33y/o Leaving the IBTC :) Louisville, KY

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Super nervous for next monday... don't want...

Super nervous for next monday... don't want "torpedoes" lol. But i trust my PS. I'm getting allergan silicone 339 mod profile, under the muscle, incision below the breast. I'm hoping to be a med C cup afterwards...dont really want to venture in the D range- but I know all bra manufacturers are different :) I'm 130lbs and have a "decent" butt - so hope it balances me out more!


Ok, my best friend who was going to take me to the surgery center on Monday has gone into preterm labor with her twins. (Don't worry...she and the twins will be fine - that's my specialty area in the NICU, so I have called and made arrangements for her at the hospital where I work:) I'll be taking care of them this weekend). Anyway...now I don't have a ride! I will probably end up driving myself and just having my other good friend pick me up. Don't want to ask my mom -she's more weirded out that I'm having a BA than she is supportive.

3d pre/post pics :)

I keep getting Victoria's Secret and Yandy email ads...and I am so excited! I never even bothered to buy cute lingerie or bikinis before...now I can't wait to go shopping! Here's the 3d pics that my PS took at my pre-op visit :)

I have a ride!

Ok...I have a ride- if my friend doesn't flake on me, lol. My husband also said he has a sweet surprise for me on Monday since he's got to be out of town :) So, now I'm excited, starting to get nervous if I think about getting out under too much- hopefully the nurses are good at distraction!!

My lovely husband

He came home tonight with a goodie basket for me since he's gonna be out of town for my surgery :) What a sweetie!!! It's got all my favorite indulgences- dark chocolate, wine, nerds, Heath bars, nachos, salsa, and the pill organizer I had been meaning to pick up!! I love that man :)????

My list :)

Ok- here's what I've got prepped and ready for tomorrow!
Sports bras (zip front)
Frozen peas
Prescriptions placed in pill box
Tea : "smooth move" (in case of constipation)
Bendy straws
Plastic bucket for car
Arnica Montana - helps with bruising and arnica gel
Peaches- helps with constipation
Pineapple juice- helps healing
electric toothbrush- so not using pec muscles :)
Multivitamin with no vit E
Soups/instant meals
Ginger ale
Scar away gel
Pre/post healing vitamins
Pre-surgery instructions
Lots of pillows :)

And I'm doing g my last load of laundry, and last run of dishes in the dishwasher tonight! I'm SET!!!

Here's a few more before pics as well!

More pre-op boobie pics

Just wanna have something to compare to :)

And another...

Boobie pre-op pic

Ok...I'mOn the other side, phew!

I actually did it! Can't stop vomiting from the anesthesia, but I'm not in too much pain- just some pressure, like I've done 1,000 push ups.

24 hours post op!

I was able to take my wrap and gauze off this evening, and take a shower, which felt really nice. Still sore, but nothing that is intolerable :)

Comfy sports bra :)

Sports bra

Loving the size :)

63 hours post op :)

Had a rough day yesterday, but I've learned my lesson- I will now take the pain pill every 4 hours to stay ahead of the pain. My boobies are still hard and sitting high, I think once they settle, they'll be the perfect size for my frame :) Does anyone have ideas for good movies or TV series I should check out? I have Netflix too????. Here's a picture of Murphy helping me recover on the couch????

Morning boob

It's real...I'm really "boobie sore" this morning. I'm icing for 20 min at a time, but it's not helping too much. I wish they weren't so sore & tight!

4 days post op

They're still very tight and swollen. Gonna go shopping today for a more comfortable sports bra. Still a bit of bruising. Tape has to stay on until my post op appt on Tuesday. Still taking the muscle relaxer, pain pills, and antibiotic. I really despise the "sloshing" sound (PS says it's air bubbles that'll work themselves out)...I'm hoping that goes away very soon. I've been sleeping on my sides since day 1. My PS never mentioned a restriction on how to sleep, just that belly sleeping would be uncomfortable. I keep looking up lingerie and bras online- can't wait to go shopping once they've dropped!


I'm not gonna lie to the people reading this...the past 2 days have been miserable. I hope I start feeling better- I have to go back to work on Monday. Boobie blues have stepped in as well. So...to cheer myself up I keep looking at bikinis on Victoria's Secret and lingerie websites telling myself...soon- you will be able to look cute in one of those. I'm having quite the pity party tonight for myself.


Still with the blues. I hope I start to like these this next week. I'm still in pain and don't know if it's worth it so far.

Post Op appt #1

Hello ladies :) I finally went for my first post op appt today 8 days out from surgery. The "nurse" I saw (and I put that in quotes because I'm a nurse practitioner and she definitely didn't not have the level of professionalism and card that nurses typically do, and she was very very young, my guess is that she was a med tech or nursing student)...Not putting either of those professions down, but she herself had some "learning" to do I suppose. She was brisk, non friendly, and curt. Didn't seem like she had the time of day for me or any questions I had. She (painfully) showed me massages to do, ripped my tape off (after I had asked her if she was going to use adhesive remover- she sad "no, this is quicker"), and said please make your next follow up appt up front for next week on your way out.

Needless to say, I'm not a very happy camper. My PS did not even come in.

I do not expect in ANY way special treatment for also being in the medical community. However, if this is how this office treats all their patients, I don't see how they stay in business. I would never treat my patients this way, and as a bedside nurse I never did either.

That being said, apparently everything is healing properly and I was handed instructions on what to do until my next appt next week. Perhaps the PS will show up to that appt.

15 days post op :)

Went to my 2 week post op appt today. They removed the stitches and I saw my PS. He said everything looks good but I need to be massaging them a little more aggressively. He told me my boobs will take about 3 months to drop....I can't wait till that happens. I'm not in nearly as much pain as I was just 3 days ago- everyday DOES get better.

So...I went to Victoria's Secret and got sized, although I'm not supposed to wear anything but a sports bra for a few months. So, here's some pics of just for fun trying bras on. I think I'll end up being a 32D or 32C. I also bought a few swimsuits :)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Mizaguchi! He's the best, and he's great at what he does! If I ever need anything else done- he's gonna be my go-to.

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