26 Year Old Mother of 4... Ready to Love my Body Again.. Tummy Tuck, Lipo, BBL - Louisville, KY

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After a long time of waiting, I am finally in a...

After a long time of waiting, I am finally in a position to get my dream body. I have had 4 C-sections that left me with hanging skin & fat. My goal is to have the "video model body" and my surgeon says it is 100% possible for me.

I am having a full tummy tuck, lipo to the hips & abdomen, & a BBL.

Picking a PS

Originally I wanted to see Dr. J in Atlanta, but I did not want to have to travel that far from home. I decided to search for the best doctors in the area. I first met with Dr. Derr and WAS NOT impressed by his office. His receptionist seemed nice and he seemed ok, but didn't really make me feel that comfortable, but his prices were reasonable.

After looking around online more, I came across Dr. Mizuguchi. EVERYONE at his office seemed very nice and helpful. He came in and explained everything well. I booked my surgery day with him about a week after my consultation.

I am currently 5 weeks away from my surgery and SOOOO excited! I am VERY confident that my TT will turn out perfectly. After 4 c-sections, my stomach has a flap of fat and skin that needs to go. Dr. M says I will have a beautiful flat stomach after I heal.

I have heard good things about his Brazilian butt lifts. I am still a little nervous because I am looking for a very large and full behind. I am hoping that he gives me the size I want, as I have not seen any photos of any large booties he has done. I will be speaking with him about this more at my pre-surgery appointment.

So far, I am happy with? my decision!

30 days till SX Day!!

I am getting SOOO excited! I order some supplied I will need yesterday and it made this all SOO real!

I have 30 days left. Here are a few of my wish pictures!

Also, do I HAVE to have lipo foam or a board? Im having a full tummy tuck with the lipo, so I wasnt sure.

It's almost time! 9 days!

I had my pre-op appointment last week on Tuesday. I was very excited, but also a little disappointed. Turns out, I will not be able to obtain the body I want. Since I am having a tummy tuck, I simply do not have enough fat. I found a new wish picture, that was much more obtainable. I am ok with it.

I filled all of my prescriptions and have bought all of my supplies. I am prepared, but nervous!
I am having the surgery on a Wednesday. I will be forced to drive my children to daycare on the following Monday, I bought yoga blocks to sit on, so I am hoping it works out ok. :)

I have attached some "before" pictures and my new wish picture!

I cant believe its almost time!!!

Today is a big day for me! I finished nursing school today! I am preparing for my surgery that is this coming Wednesday, the 22nd! Per my doctor's orders I must start using Mupirocin in my nose because I work in healthcare. Most healthcare workers have MRSA in their nose, this is to reduce any potential issues that could come from it. Other than that, I have everything ready to go! I'm so excited!

Not long now!

I am finishing getting ready today. I am trying out how I am going to drive on Monday (surgery is on Wednesday) to pick up my kids. I'll just have to make it work. Any ideas?

I did it!!

I had my surgery on Wednesday. It went very well. Today, 2 days post op, I am in horrible pain.

I'll update more later.

4 days post

Loving the flat side!

9 days post Op.

Starting yesterday I feel Soo much better!!!

I had to start driving, but I am doing my best to keep the weight off my butt with a pillow in the car. My stitches from my butt, lipo, and tummy tuck came out on Wednesday (day 7) as well as 1 drain.

I am having to call my PS daily with drain totals. I'm at 60cc, I need to be at 20 or less to have it removed.

My stomach is looking great! I don't swell much until I remove my garment & binder, then I immediately swell up around my belly button. I can stand upright, but by the end of the day I feel very tight and end up hunched over a bit. My back hurts from this.

I am spending my time laying on my sides still. I'm also taking care to wear non-fitted pants. Today I put on a pair of fitted sweats just to see how they looked, I was not dissappointed!!

Day 13

I am already 13 days post op!

I still have 1 drain that is still draining 60cc for 24 hours. I tightened my hundred in hopes it will go down. I'm not sitting on my bbl yet except when I drive, but then I use a pillow.

I feel great! My butt swelling is gone and I LOVE the shape. My belly swells when I take my garment off to shower. My back is still swollen from lipo.

Im hoping things look good before the 29th, because that's my college graduation! I was hoping to bust out in a cute fitted dress by then, but we will see!


So I'm now 22 days post. I still have one drain on my left side putting out 40c.c. The doctor looked at it on Tuesday and decided to keep it in a few more days to see if it will go down. I start working on Monday, so I hope it's gone. I got the stitches out of my belly button on Tuesday. I really like it! I Will start using scar cream this week. (Bio oil)

I feel great. I'm only swollen in the evenings, and it isn't bad. Just looks bloated. I took my NCLEX last weekend while sitting on a pillow. I'm SOOO glad they let me.

I'm only wearing sweat pants still, but getting A LOT of attention when I go places. I guess the booty is noticeable. Lol

Updated pictures!


I am just over 6 weeks post and everything is great!
I had a seroma drained twice, which was no big deal. I have a fluid check tomorrow, but I think it's ok.

I am mostly back to myself. I LOVE my new body. This has given me back my confidence and truly changed my life.

Forgot to add this picture!

4 month follow up!

Hello Everyone!

I decided to drop in and update everyone!

So it has been 4 months since I have my full tummy tuck with muscle tightening and lipo with fat transfer (BBL). I LOVE it. This is the best thing I haver ever done for myself. Every week my results get better and better.

I am back to doing anything I want to do without an issue. I started working out at the gym. I have ab strength that I NEVER had before. This surgery has honestly changed my life.

Everything with the BBL & lipo is totally fine. I have not lost any inches off my booty since the swelling went down at about 3-4 weeks post op. I can not go anywhere without someone stopping me and trying to get my number, it's so weird! I am not use to it at all. I am actually thinking of having 1 more round done to get a bit more projection. I go back to see my surgeon in December and I am going to mention it then.

My tummy tuck is also doing amazing. I can not believe how flat my stomach is. I do still have some minor swelling in the area right above my belly button, but that is still normal at this time. You can't even see my belly button scar, and the incision scar is getting lighter.

Coming up on 6 months!

I can not believe that it has been almost 6 months since I had my surgery. I love my body for the most part. I have not lost any of the fat from my BBL and my stomach is flat!

Tomorrow I go in for my 6 month follow up. At that time I will be speaking with my doctor about having a second round of BBL. I love the booty, I just want to go a bit bigger. I also want to get my hips rounded out a bit. I will be scheduling that for January or February. Whichever dates they have.

Here is an updated picture. As you can see, my scars are still visible. I have not been very good about keeping up with my scar treatment. I am considering laser scar treatment. I will wait until after my next BBL scars heal before I have it done though.
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Everyone in the office seems to be very nice. All of my questions were answered in a timely fashion and everything has been fully explained. The location is great and the office is so beautiful & relaxing.

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