Upper and Lower Bleph with Fat Repositioning - Louisiana

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My eyes are unsymmetrical and my doctor believes...

My eyes are unsymmetrical and my doctor believes there is still healing to be done. Any input?

My experience hasn't been bad except for the outcome being so scary. I had the surgery on a Thursday and was back to work on Tuesday. I think you need a good week off work to heal and rest. My eyes were very tired the first day back to work. The doctor said two weeks and I would be 'normalish' now he is saying an additional 3 weeks until my face looks normal. Has this happened to anyone else?

Day 1

Right after surgery. Blurry vision, can't see much at all. Can't open eyes. Very tight feeling all around face. Disoriented from anesthesia.

Day 5

Eye lids aren't closing. Vision still blurry. Stitches still in. Still on bed rest. Moving around a little better but eyes get tired easily.

Day 14

First day I feel normal. No tight feeling around my eyes. Eyes still unsymmetrical but doctor gave me a '99%' guarantee they will become symmetrical. Still no running or bending over. Walking and biking only. Waiting to see how the bottom stitch marks turn out. I seem to have a piling of skin around the bottom lid towards the top. Still hoping for good final results.

Day 17

Still seeing results and Symmetry improving . The doctor said the left dissolvable stitch in the lower lid is tighter than the right eye. He said this will correct itself in a few weeks when the stitches are gone. I guess it's just a waiting game.

Day 19

Not too much change. The right eye lower lid seems to be a little too loose. The right eye is also not closing so I'm starting to have dry eyes. I see the doctor in two days which will be 3 weeks of recovery so hopefully it's good news. I still feel deformed with the lower incision line and unsymmetrical. I don't go in public without glasses. :/

Day 22

Went for a check up yesterday and the doctor had concerns about my eyes not closing, the lower lid dropping more than usual, and I seem to have chemosis in the eye that's not closing (eye pictured right). He said to pull the lower lid up to the outer corner and hold for one minute 4x a day to help the droopy lid. Artificial tears ophthalmic at night for the eye lids not closing and dry eye. And take an antihistamine for 2 weeks for the chemosis. The piling of skin around the lower incisions will resolve itself with time and healing. Next check up is next week. He said I can run and wear make up finally! Last week I agreed that I couldn't run as I could tell my body was still healing and tired just from cleaning around the house. Week 3 officially down. Several more to go lol

Make up

Adding before and after with eye make up. I notice the best result is my lower lid, the fat repositioning makes my face look so much more my age. I still have a lot of healing left to do. The scars are bunching up due to collagen but should resolve itself.
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