29 Years Old in Need of Mommy Makeover - Louisville, KY

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I am 29 years old 4"11 105. I have two girls...

I am 29 years old 4"11 105. I have two girls delivered via c-section both my girls were good 8 lb sized babies. I got huge lol. The last few weeks with my first daughter I grew very quickly , this left me with loose stretch marked skin eww. I breast fed both babies for about a year my breast just feel kind of deflated now. The thing that stresses me out the most is my stretch marks go above my belly button as well as below. Unfortunately the ones above will be left but lower. I don't find many pictures of people with the left over stretch marks so I'm hoping they look ok after surgery.

Some befores

I cannot believe how close my surgery is. I'm a nervous wreck. Trying to decide on implant size. I am short and don't want anything to big. I just feel deflated especially when bending over. Uhh so hard to post before pictures, I love looking at others pictures , so I am going to try to keep a detailed review.

Surgery Day

Slept pretty well last night. Feel a little anxious not as nervous as I thought I would be. Getting a little hungry. I have to be at the surgery site by 9:15. Surgery will be 10 something. Will stay in area post op first thing in the morning. Can't wait to have this part over with so I can start the healing process.

Few more before pics

I'm alive!

Super sleepy. Everytime I close my eyes I doze off. Not not in hardly any pain. I'll update more later

First night

So I have been able to sit on toilet just fine. Little help getting out of the chair but other than that first day has been alot better than exspected. I set an alarm to take my meds. Decided to take my pain meds around the clock ever 4 hours. Hubby has been awesome I just feel guilty cause hr has worked to make me feel comfortable. I am one lucky girl. If I don't keep ice on the upper part of my breast I do keep swelling and they will get somewhat firm. The left swells more than right for some reason. My post op in tomorrow and maybe I will get some pics


Only got a couple pics with onsie garmet on. Has breast and crotch area open. Ace bandage on breast and drains pinned up. I was instructed to not take off anything until tomorrow.


So my husband got a few pics before they put my garmet on. Still have some stretch marks I knew they would be some but it looks 10x better.

Swell Hell

The swelling has hit me last night and this morning. I have drank so much water been peeing like crazy. And still I have now swelled up. My legs are achy where they are swollen. My breast have been swollen the whole time. My binder feels even tighter. By the way I'm stressing a tad bit about my boobs. I didn't want to big , and they seem huge for me right now. I am hoping most of it is swelling. I'll post pictures in a bit.


Here is my incision looks like it will heal pretty good. I feel like it is going to be low enough to cover . My breast I'm not sure about yet. One they are bigger than I was thinking plus my nipples/areola are funky. My nipples was always a little off. Like one set up a little higher. But now one points to the left. Hopefully wants they settle they will good.

5 dpo

So today has been a great day! Went for another post op. Everything looks good. Got some stitches out and got the ok to SHOWER! It was amazing. I had my husband help me. I honestly could have most likely down it myself though. My tummy is a little swollen. I think it is because I hadn't had a good bowl movement. I had been taking 3 colace a day , miralax, and had stopped my pain pills . So I finally gave in and had a cup of coffee, I was afraid it would make me swell more or cramp my muscles. It didn't and finally I went to the bathroom. I only had to take a few drinks. So overall pooped and took shower equals a great day. Did not get drains out. She told me to call everyday with levels.

Two weeks since surgery

So today makes two weeks since my surgery. I am doing good. While it is not an easy surgery it is manageable, and much easier than I had anticipated. Everyday gets better. I took some new pics today to show progress, I took them after my shower. I wish I had taken them before because I was less swollen before the shower. Also, you can see my stretch marks left over below my belly button. They seem to be more noticeable after my shower as well. My belly button I think is going to turn out well. Maybe I am being too critical but I think my belly button looks off midline. I googled it and apparently most natural belly buttons are not always right in middle. Plus sometimes it looks better than other times so maybe part of it is swelling or the way I am standing. Time will tell. As far as my breast..... being patient. They still feel too big and high. The nurse said they will stop drop more. My nipples always stay hard, and are sore. Almost like when you first start nursing. That seems to be getting better so overall I have healed tons but still have alot to go. I am trying to stay patient.


Few pics I didn't get up


So I have bee busy. Two weeks post op I started work back. So everything is going good. My tummy muscles still get sore pretty easily. My breast are starting to look more natural. Although I still do kinda wish I had went smaller. I went with the mod. Plus because I think they look more natural but I don't know for me I feel like maybe they are to wide on my frame. I am getting more used to them and am hoping maybe I get completely satisfied once they fully setttle. Either way I am happy. The pictures are from 4 weeks out. I'll take some new pics soon although I don't think anything has changed much.

What week PO is it?

Overall feel good. Still have plenty of stretch marks they are fading with scar treatment. Still much better than my before. I still have some swelling if I eat alot of salty foods with out drinking tons of water. Anyways updated pics. By the way I have a really hard time getting good pics of myself.
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

So far the doctor has been great. He didn't make me feel rushed and answered all my questions. I felt like he really understand what I was looking for.

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