Breast Implant Removal - Capsulectomy -Enbloc ( Gold Coast Australia )

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Hello to everyone who has had implants and had...

Hello to everyone who has had implants and had them removed,and been before me.
I have had implants for 27 years which at the time my surgeon said would last a life time and would not affect my health.
So up to date I have become very unwell as they have ruptured and gone into my lymph nodes.
I have fibromyalgia, blurred vision, brain fog,
hair loss hormone problems, chest pain and burning..throbbing . a feeling of not being able to breathe ,swollen lymph nodes in my arms with silicone, swollen lymph nodes in my groin, ringing ears, burning pain in my knees and hips..some days I thought I was dying.. the list of symptoms could go on for ever...

And this doctor was the only surgeon who listened to me ..he didn't sit behind his desk..he pulled up a chair next to me and listened to how I was feeling. My prayers were being heard..
I was on a public hospital waiting list for 2 yrs and thought I would die.
So I set out to find a private plastic surgeon who would remove my silicone implants enbloc so I could try and get well.
I went to see at least 5 plastic surgeons and can say I found the best to do the job.
He has been a god sent ,because I was so sick. Dr Peter Widdowson
He spent over 1 1/2 hours just listening to how I would like my implants removed enbloc in order to get well and put me on a course of antibiotics and antifungals and help me detox as well.
He is using the holistic approach, and also took photos before and after of capsules removed and photos of the honey like substance that he had to suction out of my chest which was once an implant. They were ruptured excapsular and were coved in calcification and what looks like mold or something inside.. which IS ALL BEING SENT AWAY TO BE TESTED...Fingers crossed..
I will upload the photos next week when I go back to see him to get the drains removed.
So far from day 1 of removal ,I can breathe again and my sinusis which were blocked every day have cleared. My eyes that looked so droppy and unwell looked like the old me again. I am feeling so well I cant believe that would happen as soon as the silicone was removed..
But I am thinking my immune system has been given a break from working so hard to clear these toxin from my body.

I cant tell you how good I am feeling, I had my operation on the Wednesday and on Friday I was back to see the doctor and then again on Monday.
And on the following morning after the surgery at 8.30 am Dr Widdowsons office was ringing me to see how my pain was and drains and every day after I am so impressed.
Sorry I will up load the photos from my surgeon next week on my visit.
I could not speak more highly of this doctor and his staff. Especially Gayle...
I love the way she has taped up my poor sad breasts after all they have been through .
Dr Widdowson is the most caring genuine person you will ever meet.
I felt so blessed to find him to get me well and he is going to follow up my holistic detox .
I have been on this site for 2 years reading your reviews. And thank you to all the girls that gave me the courage to go ahead.
Now I have hope and I believe I can get well,because I have already seen in just a few days just how well I am feeling.
Sorry if this is a long story,but I hope I can help someone else to see that their is someone out their who is going to go that extra mile to help you to live again.


before photo- bandage-after bandage with bra

Sorry I am not good uploading..

8 Days post op . Healing well..

So far everything is healing well, the bandaid on my breasts has made me so itchy
I have red marks from scratching, so I am going into Dr Widdowsons office to have them look at them.
Bless u all x

Day of recovery 9

Well my itchy rash was from the other bra I changed to, the band under the breast was not as thick so was rubbing . Washed and put the other back on,so thick band is
I called Dr Widdowsons office and the Gayle put some cream on it and also sent me home with a small jar to apply morning and night.
I washed and blow dryed my own hair today..over the basin so as not to have my arms above my head.
The first week of the operation I had to go to a salon to get them to wash and blow dry my hair... My that was expensive. I save a lot by doing my own. He He .
I still have the tape on the breasts to hold them in place for better healing,and my tight compression bra to aide in healing.
Each day I am feeling so much better, the relief of having them out of my body and knowing the operation is over is heavenly...
I just wish I had done it sooner.
I will post more photos after they take the tapes off, the scar is looking great ..very fine line under the fold of the breast and looking like it will not be noticeable. Bonus.. lol
I have just breezed through the recovery, I was so worried I would get worse before I got better. All that anxiety has gone. Bless you all x


Well it is 4 weeks today and I am so happy with my outcome.
My breasts are better than they were before implants , being older I have more breast tissue.
I feel so well and I am feeling like I have a new lease on life.
I have no more pain in my breasts or that terrible throbbing I was experiencing in my groin as well
and no more back or neck pain. And so many other symtoms I had have gone.
My recovery has been a breeze , my fibromyalgia has not resurfaced and my vision is back to normal which really bothered me as I thought I was loosing sight in my left eye..
I was juicing for 6 weeks before the removal ..Paw Paw- Pineapple - Kiwi fruit and I believe it was because of the Pineapple I had not one bruise..And the whole healing process went so smooth.
Besides my surgeon Dr Peter Widdowson being the the best choice for removal of my implants
I can not speak more highly of him and his staff.
And the after care .
Gayle and Beatrice did all the after care bandages and went that extra mile to tape my breasts up to ensure the breast tissue healed well . And they look great .
It took a long time to find the best surgeon to give me the best out come to get better. So happy....
Please don't think they wont look good without implants ,because after 26 yrs of implants I couldn't be happier.
Also Dr Widdowson added stitches inside the breast at the time of removal which I think made all the difference to the outcome.
Hope all the girls here are feeling better after their implant removal...
I will try to add photos..sorry I am not good with that part of the review..
Brisbane Plastic Surgeon

Dr Peter Widdowson has removed my implants en bloc - removing the capsule in one Dr Peter Widdowson has over 30 years experience And is using his holistic approach as after care working with me to get well. What more can I say, I am so blessed to have found him. I could not speak more highly of the care from my experience from the first meeting till the after care follow ups And daily follow up phone calls from his office staff. I just breezed through this operation and was so well cared for. I had 2 follow up appointments within the next 5 days post op. This experience from the beginning I have had daily phone calls from his office for my after care. Plastic Surgeon Dr Peter Widdowson location : Gold Coast Queensland.

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