BBL consult & choosing Dr. Mizuguchi - Louisville, KY

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Hi everyone.. I just wanted to share my experience...

Hi everyone.. I just wanted to share my experience with you all about my journey to get my BBL done. I have wanted this for a few years and have toyed with the idea several times. After doing countless research and multiple consultations with different doctors, I finally decided where I wanted to go for my procedure. I chose Dr. Nana Mizuguchi here in Louisville, KY. I wanted to stick close to home for my procedure because I really felt all the travel expenses, etc. would be unneccessary. I live about 20 minutes away from the facility. Anyway, I want to tell you all why I chose this procedure in the first place. I am almost 22 years old and for years have hated my love handles and the pooch on my lower stomach. I have tried and tried with diet and exercise and could not get rid of the extra fat no matter how hard I tried. I have also wanted a fuller butt, and just an hourglass shape in general. So I went in to see Dr. Mizuguchi and just felt as if he was the right choice. First of all, he was very knowledgable in the procedure and had done the procedure many times before. His before and after pictures were amazing. The way he described where he wanted to take away and where more fat was needed on my body was really informative and really set me on him as my doctor. This has all happened relatively quickly; I can almost not wait anymore for my new body! My finances are squared away and it is paid for, I go in for my pre-op for tests on 9/17 and my surgery is set for 7:30 AM on 9/25/2013. I'm sooooo excited!! I'll soon be uploading pictures of befores and afters as well as updating you all. :)

2 days away!!.. Adding before pics I just took!

Hey everyone.. I have 2 more days until my surgery! I'm very excited, maybe a tiny bit nervous, but not in a hesitant kind of way. More like I'm just ready to get it over with and have my new/better body. Lol but anyways I just took a few before pictures to put up for you all to see. I really am hoping my doctor rids me of my horrible love handles and gives me that hourglass shape that I want sooo badly! Also I need some hips.. Haha. I have meant to post earlier but I have been really busy with school and trying to work ahead so that I don't miss anything for my surgery. Which reminds me, I need to get a yoga mat to roll up and sit on with my thighs for classes. I went to Target the other day and tried a boppy pillow and felt it was waaaayyy too soft and wouldn't give me the right kind of support. Is there something else I should get or should a yoga mat do it? I guess that's all for now; I'll probably write on here again a few hours after my surgery, depending on how I feel. Xoxo !

Post Op

Please excuse me if I'm all over the place with my review but I'll be thinking of stuff randomly then have to type it. And I've meant to post but just haven't gotten around to it with school and work. I will post pictures very soon and know I am sooo happy with my results. No more love handles or pooch and my butt is pretty damn big. Lol. Soo I got to the facility at around 6am on 9/25 and got my iv in and stuff. The doctor came in around 7:45 and marked me up and they wheeled my bed into the OR about 10 min later. I remember literally being in that room about 10 seconds and the medicine had already hit me. I remember feeling high as hell and I was out in like I swear 5 seconds lol. Next thing I woke up in recovery laying on my back (?) questioning in my head though high as hell, should I be on my back due to my butt? But I guess at that point I didn't care enough to mention anything. Nurse gave me meds with a sprite and some crackers. Wheeled me out in a wheelchair again on my butt but oh well I honestly didn't care cuz I didn't want to walk.. lazy. Lol. I got in the car and sat on my butt the short ride to the hotel my boyfriend and I got. We live in Louisville but just figured a hotel would be easier for the first night. So I wish there was a way to describe the "pain" after surgery. Though it isn't even as much pain as you're just heavily sore in the lipo'd areas, and your butt just feels extremely stiff. I'm wondering if that is due to muscle where they inject it being in spasm.. I've read that on here on other peoples posts. Anyway the anesthesia makes you really groggy and the pain meds make you nauseous. I already knew hydrocodone/oxycodone did this to me though, which is why I didn't really take any pain pills. I only leaked for about 18 hours, but the blood and fluid mixture was a bit disturbing and made me paranoid. My PS called me that night after surgery however (which was really nice) and assured me that is was okay. I had stopped leaking by the next morning around 9. I feel like this surgery is relatively "easy".. I don't know if its because I'm younger so I heal much quicker or what. Who knows. But The night of surgery my boyfriend and I walked to Waffle House and ate, because it was right in front of our hotel. I sat with a blanket rolled up under my thighs leaning forward, which I have been doing in class also. I stand up at work. Anyway, I didn't have a ride to my post op the next morning and drove myself. Maybe not the best idea lol but I wasn't feeling the anesthesia anymore and I did just fine. I also had the blanket rolled up under my thighs when I drove/ when I drive. I felt faint when the nurse unhooked my garment to check out my incisions but felt fine again within minutes. I can honestly say that the pain I have felt is not from the actual surgery, but from having to sleep on my stomach and my lower back hurting. I absolutely despise laying on my stomach and it is driving me crazy lol.. between that and sitting when I ride in a car and holding myself up so I don't put so much pressure on my butt, which also makes my lower back super tight. I can't get situated at night on my stomach and I toss and turn like a billion times, pillow beneath my stomach to help support my back, laying on a big fort of pillows and blankets, all kind of stuff. I'm really ready to just say f it and lay on my side. I know you're supposed to wait 2-3 weeks before you do but I'm almost at the 2 week mark and cannot handle it anymore. Plus its so hard to do school work on the computer in a comfortable position. So sorry about that little rant haha but other than that the pain is not that bad. I feel like you are just sore and groggy more than anything. I went back to work that Friday (9/27) only two days post op.. I'm probably a little crazy for that but it wasn't that bad at all. Only thing is you walk kind of like a penguin due to your butt being stiff, so I have had the old lady walk going on... lol. I was able to take my garment off and throw the foam away and take a shower on Saturday (9/28). It felt good to do that and I didn't feel faint either. Returned to class on Monday that was fine, I sat with the rolled up blanket under my thighs. Went to another appt on Tuesday (10/1) they took my stitches out. That was fine also. So I think I'm healing really well and I'm just ready to be able to put pressure on my butt again and for my butt to drop and "fluff" as they call it. Something that was really helpful is my garment is made with a cut out area in the vaginal area and a little further back so that you are able to go to the restroom easily. I've read about people complaining having to take their garment off just to go and I think that would be too much of a hassle the first few days post op so that cut out area is extremely helpful. So sorry about this being super long but I'll post pictures asap!! Thanks for reading.. :)

Almost 7 months

So I haven't posted on here in forever, been really busy but everything seems to be healed just fine. I have been reading a lot of reviews on here lately and it seems like a lot of people are saying that the procedure hurts sooo bad and is unbearable. I've never thought I had a very high pain tolerance at all and I did not think it really hurt. Of course for a few days you are sore, especially the first 48 hours but more than anything you are just extremely stiff and annoyed by the fact that you are super stuff and sore, lol nothing really agonizing at all. I'm just saying that for the people that are scared to go through with this surgery because of the pain. Now factor a TT in and I don't know, but that's for another topic. Anyway, I finally got my before and after pics taken at ps office & received them, I will be posting them hopefully tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long. I would not say my results are super dramatic but definitely noticeable and still not that "overdone" look. So I will have the pics up ASAP! Good luck & happy healing!

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