SmartLipo on Arms - Los Angeles, CA

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I would want to find a doctor in the los angeles...

I would want to find a doctor in the los angeles area to help me with my fat arms: ( I would want to have smart lipo so it won't be as harsh, ive read great reviews, I want my arms to look small while next to my body not only when I do the hands to waist thing I want to feel confident in my own body,

Any good SmartLipo Drs in the Los Angeles Area??

hey RS friends is there any doctor you just would recommend to do a Smart Lipo in the Los Angeles Area? I would like pricing to be fair and someone who will take out the most fat they can take out aswell as leave me with good results, so far I only have one doctor in mind and would like to know is there any doctor out there?? How does Smart Lipo work anyways do doctors do any deals on different areas? just a thought? im considering Smart Lipo the sooner the better too

choosing a dr?

I came across dr. hansens work and well his own page has just well older clients as in the pictures he has look really out dated. however I came across this girls page on RS and im amazed with how much fat he took out of her, I love her results

also have came through elite body sculpture

idk if its more of a tv thing or he charges an arm an a leg because of his good work, I wish I had my consultation already to be able to decide between these two,

had a consultation,

well first of all ive been on google and here on real self and came across elite body sculpting well first off my quote was a lil over 16000 to have my back fat removed and arms. I wasn't expecting that much of a quote and well I don't think itll be worth it to have it all done since they can only take out the 5 litters of fat so maybe ill have to choose which one will make me happier. On another note how can I pursuay my husband about having something else done since I have already had my butt done?? any suggestions?? I don't know what to say or how to bring it up but its something I would need to have done and so I can feel better about myself.

Elite Body Sculpture Reviews?

I had came across this young lady who had got air sculpt through elite body sculpture and now I can't find it, she had paid like 10,000 I was writing back and forth through her page and now well I hadn't logged on and I can't find her I had a few questions for her If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!!
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