26 Year Old Implants Removed Today! Los Gatos, CA

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After having implants for almost half my life,...

After having implants for almost half my life, they came out today. I was wide awake with no sedation and it took about 40 mins total. My surgeon, Dr. Howard Sutkin, made this so easy. I'm home now with no GA hangover and feel fantastic. I had shoulder and neck pain all the time and I feel such a relief right now. I am so happy to see those implants on the other side! They were double luman implants (not even made anymore) both ruptured. Also, I had subglandular implants so that helped a lot as far as the ease and comfort of the procedure. This was so worth doing, I feel so much better already!

Tried on bras today!

For anyone who is going to have their implants removed, a great bra for support that also looks good is the Bali Comfort Revolution. They are wire free but act like a wire. No one has been able to tell I've had an explant surgery. There isn't much difference at this point, just a little tiny bit deflated. Very surprising after all these years.

Feeling better and better everyday! Wearing a bra I haven't been able to!

I'm so happy! It's SO nice to not have any pain in the chest and shoulder area of my left side. Also, I've had bras that I loved that I could not wear anymore. I had ONE sprots bra that I could wear or nothing at all and that was it in the last months before my explant. I'm now wearing the most COMFY fun bra that looks great. I really should have only gotten lift back then, not implants. I really see that now more than ever. They didn't really know at that time and to the PS's credit, I was young and he may not have wanted to scar me up or not do a lift before child bearing years were over. Also, in 1988 it seemed that everyone was getting implants. Luckily my breasts look the same or even better now than they did back then before the BA. Don't know why that is. I'm looking at doing a lift now. Will see on Tues on check up.; So sorry I'm a chicken about posting photos. I know lots of people and I'm not being courageous about that part. I may get up the courage to post photos if/when I do my lift. Looking good and feeling good! Thanks to all who post, respond and support on this site! Couldn't have done as well without it, I'm sure. :)

Implant Removal After 26 Years - And Then Breast Lift.

This is a continuation of another review I did regarding my implant removal. I don't have photos of when I had the implants in but they didn't look or feel that great after having them in for 26 years. I have posted photos post explant though, and post opp breast lift today. My story is very similar to many others here. After breast feeding a child and then losing weight, doing aerobics, bouncing up and down without a good bra for many years, I became a bit saggy in my early 30s. I was a 36 C so my size was ok but everything sat too low! In 1988 I went to a plastic surgeon and he didn't like the idea of me having scars with a lift at my age and suggested implants to "lift" things up. It's now known that a lift is minimal with implants alone. But then, it seemed like a good idea. I was also told the implants would add volume and a rounder shape which they did. So, I had the implants put in, subglandular. I liked them, didn't have any issues with them
initially. But, I did notice that things still sat too low, and, I had to wear an even MORE supportive bra than before. This is something I didn't like from the beginning. Also, I developed capsular contraction right away in the left breast. The surgeon tried squeezing it with his hands - OUCH! - and that didn't work. I got used to things over the years. I heard about the auto immune disease scare in the 90s, and wondered from time to time if I should remove them. When I would ask a doc during an exam about removing them after 15, or so, years, they would always say, "If they're not bothering you, don't worry about it". I wished I had gotten them out when they WEREN'T bothering me.The years went by and this last April I noticed pain in my left breast, chest, shoulder, upper back, and general body aches (the aches started around 40 or so years post) that were all pretty constant. In April, I also felt a buldge in the top of the left breast. At the same
time, the left breast become harder and harder. Meanwhile, regular mammograms were all coming out normal. I did find out later that the buldge was seen on the mammograms but I wasn't told about it until I asked. They said that they only let you know that you don't have a mass or cancer, not ruptures etc. Only if you look up and ask for records! Not thrilled about that. So anyway, I asked my surgeon, Dr. Howard Sutkin about removal. I had done procedures with him before, they were great and he was the only one I trusted to work with me on this. When we first talked about removal he mentioned replacing the implants with a lift. At this point I hadn't decided on a removal without replacement, I assumed I would just get new implants. I went home, looked at this awesome site further and saw so many women that removed implants and looked great! This site has been a huge help with insight, support and guidance. I also began to realize that having something foreign in my body was not for me (I know, I'm slow, it took 26 years!). Now, being in my 50s, I did not want to go for more surgery to remove yet another set of implants in my late 60s or early 70s!! Arthritis will surely be enough to deal with! So, I went back to tell my surgeon that I wanted a removal and a lift. No more implants for me. He's such a nice, caring man. He did not try to talk me out of it, he didn't tell me how awful I would look, he said, "great, we'll do it under local". Yay! So, that is what we did. It was SO easy, and quick. The implants were ruptured which didn't surprise me.I was concerned about what artifacts he would find in there! But all went smoothly. I immediately felt better after removal and am feeling better each day. I felt lighter, happier and free of something that was always in the back of my mind to worry about. Of course this procedure can be different for everyone depending on surgeon recommendations and what
needs to be done in regards to anesthesia. As far as my health goes in regards to the implants, I think there was possibly an immune response, not auto-immune response, to the implants. I found that I didn't get richer, prettier, or have wonderful men chasing me down the street because I had "perfect" boobs! I wished that I hadn't gotten the implants, they really didn't change my life for the better. I could have had a lift and possibly been happy. I was athletic at the time and really looked fine. I'm happy that I have chosen not to get implants again.This is just such a relief. I also realized that I didn't really look that bad before I got them and I'm not that bad now, just more droopy after having implants in. So, today I had my breast lift and they look like what I should have had many years ago. Now they're bandaged up, to be revealed Monday! . I will update as things they progress, and I heal. Thanks to all of the nice ladies that posted
their photos, shared their insight, stories, and realities that actually made it easier for me to come to this decision.

