Tummy Tuck - May 3rd, 2010 - Los Gatos, CA

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Brief history - lost about 100 lbs through diet...

Brief history - lost about 100 lbs through diet and exercise,looking to get rid of extra skin, but was happy with size (4) and weight.

After much deliberation I finally scheduled and had my surgery on May 3rd at 7:30 am..and was home by noon. Surgery went well,woke up great from anethesia and was in relatively mild pain. Went home and decided to stay in bed with pillows rather than my couch that turns into a recliner. Was very comfortable with 3 pillows behind my back and a pillow under my knees.

Next day went in for a post op appt and a dressing change. RN did not like the look and amount of my drainage so called in a Dr. who called my surgeon, who then sent me for blood tests. My red blood counts and hemoglobin has almost went down by half less than 24 hrs after surgery. I guess I know why I almost passed out trying to get dressed for the appt that day now! I was admiited to the hospital that day and sent for an ultrasound to look for any bleeding...luckily there was only a small silver dollar sized area..so I was kept in the hospital for a couple days to see if I would need a transfusion or if my blood counts would stabalize. Luckily no transfusion was needed. My drains never went to a light red or clear color..they actually got darker rather than lighter.

After 10 days my left side was at about 20 cc a day and my right was still about 30. Drains were taken out at this point and I had no issues except for the fact that my drain holes did not want to close up..so I was constantly changing pads on the holes due to my gushers as my family called them (they looked like little oil wells at certain points)

I worked out 5 days a week prior to surgery and have started back at the gym but doing only light cardio (light eliptical) and no weights. Can not wait to be able to go back full force. I am 4 weeks out and still can not fit into my pre-op jeans. I really hope this is still swelling. All my measurements are the same, but my lower stomach is protruding out.

As far as my results, I am happy with the skin being gone, but unhappy that my stomach is not flat from the side view and am hoping this will improve over time. My bellybutton still looks strange to me, so I hope its still in the healing process as well Have wore the binder for 24/7 for 4 weeks so far..The Dr told me I can lose it at 4 weeks but still not sure if I will..feels very uncomfortable without it..may do a few hrs on and off to ease into it

I did not have liposuction and had zero bruising after surgery.. The pain has been fairly minimal overall..the biggest pain has just been the limitations (not being able to pick things up in the ground, etc). The muscle tightening was uncomfortable but I never once felt the incision site. This weekend is the first time I actually felt fairly normal for the first im almost 4 weeks, so I am happy about that.

Updated at 2 months - still having swelling...

Updated at 2 months - still having swelling issues, still have a buldge above the belly button area that I am hoping will reduce in time. Another strange thing to me is that my stomach is still very tender to a very light touch where the muscle repair was. I can just run my finger lightly over it and it feels vert sore, bruuised,.not sure if this is normal. I have not been seen since 1 month and will go back at 3 months post op. The buldges where my incision closed on each side have got smaller, so not sure if I will need any revision or not I am back to working out 5 days a week and back to normal except no ab workouts or anything that strains that area, but happy to be back to my normal routine. My waist is the same size as preop as is my weight..I still can not fit into all my post op pants, which is frustrating.

Added another picture from Oct, so 5 months post...

Added another picture from Oct, so 5 months post op. I ended up having small revisions on the ends of the scars which totally flattene them out and I am really happy with. My stomach is still tender to touch and still very numb a year later but as far as the look, I am happy with that.

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