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I have been wanting to do this for a very long...

I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. And it feels as though I have been saving for a very long time as well. I just want to be more proportional and I'm looking forward to my new curves. i don't want torpedos but am looking for something more natural looking. im going with mentor smooth silicone. He is going to have mid profile and high for sizing the day of. im very active and we dont want them to migrate into my armpits!

today's the big day

I am very scared. my surgery is today at noon! I can't sleep so I thought i would post an update. im adding some pre-op photos.

one day post op

I still am in awe that I followed through. great experience. he went with high profile 325cc. I definitely picked the right doctor and his staff is beyond wonderful! Dr. Chariker is a miracle worker. my breasts feel high, sore and swollen but I am staying on top of meds (ahead of meds) and that really helps even though I hate taking medicine. im so glad I found this site. it has been a blessing to have support from you all. Thanks!


day 1

11days post

posting a pic 11 days post-op. Still tight and working on stretching pectoral muscles.

2wks post dress shopping

new picture

3 weeks post

I can see they have dropped some but have a ways to go. Feeling encouraged.

4 weeks post op

dour weeks post op


week 5

3 months post op

Three months post op picture

13 mos. post op

13 mos. Post op

1.5 years post ba

1.5 years post ba
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

I really respect Dr. Chariker's work. I have had many consults and he and his staff were by far the least pretentious, most knowledgeable and honest. i did a lot of research and asked a ton of questions. His nurse even gave me her cell phone number and took time over the holidays on her vacation to speak with me.

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