Just Booked my Consultation! 32 Y/o Mom of Two! - Louisville, KY

I cannot even believe what I just did. Three...

I cannot even believe what I just did. Three weeks from Thursday (December 8th!) I have a consultation booked with a Louisville plastic surgeon. Whattttttt?!!
I've been on Real Self for a while, and have wanted this procedure for so so long. Just one thing holds me back. My mom.
She isn't judgemental, she would just be very concerned for my health. She had breast cancer and did not elect to have reconstructive surgery. I just know she will not understand where I am coming from.
But with the results I would like - filling out my deflated breastfeeding boobies (plus adding just a touch more!) I am hoping that it isn't something that will come up. Currently buying 34B bras, but sometimes I don't even fill those up... looking to be a large C or more likely, small D (hey surgery is expensive! Might as well!)
Is anyone else on my boat? Wanting results, but ones that can be toned up or down at my choice? Not wanting family to know? I'd love to hear feedback from ladies that have already gone through this!
Attached is a picture of me with a bombshell bra on. If my results emulated this look (but without a bra) I'd be thrilled!!

Disappointing consultation!

So I had high hopes for my consultation. My husband was to meet me there, and I left with plenty time to meet him there right on time. Unfortunately, traffic (at 2:45 in the afternoon?! Had other plans). I ended up being 15 minutes late (called to let the staff know) and by the time I arrived, I had obviously thrown off their time frame for the consultation, from the moment I entered the doors, I felt a bit rushed. I'm not sure if this was due to my tardiness, or if this is just how they do business. I felt as though they were talking at warp speed, and the whole feel was a bit "sleazy car salesman" to me. I was rushed through a virtual computer generated consultation, and the doctor talked so fast, I barely had a chance to think of my questions. I brought up my concerns about breast cancer detection, and was brushed off. When asked for radiologists names that they know to be good with implants, it was answered with a hospital name.
They also insisted that I needed the most expensive implant, and told me even though it is $1,000 more, that they made no more money. Which was a lie, we found out, when we talked with the lady who runs the financial office.
The doctor said I needed a 400cc shaped implant, or if I insisted, a 375cc round implant... and he didn't tell me which profile. I'm guessing because he wanted me to pick the more expensive implants. I was able to try on a sizer, only after insisting, and the 400cc sizer was HUGE! I liked the 350cc sizer, but felt confused if this implant would work for me.
Maybe I was asking too much, but my gut just said "no way is this guy operating on me." On my drive home, I scheduled a consultation with another doctor in town. One I hope I will like much better. I'll be curious to see what they say about sizing and my anatomy.

Pictures from first consultation!

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