Gastric Sleeve with a Low BMI - Nogales, Sonora

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Hi my name is Deisy and I will be sharing my full...

Hi my name is Deisy and I will be sharing my full journey through realself and possibly YouTube. I am 21 years old my height is 5'1" and I weight 168lbs. On July 8 I had my first consultation and was approved. I have already provided my doctor with the x-rays, endoscopy and blood work he requested . I will hopefully have my surgery by July 27 but I'm not too sure since everything will be decided on my next appointment. I have been looking for similar situations as mine and there aren't too many so I hope that my review will help others. So I have struggled with my weight since i was a child. I have always been obese! My highest weight was over 229lbs i stop weighting my self at that point so i know I definitely got a lot bigger. I managed to go down to 132lbs with clean eating and exercising. However, keeping the weight off was really hard and it still is! I would go to the gym and do cardio for two hours and eat around 1500 calories per day that's the only way I would either maintain my weight or manage to lose a few more pounds. It was hard living like that! Everytime I ate something "unhealthy" I would gain weight really fast. And it sucks seeing all your hard work thrown in the trash but I'm a human being and I would have cravings. Another reason I started gaining the weight back was because I stopped going to the gym. I enrolled in college and that turned my "new lifestyle" upside down. I would only go to the gym on Saturdays and Sundays if I have free time. I work and my classes would end really late by the time i got home I had to finish my class assignments so I was always tired. With all that on my shoulders I went up to 168lbs and i'm still gaining weight. I cant seem to maintain my weight without going to the gym so hopefully this surgery will help me control my eating habits before it gets out of control again. I definitely don't want to weight 229lbs ever again. Wish me luck on my new journey hopefully this surgery helps me get back on track!

Finally had my Gastric Sleeve Surgery!

After postponing my surgery many times I finally had my surgery on September 2nd 2016. I ended up getting my surgery in Nogales, Sonora with Dr. Juan Quintana. As I stated before I was going to get my surgery in Los Mochis, Sinaloa with Dr. Carlos Manuel Beltran Gastelum. The reason why I kept postponing my surgery was because since I was not going to get the surgery near my house I had to be sure with who I was going to stay. If I had the surgery in Los Mochis, Sinaloa that would be a 14 hour drive and my sister in law would be the one taking care of me however every date I chose that worked for me she wasn't available since her job requires her to travel so I started looking for other alternatives close to home Nogales, Sonora is only 3 hours away from home so I went on google and researched for doctors available in that area and Dr. Quintana was the doctor that i chosed to preform the surgery. I have to admit i was really nervous because I was basically on my own! I arrived to Nogales with my sister at 7:30 am and the staff had me ready for surgery at 8:00am I remember laying down in a bed with my arms spread out and I was knocked out. I woke up at about 10am and I was really cold. I was so cold that i was trembling and that trembling cause my stomach to ache. The nurse brought me two blankets and in a few minutes I felt much better and my stomach ache was gone. After settling in my bed i had an urge to vomit. So i did and I threw up some red liquid that looked like blood but the doctor claimed it wasn't blood. I felt so good after i threw-up. I still had no pain at all. It was time for my sister to leave so my sister made sure I was ok and left Nogales to go to work. I honestly thought that I was going to be in excruciating pain but i was so wrong. I rarely had any pain the nurses kept putting antibiotics, pain medication and medication for gases in my IV. Even though I had no pain I felt really uneasy. I felt really thirsty and I wasn't allowed to drink anything for the first 24 hours. The only pain that kept me up all night was my back pain. I had really bad back pain from laying down for many hours. That was the only pain i felt for the two days I was in the hospital. The next day I was walking and ready to leave I basically begged the doctor to discharge me already. Like I said the only pain I had was from laying down all day. At around 1 pm the doctor discharged me and left the drainage on me and by that time my sister was already at the hospital ready to pick me up. So we left and I did have some minor discomfort since it was a 3 hour ride to my house. So far I have had minor pain due to having gas pain. Everytime I eat my popcycle or chicken broth I get a lot of gas pain but it's nothing i cant manage. I could honestly say that this surgery has been easy breezy. I have An appointment on September 9th 2016 to get the drainage removed so I will have another update soon.

Posting My Experience on Youtube aswell :)

Hey guys like I mentioned on my first review I might start a youtube channel and I did. I started a youtube channel to share my experience. Here is the link to my channel I will still be updating on here pretty soon I have a doctors appointment on Friday September 9. :)

Finally removed the drain! And moving on to stage 2 of my diet.

After seven days of having the drain my doctor finally removed it! I felt really scared because I thought the removal was going to hurt. I've never had a drain before. So I got to the hospital and my doctor placed me in my room. He soon arrived with the necessary instruments to remove the drain. I was feeling really anxious because I was scared to death of the pain and the doctor reassured me that the procedure was painless. Boy was he wrong! He first removed the tape and it made me feel more afraid. He then said I was going to feel a little sting he grabbed some sort of tweezers and what he did was so painful that I let out a scream/moan. He then said I was going to feel a little tug and that I was going to feel the tube slide out. That part was painless but it felt so awkward! I felt the tube slide out and it felt pretty long. As the tube went out I felt one of my organ drop to it's original place. I think that's what was making me feel uncomfortable all these days the tube was probably hurting that one organ that I felt dropped. I never really felt pain because of the drain the only pain I would feel was when I would get out of bed I think it was the force that I would have to do to push my body up. Now that the drain has been removed I feel much better. I don't have that discomfort anymore and i could now say that I am 99.9% pain free :) Now that the drain was removed my doctor had a small chat with me about my diet. He finally let me consumed pureed food. I felt really excited. I tried eating the foods that he said but I think it will take some time to adjust because I felt some discomfort after I ate a little bit of pureed food.

My Stats:
Highest Weight (Day of surgery): 175lbs
Current weight: 162.1lbs
Height: 5'1"
Age: 21
Dr. Carlos M. Beltrán Gastélum

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