reduction...

I'm planning on a lift with a slight reduction this August. I've read other people's reviews and stories and wanted to share mine since its a bit different than most of what I've read. I'm 34, 5 ft 4, 155 lbs and a size 36DD. I've don't have kids and haven't had and major weight loss so there's not much reason for sad looking boobs. I've always had big sad boobs and after years of thinking about a lift or reduction I'm finally going to do it. Yay happy boobs!

More to come, pictures too

Just two months and 10 days to go

New photo

Two months to go

I've been gradually buying items that I will need during recovery. I bought two post-op bras from Their pretty ugly but they seem comfortable and open in the front. The brand is Glamorise and they were on sale 2/$25. The online reviews say they run small so I bought a 38dd (I'm a 36dd) and it feels fine.

Post op list

Here's all the stuff I think I'll need. I looked at some lists other people on this site posted, also found some things from other sites. The question ,arks are ones i need to ask the PS about. Let me know if there are any suggestions.

Post Surgery :
Diaper Rash Cream? I can't remember why I added this
Ginger Ale
Frozen Food
Multiple Vitamins
Mesh Sponge
Button Up Pajamas
Wedge Pillow
Face Wipes
Plane Neck Pillow
Supplements ?
Post Op Bra
Antibiotic Ointment ?
Gauze ?
Ice Pack?
Sleep Aids?

Just 5 weeks to go

My pre op appointment is in 23 days. I'm not sure what size I want to go down to, 36DD now. I was at Victoria's Secret last week getting my 5/$26 and thought I'd compare bra cup sizes. I'm torn between a C and a D. I would be more comfortable with a D because I'm so use to my current size. Worried though that a D would sag again soon. I like C because I dint think I'd have to worry about sagging anytime soon but I think it may be too small for my body size (but again I'm just use to DD).

I'm also trying to lose another 5 pounds before the surgery. I'd like to be at my goal weight since I won't be able to workout for several weeks and also don't want to go up and down with my weight and cause more sagging. I'm starting a six day a week workout plan Monday that includes 3 days of bootcamp and 1 day of hot yoga. I really hope I can lose it.

Pre-op today

My pre-op is today and I'm still not sure what size I want to end with. I'm worried that a C will be too small and a D will still be too big.

Pre-op…it's gonna be a long 2 weeks

Pre-op went well. It was the first time I've been nervous about the process. I had wine after so tbat made me feel better. I thought my surgey was going to be at 7:30 am but it's not until 1:30 pm. I can't eat after midnight the night before, that's a long time to not eat or drink. Oh well.

Gonna go with a full C small D for size. The doc suggested it and I was thinking the same.

One week to go

I think I have everything I need I just need to get groceries, clean the house, and getting everything in order. This is going to be the longest week ever!

Tomorrows the big day

Just a few hours to go. I'm not nervous about the surgery itself but I am about not healing properly. I've seen those necrosis pictures. Anyway. I shad so much water today I feel like im gonna burst. No food or drink after 12am and my surgery isn't until 1:30pm. My mouth gets dry so I want to be well hydrated.

All done

Survey went well. When i got home it felt like something bit my nips off. I'm not in much pain now tho. I was a bit nauseous but I think it's cuz I hadn't eaten. Also had some chest pain but I think that was also due to lack of food. Had some soup and took a tums so I feel pretty good now. I'm all wrapped up in ace bandages so I can't see what they look like but they seem fuller from what I can see at the top. Overall pain isn't bad not sure i for hat will last once all. The anesthesia wears off. Im gonna try hard to resist the temptation of removing the ace to get a peek before the morning.

Can't sleep

I slept from 11-11:30 and have been up ever since. I'm really not tired at this point but pretty soon there won't be much on tv and I'd like to avoid candy crush for a few days. I'm not sure if its the sleeping elevated, the meds, or anesthesia. I take sleeping pills most nights (every night) but I'm thinking that's not a good idea with anesthesia and Percocet in my system. Plus I have sleep apnea so it just seems like a bad combo any way you look at it. I'm not going anywhere the next few days so I think can survive on naps. Anyone else had issues sleeping the night of surgery?

Drumroll please

They look a little smaller than what I was expecting looks more like a b than a c but I've been a dd for 10 years so it could just be my imagination. They are high as heck tho! I can actually see my ribcage. Tw right seems to be bleeding a bit. Bright red, not gushing or anything but kinda thin and watery. I'll keep an eye on it throughout the day


Not the best. My mom walked is as I was trying to take it

Before and after

More photos

Side by side before and after

Day 6

First follow up

My 1st follow up was this past Tuesday. Went well, had stitches around the areola removed and steri strips added. Some of them started coming off the same day tho. I can see something white in a few spots. Not sure if its flesh or the skin scabbing.

Week 4 Photos

One month

It's been a little over a month and I'm really glad I decided to go through with it. I. Ant stop staring at them, or talking about them. It's nice to have young looking boobs rather than the floppy granny things I had before. Especially since I'm only 34, never been pregnant, and I've never been too heavy (170 is the most I've weighed).

Week 6

Things are looking good. After two weeks of applying Neosporin the scabs on the left have stared to go away. I have some hypersensitivity on the right and left just above the areola. I started getting feeling back in the left nipple but nothing on the right. I never had much feeling in my nipples so no biggie at this point. Someone asked me about scar treatment. I've been using skin medica gel and silicone sheets on the anchor. The vertical scar looks good but I'm not sure about the anchor scar. The swelling has finally gone down and they got some jiggle back.

Before and after bikinis

Week 8

Not much difference or changes in the last week. I'm also adding a before and after on my back. I feel bad for any guys that had to look down at that. They look like they're broken

Week 8

Adding some close up pics of the vertical and anchor.

Week 11

The scars around the areola seem to be getting redder, the right side and right areola look bigger than the left side. Still glad I did it

4 months

The vertical scars seem to have gotten darker. The areola scars have raised and are still somewhat tender. No regrets though!


I got measured at Victoria's Secret and I'm a 36 D. That seems big to me. I guessed 36 C.

Final follow up

I had my last follow up on Friday. They did my official before and after pictures

Month 5

The vertical scars have gotten darker. It doesn't bug me too much and the guy I have around doesn't seem to care. Here are a few pictures of the journey

Month 6

Things are good. The vertical scars have gotten darker since the surgery but it doesn't really bother me. I had a weird blackhead on the left. I squeezed it and a piece of a semi dissolved stitch came out. I had the same issue a few months back. Still wouldn't change a thing


I've gotten sensation back in both nipples. They are actually a bit more sensitive to the touch than they were before the surgery. The areola scars are super sensitive too. The skin is a bit dry and leathery because I've been avoiding the area when I put lotion on. Thank goodness for body butter

14 months

Things are still looking good. They are a little lower than I had hoped but for 36 years old they are probably ok. The areola scars are taking some time to flatten out but by next year they should be good.

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