47 Year Old Medial Thigh Lift - Louisville, KY

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Hello Everyone:-) My medial thigh lift was...

Hello Everyone:-)

My medial thigh lift was scheduled for this morning but the doctor was under the weather so it's been postponed until Wednesday February 3, 2016.

I don't feel that there's nearly enough attention given to this procedure so I'll be sharing my journey in hopes that it might help others. I have sagging of the inner leg (see before pictures).

I'll update you after the surgery and include lots of photo's.

Post op day 1

Surgery went well, very little pain. Taking Tylenol instead of the Oxycodon.

Moving very slowly but getting around fine. Very little swelling! That was a welcome surprise! Also, no drains! Very happy over that:-)

Posted a few pictures.

Post Op Day 5

Day 5 and healing very nicely. Posted a few pictures of each side:-) I actually went back to work today and am sitting at my desk updating this review!

I keep incisions dry, was in bed for 5 days sitting/laying like a frog, moved very little other than to go to the bathroom and slept a lot. Today I feel pretty darn good and think that you can tell that the incisions are healing amazingly!

I still have some swelling and I'm interested to see what it will be like after working today. I sit and can move around as needed. I can even lay down for a while if I want:-)

Thanks and ask if you have any questions:-)

Day 9 Update

Hello :-)

Attached a few pictures from this morning. Right leg looks amazing! Left leg still needs to flatten, but it is day 9 so no complaints. I do have more swelling than I'd like at the end of the day but it's to be expected. I weigh 9 more pounds than I did 9 days ago. But it will go away:-)

I've have been back to work full time for the last 2 days. Yesterday after work I went to the store, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and worked out with weights for 20 minutes. So truly doing fine. I'm sore at the end of the day but over all everything is great.

Did I mention that I had a full tummy tuck and breast lift 7 weeks ago? Not sure if I did or not. But I need to start working on the rest of my body! LOL! Doctor said I was doing amazing and that he's never had a medial thigh lift look so good after a week. So he gave me permission to do a lot of different exercises. So I started last night. It feels so good to workout again!

Thanks for following my journey. Feel free to ask any questions.

Two week follow-up

A few people ask if I could tell a difference in the way my legs look now vs. before. So I'm posting pictures of what I saw in a certain position that actually convinced me to have the surgeries.

Joke if you will but if your honest you know what I'm about to say is true! Many months ago I was on my knees in a certain sexual position ( stop laughing) and when I looked down I saw my stomach, boobs and thighs flapping away. Seriously... it might look fabulous from the other view but from my view it was terrible! I was actually turning myself off!

About a week before surgery I had a couple of pictures taken of me in that position to show what I saw. After the tummy tuck and breast lift I took another photo in that position and you can see my thighs better. Last picture is after my tummy tuck and thigh lift...YES in the same position! LOL! I think soon I might turn myself on again:-) I also really miss my tan!

P.S. If you can't tell I joke and laugh a lot and am not shy in the least! Hope I don't seriously offend anyone.

Thigh Lift - 30 days post op

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks:-( I'm doing fantastic! Starting to feel like my old self again - which I need very badly. First the BL and TT and 6 weeks later the thigh lift - omgosh I'm so ready to just feel normal again! Do normal things without thinking "wait...is that over 10 lbs? maybe I shouldn't lift that" or looking for a really good parking spot because the thought of walking is scary.

Okay so last week I started walking and I mean walking a lot. Yesterday I walked 2.8 miles on the treadmill and my daily total on my fitbit was 5.6 miles. In 10 days I've went from walking 2.5 miles total in a day to over 5.5 miles. Started walking with slow steps and everyday picked up speed and my legs feel 100%. No pulling, tightness, tugging, nothing! My incision lines are completely healed, knock on wood I never had an issue with them. They look pretty darn good (yes, yes I'll try and take pictures of me this weekend).

UPDATE Z WAVE THERAPY - so today I'm go to my PS to try Z Wave Therapy on my tummy tuck scar. It's suppose to help with scar tissue. I have 4 - 5 a little bigger then a pencil eraser and no matter how much I massage they don't get better. So it's $45.00 for 30 minutes so what the heck I'll give it a try a few times and see what happens.

Again, I'll try and have some new pictures up next week:-)

Pics as promised

Just took these. End of the day a little but no complaints:-)
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