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I had my first restalyn treatment in Dec, 2011. i...

I had my first restalyn treatment in Dec, 2011. i bought 1 vial from a living social promo for $295. I was 42 (and 10 months old) and my frown lines were pretty deep. i was so self conscience because they started when I was 40 and nearly 3 years later they were all I saw in photos. The first vial did a lot. My husband was really impressed and fine with the $ spent. We don't have much discretionary income so this was definitely a splurge. For him to comment over and over about how much it had improved (without prompting) says a lot.

I was delighted but because I still had a wrinkle on my left side around my mouth and it didn't seem "plump" like young skin. I started obsessing again. I'd say it was a 70% improvement but now that I saw how it really worked, I kept thinking "what would it look like if I did another" I saved my pennies and in Mar (3 months after 1st injection), I bought 2 vials which I had injected in the frown lines again, plus I had injections on my marionette lines which were not extreme but they were taking up residence on my face. I also had injections at the corners of my mouth. the dr. recommended it and wow, it really helped. (a side note on that: I was taking a drawing class and they had us do a self portrait. When I drew mine, I had to keep a slight smile on my face else my whole face drooped like I was frowning - see photo below. This was after 1 vial in Dec. but before the additional 2 more vials in March) I also had injections done on my lips because of a thin upper lip. So that was a lot of injections from 2 vials (at $495 each): the lips, edges of mouth, marionette lines and additional boost to the frown lines. I couldn't be more pleased.

i sort of have this empty spot were my longing for restalyn used to be. I think "what would make me feel prettier" and honestly, my response is "nothing" I am totally happy with my 43 fabulous self. My husband freaked out when i told him I spent $1,000 on more restalyn but now he is completely smitten. I'm not this vain person who puts her self worth in looks, I just want to feel pretty and I do. That is probably what makes him so smitten- he loves to see my confidence and that I feel good about how I look.

i'm posting a photo of how I look now, i just had the left over (1cc) injected in my bottom lip so it might look a little puffy. My dr. kept 1 cc from the 2 vials just in case anything was off balance, but since it all turned out great, we used the last bit to add a tiny pout to the bottom lip. I do want to tell you that if you get your lips done, plan to stay home for a couple of days. Your lips swell up like a fish. the morning after I had them down I looked like the joker with fish lips. It goes away. after 3 days I was almost normal (my birthday) and went out in public. % days later - I was 100%. i'll post the big lip pictures too

9/13 update

I wanted to add that since this original post i purchased 2 more cc's (another living social deal) and had restylane injected on my cheek bones and just above my lip (rather than in the actual lip) and these were the best results yet! the definition in my cheek bones pulled the entire face up and naturally effected the barely noticeable marionette lines that were returning. it also broadened my face which was a huge improvement adjusting the hollowing areas around my face. It easily took 5 years off - even my husband noticed right away! he was blown away at the difference. the lip work was amazing as well because i had almost no swelling and the effect was less of a "joker" smile look and more of a pout. (The joker smile wears off after a week to 10 days anyway). it has been 8 months and i am just starting to notice things drooping a little. my frown lines have not yet returned since my first injection and back in 2011. money is tight so I am saving up for my next round. I couldn't be more pleased with Restylane! the 2 office's I have visited are eternal beauty in los Gatos on HWY 9. If you tell them That Jilliene referred you, you can get restylane for $450/ syringe. Dr. Vaghar. is AMAZING! She is so down to earth and not a salesman. she is a professional and does all of her procedures. i have had almost all of my work done with her. My last injections were at Rejuve on Big Basin Way and I had amazing results. I recommend both!
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