Early 30's, Mother of 2. Mentor Mod + 350cc Silicone, Under Muscle, Crease Incision - Louisville, KY

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Hi Everyone! I've decided that I should post a...

Hi Everyone! I've decided that I should post a review since I've been totally addicted to your all's reviews over the past few months that I have been doing my research. Figured it is only fair to share :-)

I had my surgery today after months of research. I'm in my early 30's, mother of 2 breastfed boys. My pre-kiddo bra size was a perky 32B or 34A, where I was able to achieve nice cleavage (for teeny tiny boobies) due to the way my chest wall is shaped. When breastfeeding, I was able to fit into a 34 D bra both times. However, post breastfeeding both babies, I was left with deflated boobies and could barely fill out a 32A very sexy bra from VS. When purchased brand new, they would look great, but then after a few wears, they would start to gap :-(

I am 5'2'', 114 lbs and looking forward to being a small C or a large C. I have read about other girlies on here and friends going to a size D with that amount of cc. I'm hoping that because my BWD (12cm) is pretty wide for a person of my stature (per my PS), it will even out to be the C bra size that I am looking for.

My surgery was this at 9:30AM morning and I got Mentor Moderate +, 350cc silicone, under the muscle, crease incision. Originally, I had chosen 325cc, but while on the table, my PS went with 350cc as it looked better, which I was 100% fine with.

In case folks are wondering about how the process went at Calobrace, it goes like this. Checked in, pee'd in the cup to verify non-pregnancy, changed into gown and foot covers in pre-op room, went over more questions with nurse/signed more documents, got IV started, applied anti nausea patch behind my ear, chatted with Anesthesiologist, chatted with OR nurse to verify more of the Q/A previously answered, chatted with PS and marked up my chest. Afterwards, I was rolled into the operating room, switched from stretcher to OR table, nurses added pillows and other monitoring devices to me......... and then I woke up in recovery around 11AM! I don't remember even being put under! Nurse gave me my purse and phone... and I was pretty out of it. I struggled to text my hubby, took some pictures, and tried playing a game. Nurse joked about cutting me off from my phone because I looked like a drunk texter - falling asleep as I texted!!

Our drive home was only a few miles away, but we stopped at a few restaurants for take out. I continued to fall asleep every few minutes and was super groggy! As soon as I got home, I took my meds and laid down on my bed that was already made up for the 45 degree angle :-) I watched Game of Thrones and was in and out of consciousness. Iced the top of the boobies (recommended by nurse to ice up top and not on the bottom) with frozen peas and then decided that I liked these ice packs from Walgreens better. They are "Reusable Multi-Purpose Cold Compress" with "exclusive soft touch fabric." I just found that they felt better and didn't drip all over me like the frozen peas.

Has anyone else been pee'ing like a racehorse? I feel like I received a gallon of IV fluids! I've gone potty 15X in the past 11 hours!! I guess that's a good thing to get all of that anesthesia out of my system :-)

Early 30's, Mother of 2. Mentor Mod + 350cc Silicone, Under Muscle, Crease Incision.

It's been over 2 days post op. I've been keeping on top of my meds - muscle relaxer, percocet, antibiotic, and nausea patch still behind my ear. Waking up each time after falling asleep for over 1 hour at a time, my chest would feel 'engorged.' All the momma's out there would be familiar with that term... Otherwise, 'full with pressure' for those who have not experienced engorgement.

Good news in the BM department!! I drank Smooth tea yesterday and the night before. Today, I drank my first coffee in the past few days and have been chugging plenty of water in an effort to clear the anesthesia out of my system.

Yesterday, I took the bandages off and started wearing a zip in front sports bra. Today, with the help of my hubby, I was able to take a full shower. It didn't seem as difficult as I thought it was going to be (wasn't sensitive with the water hitting my chest) except for my interest in not wanting to move my arms over my head to wash/condition my hair. That task was for hubby :-)

Looking forward to my boobies getting softer! I'll add some before and after pix to this post.

More Pictures

Accidentally hit the 'Post Update' button instead of the 'Add Photo' one. Here are more pix.

Forgot to mention that I'm still icing the tops of my boobies. The peas stay cold longer and are able to conform to my shape, but end up getting too drippy. The Walgreens cold compress packs take a long time to freeze... so, I've been alternating between all of the options :-)

3 Days Post Op

Feeling much more capable today, but still working on restricting my arm movements to promote the healing process. Yesterday, I started taking 1/2 or none of my Percocet pain pill every 4 hours. Today, I started to feel the pain at the incision sites, so I'm going back to 1/2 a dose of Percocet and definitely keeping on the schedule for muscle relaxer and antibiotic. I may start taking tylenol tomorrow as the Percocet makes me feel loOooOpy.

I'm still icing the tops of my boobies. My back started to hurt from being confined to my 45 degree angle in bed, so I've also started icing my shoulders and neck before returning the cold compress devices to the freezer.

Happy healing and researching to everyone!

First Post Op Visit - 5 days Post Op

I had my first post op visit this afternoon with a nurse. Today, the nurse removed the surgical tape from the outsides of my breasts and old steri-strips and then added new steri-strips at my incisions. She asked me about my pain level (which is pretty low) and sent in a refill request for the muscle relaxer as it should help with my progress. She showed me three massages that I should be doing 3x per day and instructed me to start taking Vitamin E 400 IU daily for one year, which will help to prevent capsular contracture.

My second post op visit will be with my PS early next week. That should be when I get my stitches removed. Yay! Love the progress!

7 days post op

Definitely feeling closer to normal! Boobies are softening up and starting to drop. I was able to drive today - went shopping/ran errands. The only times that it hurt was when I had to turn my steering wheel quickly and unnecessarily! I quickly kicked that habit :-)

Here's a picture to compare to my before picture.
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