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I am 39, 5'8"/165#, mother of one by...

I am 39, 5'8"/165#, mother of one by c-section. While pregnant, the smell of cooked food (grilled, sautéed, etc) made me nauseous, so I mainly ate cereal and donuts. Needless to say, my weight when I delivered was 217! She will be 3 soon, and I am happy with my weight loss, and mostly happy with my body. Because I had put on so much weight during pregnancy, I have a c-section belly hang-over/apron, and extra skin/fat. Although I'm not down to my ideal weight of 150, the extra fat and skin makes me depressed and long for my former self.

So, after much consideration - a TT is what I need for me to get my shape back, and feel good about my body again. My journey begins...pre-op scheduled for 11/30 and TT for 12/15!Updated on 11 Dec 2011:Here are the before's, oh boy. I am not going to miss my gut. Emotionally, I have been very anxious and sleepless. I sometimes worry that I should wait till I lose another 10lbs. I am 20lbs to my goal weight. My PS said i will be fine, and actually the TT is a motivator to lose the last little bit. I also worry about the pain or the thought of complications. I have a hard time falling asleep at night. I have to try not to think about it so I can relax. Very nervous but excited too. I am also a little bummed, I wanted to add some lipo on the flanks, but was told I could reached to the 20th or forego it. I didn't want to change or chicken out - so I hope that I am happy with the results...Thursday 6:30am here I come.Updated on 14 Dec 2011:I had a hard time sleeping last night. I am getting more and more anxious about tomorrow. I am going to get my Rx's filled today, and all my PO supplies. I really hope that I am happy with the results...Updated on 17 Dec 2011:I am posting some new pictures of the night before my surgery that my hubby took...notice the two moles on my left side of my belly - one will be gone after the TT! :) Crazy!Updated on 17 Dec 2011:Hi again, its Saturday afternoon and I feel great - again. Yesterday was really hard. I think that coming off of the anesthesia and getting adjusted to the sensations/pain was really tough. Getting up and off the recliner was a challenge. When I was sitting and comfortable in the recliner I felt great, but as soon as I need to get up to go to the bathroom -oh boy...ouch! My back is also really sore from being hunched over. Its just not how one normally walks so your lower back is tight and spasms a little. I will warn you the day after surgery is the worst, but I made it through.
I can't wait to see my new belly. When my PS was marking me up, he told me that my skin around and below my c-section scar was in really good shape, so he decided to go BELOW by c-section scar! I was ecstatic to hear that!!!! My drains are so low that they seem to be (I haven't seen them yet) about as low as they can be. Meaning they are in the "Mons" area, very very low. I go in on Monday and hope to have them taken out. I not draining much at all. I had about 40cc's each drain the first night, and since then very little like 15cc's! Yet another sign of a great PS I think. I will keep you posted. My hubs just took another pic of me with my CG on so I will post those too. Will give another update later!Updated on 18 Dec 2011:i took a shower, more of a rinse off really. it felt good. still not draining much. went downstairs and i think i overdid it. I was exhausted trying to get back to my recovery spot, almost panting and back spasm like crazy. just took some pain meds and need to chill. other than that healing going really well. i can't wait to see how my belly looks. I have moles (beauty marks) and they seem totality in new locations! more later...Updated on 21 Dec 2011:Hi TT'ers. I got my drains out on Monday, and really - it was NOTHING!! Dr. H rocks. He said there will be a little tug that I would feel on the inside and then that was it! I was so freaked out going into that appt and having that done that I couldn't even have my eyes open, and when I finally did - he was done! Mess cleared up, drains gone, few stitches out and WHAMO no more drains!!

I pushed it a little too hard yesterday (Tuesday), thought that I was doing to great with my drains out, etc etc, and that having a couple gal pals over to catch up/hang out, and then to wrap a bunch of presents afterwards was a great idea. Wrong, BAD IDEA. Take it easy. The guests were fine, but trying to get all my presents wrapped and to start taking fewer pain pills on the same day lead to a major CRASH at about 7pm. And I mean, CRASH. All of a sudden my tummy hurt, bad, and my back was spasming, I thought I ripped something, the whole bit. I curled up in the fetal position on the floor calling for my husband to help me get up and get some meds in me. The hubs wasn't too happy about the situation, and I freaked out my daughter, she was crying. BTW - we checked everything, and I am fine.
My advice - keep on the pain pills or whatever you are comfortable with and DONT overdo it, it was AWEFUL. I was fine after about 30 mins, and feel great again today. I plan on going to the grocery store and then that's it, taking a nap or something...no need to be super-woman, but I am a type A personality and I need to remind myself I had a major surgery and this is my time to relax.

P.S. Will post some more pics later today, my belly looks SWEEEET! :0)
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Dr. Hoffman, and his surgical staff: Jeanette, Maya and Dr. Gaynor (the gas man) are AWESOME!!! They are incredibly sweet, knowledgable, willing to share their personal stories/experiences, and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I have a MAJOR fear of needles due to my experience with IV's and Dr. Gaynor made sure that I didn't have the same experience and even made me laugh! I told him I had to close my eyes when the needles came out and he joked he would too...LOL! Dr. Hoffman has an AMAZING eye for beauty and aesthetics, and he made sure I was going to be happy with my result. I can say this because he is a competent and confident perfectionist. He told me that I needed minor lipo on my flanks and he did it because he wanted the results to match his high standards! WOW. I will refer him to anyone who asks, and definitely use him again!! I completely trust his skill and judgement. Great experience, and WORTH EVERY PENNY! :)

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