25 Yrs Old Girl Ready for a New Nose 9/11/2015

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Hi Everyone, Thanks for posting and updating your...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for posting and updating your profiles! I don't always comment but I read a lot of your reviews, which is super helpful so please keep uploading your photos and share your experience :) :)

As many of you here, I don't like my nose because it is too big for my face. It's too wide and too long, especially when I smile. I researched surgeons in my area and booked a consultation with the doctor who had the best reviews. My appointment is on Monday so I will tell you more next week.

Meantime, I am positing my favorite noses- all of which, according to my research, have been "improved" ;) I like little, cute noses :)

My surgery is tomorrow!!!

After shopping around I found a surgeon who is very honest about what I need and what I don't. As oppose to another surgeon, he doesn't think I need a chin implant and gave me great arguments to decide against it (I would look too masculine and a chin implant is hard to adjust to).

I am going to have an open rhinoplasty to correct my wide bridge and a little chin liposuction to improve my profile.

My surgery is at 7:30 am tomorrow!!! I will update you once I can. Meantime I am shopping for last minute items such as vitamin C, pineapple (for bruises), and soft food.

Good luck to anyone who's having a surgery this week!


Uploading these "before" photos makes me want to be in the operating room already!!!! :)

My problem is a nose that is way too big for my face and a double chin. I am looking for a smaller, narrower, and cuter nose that fits my face and highlights my features.

Explanation with a picture

Hi everyone!

Someone asked me why I needed this surgery. It is hard to show it in the picture because a photo in a 2-dimension image but maybe together with my drawing it will be easier to visualize it. I have a very wide and flat nose. In fact, one surgeon said it is a deformation. The green lines show you where the base of my bridge actually starts. In many different lightnings it is notorious and it bothers me. I think it is too large for my face and masculine looking. I wanted a cute, slimmer, feminine-looking nose.
As for the profile- it is fine, just a little bit overprotected.

I am attaching one photo of myself and a few picts of celebrities with a similar issue. Hope that helps!

More pictures!

Surgery Day and Recovery #1

Hi everyone!!!!

Today at 7:30 am I had my surgeries (open rhinoplasty and a little chin lipo). Both went well :)

From the beginning-
I woke up at 5 am to take a shower and hit the road with my boyfriend. My check-in was at 6:30 am (an hour before the surgery). After registering at the front desk, I was welcomed by a super nice nurse. Nevertheless, I felt nervous and overwhelmed! I thought I got this after having a surgery in the past but I was still scared! She took my vital signs and we went over my information and medical history. Next, I met my anesthesiologist who put my IV pain-free! Then I was rolled over to the operating room where my surgeon -seeing me crying a little bit from stress- assured me that the team has years of experience and extensive knowledge. He padded my legs and hold my hand until I fall asleep (general anesthesia). I thought that was very comforting and sweet of him :), especially because he usually omits pleasantries and goes straight to the point :D

I woke up in the recovery room due to dryness in my mouth. Other than that, I was warm and comfortable and wanted to stay there even longer! I briefly saw first my surgeon and then my boyfriend. I don't, however, remember conversations with them.

My bf told me that the surgeon said that everything went well, he doesn't expect any complications, my nose looks good, and I will have great results. In the worst case, he added, I will bleed a little bit for 2 days. Also, my lipo required only one, small incision and went well, too.

After an hour in the recovery room, the discharging process started: a nurse helped me get dressed, changes my gauze, showed my bf how to take care of me, and took me to the car.

In the car i had water and yogurt. Once we arrived at home, I changed into pajama, took my meds, drank more water, set my evaporator on (helps a lot with dry mouth), and answered some emails on my laptop in bed. I feel really good given my current state. I feel I have a lot of congestion and want to blow my nose, that's why I try to distract myself and not think about it. Other than that, I have no pain. But I do have bruises on which i put Arnica gel and take "Bruiseguard".

That's all to report as of now :) Let me know if you have any questions!

Recovery Day #2

Does anyone know how to sleep with your mouth open???? I am really struggling at night because my mouth gets very dry. Please help!

The good news is that my bruising is already going down thanks to Arnica gel, Arnica &Bromelain tablets, cold compress, lots of water, and low sodium food.

Recovery Day# 4

Hi everyone,

Today I saw my chin lipo results and they're fantastic! I look younger and skinnier! I still need to wear a special compression garment around my head to support my chin. I haven't seen my new nose yet but I am super excited already! Today the doctor took out the packing and cleaned me a little bit. I am coming back to see him on Friday.
As for bruising- everyday seems to be a big progress. I use Arnica gel under my eyes and it helps a lot. Happy healing!

Recovery Day#6

Today is my sixth day post surgery! My cast is off (I took it off in the shower) and my doctor will take care of the stitches tomorrow.

I look terrible in these photos because of bruising and swelling, but believe me, I feel great! And I am excited about the new nose! I really, really like it! I think it suits my face and looks natural, which is all I ever wanted.

Honestly, I was terrified to get one of these weird, overdone, too-small-for-the-face, too narrow noses such as Heidi's (see attached photo).

You know when you look at someone's face and it is pretty clear that they messed with it? I didn't want that!!! I think plastic surgery has improved since the 70s, when every celebrity had the name narrow nose and too large for their frame breasts. I am glad that we can achieve natural looking results now.

Happy healing!!!!

Recovery Day #7

I can't believe it's been a whole week since my surgery! I must say that the first 3 days were not easy but now it seems to get better and better with each day.

Today I went to see my surgeon. He took off the stitches from the nose and the chin (I had a little chin lipo) and put some tiny tape on my tip, where the incision was to secure it. It was painless so don't worry about your stitches :)

As for my results, I will take more photos on Monday because I need to wear a special compression garment for two more days and I think I look silly with it. I'm very happy with my new nose and my skinnier neck (no more double chin!!) The doctor said that my nose is still swollen and I will like it even more after a month. It should be more more defined.

Have a great weekend!

Picture time!

My nose is still swollen and my tip numb. There is a tiny tape where the incisions were.
Overall my nose looks MUCH, MUCH better than the original one. Don't you agree? :)

More Photos- 10 days post-op

2 weeks post-op

Hi everyone,

I'm 2 weeks post surgery and feeling 100% myself. I'm very happy with my new nose and quick recovery. With make-up my bruises are hardly viaible. I'm still taking bromelain and applying an Arnica gel directly on the bruises.
The tip of the nose is still sensitive and a little hard to touch but that's normal.

Let me know if I can answer any of your questions.

Good luck with your procedures :)
Dr. Lowen

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