Wrist Tattoo Removal

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I'm starring my journey with tattoo removal...

I'm starring my journey with tattoo removal tomorrow. I got a tatoo to represent my children. I love the idea of it, but once it was done I knew right away I wanted it removed. I got it on my wrist, I wish I got it in a hidden place. I did not want black outline, but I ended up with it. Not to mention the black outline isn't even. I hope all goes well on this journey. I'll be getting laser with Picosure.

Has my first treatment. I blistered pretty bad. Is this normal?

Day 2 past treatment 1

I sterilized a needle and drained the blisters. It's still red and swollen.

Day 3 Past Treatment 1


It's finally starting to dry out. Domeboro helped a lot. Too is 4 days first treatment and bottom is before.

Forgot the pic.

1 week post 1st treatment

2.5 weeks past 1st treatment

Right before 2nd treatment

1 week past #2 treatment

All scabbed, nasty, and itchy.

10 days after treatment 2

Compared to before treatment. I think they used the Enlighten Pico for treatment #2.

Right before treatment 3. I was hoping I would have more fading by now.

2 days past treatment #3

5 days past treatment #3

10 days past treatment #3

I'm disappointed in my results thus far, my tattoo looks terrible now, I thought I would have more fading. One of the hearts is responding, but the others are being stubborn. Anyone have any advice to increase fading?

Pic didn't work.

5 months past treatment #3

I haven't had any treatments for awhile, needed a break. I plan to go back in soon. Here's what it looks like 5 months past treatment #3.
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