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I never thought I could go without 4 layers of...

I never thought I could go without 4 layers of makeup out in public again. But I am starting week 5 and it is nearly completely gone. My doctor says it is a 3+ month process but I started seeing results the very firat week.

I am using the Obagi NuDerm line afree seeing my friends results and I couldn't be happier. I did a few twists of my own with the products and I think that is what sped up the process.
Whe washing Imy face I used a spin face brush to be able to fully exfulliate the layers of skin. I toned, then proceeded with the clear and exfoderm forte in the morn and the clear with blender / RetinA at night. I made sure I used vaseline to protectumy eyes, nose and lip areas.
Here are my results before and after. Can't wait until my journey is complete. Only downside is it can be quite painful. Burning and redness but all I wear is mascara, brow filk in and lipstick. Tell me what you think.

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3 month update

Well have been doing the Obagi Nu Derm now for just over 3 months and it is still going great. I've received several compliments on my skin and people can't believe I only use mascara and lipstick. No foundation (yeah) anymore.
I am using the products every other day now and have been for about 3 weeks with no dramatic changes, so that is wonderful. On the days I'm not using Obagi clear, exforte, blender and retinA I still use the wash, tone, Vaseline, and moisturizer. As well as my sunscreens yes both sunscreens. The Obagi and Neutragena SPF 55. It blends well with the Obagi. I took some update pics. If you have questions feel free to comment. Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

7 month update

So I was on a maintenance program through the month of May. Maintenance being 2-3 times a week. Once June hit...and summer began so did the heat and so did my melasma.
ive come to realize that deaing with this condition,melasma there is no such thing as maintenance during the hot months.
At least for me, it came back to my cheeks right away. So back to 6 times a week and it all went away again. I've placed new photos. Everyone who decided to use Obagi like me...I hope you too have see results. Have a happy 4th.
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