27 Yrs Old, 1 Kid, 36B, Getting Silicon Natrelle Inspira Implants with a Lift - Louisiana

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So my son is almost 5 and I have finally decided...

So my son is almost 5 and I have finally decided to get a breast augmentation. I didn't know until my consultation that I was going to need a lift as well. So now I'm getting both. When I tried on the sizers I decided on 560cc natrelle Inspira full profile silicon... But now that I have done some research and seen some pictures of 560cc they look huge! But I also know everyone's #1 complaint is that they wish they went bigger! I don't wanna get smaller and wish I went bigger.... But I don't want to go bigger and wish I was smaller! I have another pre op appt this Thursday the 25th... Contemplating doing the 485cc... Gosh I just don't know! I'll update after Thursday's appointment!

Double responses

just so yall know, for some reason every time I comment or respond my I pad is posting my comment twice. So sorry in advance I don't know why it's doing this!

Rice fillers

So here is some 550cc worth of rice in a 34DD sports bra... Thoughts??

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I cannot believe that tomorrow morning the girls will be enhanced!!! I have wanted this for so long that it's surreal that it's happening! I'll be sure to update tomorrow when I get home home and settled. My sweet fiancé went to the store and is going to cook for me this week. I can't wait to spend this week relaxing with him and the new enhancement ;)


Oh my god. The ride home. Jesus help me. That was GOD AWFUL. This pain is so bad. My BACK hurts so bad. My sweet man has been taking great care of me. But good lord tomorrow is hopefully better! But on a positive note I love the girls!!!! I seems like they are pointing out to the side???im sure since it's the first day I should worry about it but of course I do lol

Day of surgery

So you know when you lay down and your boobs falls to the side? That's how I feel like mine are sitting. I know I just got them this morning but is that normal?

Day 2 port op

Everyone says day 2 is better... But... It's just as bad! Wondering if it's bc I got a lift ANG the augmentation? I relocated to the couch this morning and it seems to help stay inclined more. I can't tell you how sweet my fiancé has been. I'm obsessed with my electric blanket so he even went and got an extension cord so I could use it on my fav spot in the couch. He even set his own alarm through the night to get me my meds. Feeling blessed. Not to mention the girls look GrEaT!


Only day 2 but I'm loving it!! My hubby to be picked out this super cute like green and grey bra I just changed into! I love it! I was never into selfies before but now I can't help myself :)

Day 3 post op

So I def feel better this morning. My fiancé was asleep so j tried to open my medicine bottle for the first time and OUCH!! But other then that today is better then yesterday! I'm so eager to try on shirt and diff bras but I can't do anything until tomorrow. My post op is Monday and it feels like forever! I get to shower tomorrow thank goodness! Anyone else having a prob going to the bathroom? I been taking a stool softener and miralax everyday since surgery. Hopefully it will happen today... I know TMI! lol and on a positive note we get out French bulldog puppy today! Yay!!

Day 4 post op

Feeling better today! I get to shower today YAY! Still hurts to do certain things. Hurts the worst first thing in the morning. But last night we got our Frenchie puppy!! Life is good! Still eager to play dress up tho when I don't hurt as much ;)

Day 5 Post op

two days now without pain meds! Yay. Got this super soft cute bra at Walmart for $7 and they had TONS of colors!! Now that I know a large fits I'm going to get EVERY color! I'm hoping some of this side boob will settle down? I'm most sore on my sides even though my incision is around my areola... I go back to work Monday and I'm so nervous! Even though I finally went to the bathroom yesterday but still a little water bloated from surgery. All in all loving my look :)

Day 5 bruise

Here is some pics of my bruises! It's almost un bearable ;( my incisions are on the areola not underneath so why the bruising???

Day 6 post op and... Shaving!

Ok so today I'm feeling MUCH better! I took a bath and shaved everything. But let me tell you... Shaving your arm pits is almost impossible until you can raise your arm all the way up. But I did the best I could. Here are some pics of the girls. Still tense and have tingling tense feelings but all in all I'm ready for them to drop!!

Finally my post op AND first day back at work!

So today was my first day back to work and it was a LONG day! Not only is all my stuff backed up a week from not being there, everything I do "hurts." Not unbearable but just an annoying constant ache. But I was so busy that I was able to ignore it. I also had my post op today (finally 7 days later!) and he says everything looks great! No need to massage or anything! Im cleared to wear any sports bra I want (NO under wire) and in a week I can return to my "normal activity" but I'm sure I'll still be too sore. But maybe not! :D something funny my PS told me was in the operating room he made a comment I had the thickest peck muscles he had ever seen, and then he said, she def in the military!! I just thought that was so funny. I guess that's the BEST confirmation ever that my workouts are paying off! Lol!!

7 days post-op flood emergency

so on my way home last night my son and I got trapped with flood water in my car so we had to climb out the window and I had to carry my 40lb toddler through 2 ft deep water to where the cops were and as I was walking with him I fell stepping off a side walk that I obviously couldn't see in the water and I twisted my ankle, dropped my son in the cold water, he was soaked and I'm soaked, I lift him back up. Get in the police truck and they give me a ride home. I get home and THEN realize my boobs are HURTING! I'm still not to be lifting 10lb much less all of that! Even though I obviously didn't hesitate and did what I had to do, now that the dust is settled I feel like I have taken 2 steps back on recovery ;( ugh! At least we are all safe!

9 days post op

Feeling great today! Right boob still a little more swollen then left but that should go away. I can lay on my left side now YAY. Getting a rental car today since my car decided to go for a swim Tuesday night! Praying they go ahead and total it so I can just go get a Tahoe and never worry about that again ;) feeling blessed that we are safe. Girls doing good! New sports bra And it's FRIDAY! Life is good!

3 weeks post op!


3 weeks post op

Ok let's try this again! (Stupid app!!) hello ladies! Today is 3 weeks post op! I feel great but my right boob is still my problem child. I have this very strange sensation when I bend over and stand back up like there is some sort of fluid traveling up and down. I also have a sharp pain that occurs on my right side at times. My next appt isn't until April 14 (5 weeks post op) and so I'm assuming he will take my stitches out then...? Here are a few shots with a sports bra and without. Anyway overall still beyond happy with the girls and doing well :)
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