I Want to Remove my Chin Implant 6wks Post-op but and Terrifed of Possible Complications.

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I had rhineoplasty to remove bump in nose and make...

I had rhineoplasty to remove bump in nose and make it smaller. Chin augmentation was suggested by my doctor to further improve my profile (which it did).

I had surgery about 2.5 weeks ago. I love my nose, I like my profile, but I HATE my chin from the frontal view. I feel that it makes me look masculine. It deepened the labiomental fold/crease which I particularly don't like and when I turn partially to the side it has a roundness to it I do not like. Also, I feel that it has made the natural unevenness in my chin more noticeable (the right left appears a bit longer/bulkier that the right). My family says I look great and my friends can't even tell I have had work done but it is personal and I don't like it.

I was so upset about this last night. I know it still has some swelling but in my gut I just don't think it will change enough for me to accept it. I called my surgeons office and spoke with the nurse this morning (I do not live in the same city, 5hr drive). I told her I think I want it removed and she said they generally wait 6 wks post-op before any revisions/removals. She said this is to makes sure I want it removed and also the best thing to do surgically.

Now I am terrifed of complications of removing the implant. I don't want it replaced with a smaller one because I want this to be my final surgery (hopefully) and don't want to end up not liking an even smaller one as well and traumatizing the area even more with more surgery to remove that one. The nurse said that I really should not be overly anxious about complications. My implant is small, silastic and secured with sutures, and was placed through external incision under my chin. I'm 26 yrs old and in good shape. I'm so worried about skin/muscle stretching and also problems with scar tissue but she said that she does not think I should be overly concerned given my age, the timing, and type of implant.

I think my surgeon did a great job. I just don't like the outcome for my face from the front and want the chin out, regardless of what it is doing for my profile.

My question is how worried should I be about my chin not returning to normal after removal of this implant? I'm a dentist so I very well know that there are always risks/concerns with surgical procedures and that patients should be informed of even the worse case scenario. I just want to know, given my stats and details, if I should be obsessing and crying over this because that is exactly what I am doing. I just want my old chin back. Do you think that it will return to normal after removal?
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I think my surgeon was great, I just personally don't like how my new chin looks. He did very well and is skilled. The things that I don't like I do not think are his fault.

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