Adding to something that I had mentioned in my update

One of the great things about this site is that you learn from others here. I mentioned in my last update that implants are FDA approved and there are studies that show they are safe. A couple of surgeons on this site and in other places I've seen it is said that they were the most studied prostheses. I mentioned it because of the lack of information that I have from other studies, I didn't feel that I could say much about implants factually except my own experiences and what has been published in the media. A very nice poster here suggested a book by Dr. Kolb and I'm going to be checking it out to learn more. I enjoy learning from others and it's one of the things I love about this site. My own experiences haven't been great in my later years of having implants and that's what I'll continue to share and stay neutral on the subject. Thanks for reading! And, thanks for sharing H & H! So helpful!

Feeling great with Frankenboobs!

I've read enough on this awesome site to know that the Frankenboobs I have right now are only temporary. Just saw Dr. Sutkin and he said they are healing even better than expected. It is normal for the puckering that you see in the photo. Tissue and skin was rearranged as they were fairly saggy and the nipple was very low on me. I've also read on this site that that happens and it's normal. I wanted to post this photo and pay it forward to that when others get this done they don't wonder what the heck they did! Even when you're told, it's still shocking to see this. However, you can see the potential after some healing. I will continue to post pics. Also, I'm feeling so much better just having my implants OUT. What a difference. Clothes look great on me again. I know longer have the big boobed amazon - matronly look anymore. Whew!

Are we there yet?

Just wondering if anyone else has gone through the "what the heck?" stage with a breast lift. I've seen some great stories where women have had the "boxy" look, which is what I have right now, and it does go away. But, right now I'm having nightmares about being Frankenstein's bride. My PS says everything looks wonderful and healing ahead of schule with no brusing etc. He's happy. Ok, but, I have to keep looking at my before pic of my previous tubulars! It gets better right? It's been 7 days.....

Ok, so whadya think?

I got the stiches out today and it really wasn't bad getting them out. I have to say I like the shape that the PS created, I didn't even have this as a 16 year old girl. PS says I'm healing very quickly. However, I'm thinking the nipples look big but maybe it's the redness around the areola?? making it look that way. Has anyone had a lift and had them shrink up a bit? I did see on this site the they can be swollen and look larger due to that. So, whadya think?

Things are looking up!

Fun bra, just to keep things fun. Not allowed wires yet, but, thought I just try it out. It's so nice to wear a normal bra. It's also nice to try an underwire with nice cleavage and not buldging or sagging skin over the top due to implants! I could never wear a bra like this comfortably when I had implants. Near the end all I coud wear was a sports bra or nothing. I'm loving NOT having them and I feel I look and feel so much better without them.

12 days post opp and the scars look really good. My surgeon did a great job on that.

My scars look good for 12 days. Also, on nipple is starting to shrink down to its previous size. I've read on this site that they heal unevenly sometimes. I'm good with that as long as their shrinking! Still really liking the shape in and out of a bra. They look good in closes. Very happy with that! My bad selfies sort of monsterfy them! LOL Thanks again to all the loving supportive ladies on this site who have helps so much!

Nipples shrinking and moving upward a smidge everyday. Yay!

13 days post op! Most of all, I'm feeling so good without implants. My shoulders feel great and each day I find it easier to stand taller. Scars are healing nicely and NOT itching. Yes! Still, no one has noticed any of this - implant removal, then breast lift. I have been told I look like I've lost weight. I have, a couple of pounds. Yes, again!

17 days post - Shape improving, incisions healing, oval shaped nipple

In some positions my right nipple is oval shaped. in other it's normal. I've heard of this on this site and they say it's common in early healing to have the breast heal differenly from each other. It's a bit unnerving though! My incisions look good but on the right bottom breast there's a small part that's stretched a bit. I also hear this is common and clears up. It helps to hear and see others' experiences. Anyone have a different shaped nipples during healing? I'm liking the shape though! Look good in tanks!!

18 days post breast lift. I don't think I needed implants!

You can hardly see the incisions at 18 days. I think my PS did a great job. Also, I can't believe that they changed just from yesterday, they are less swollen. The shape changes constantly from a platypus shape to a more tear drop shape. The nipples are still shriveling and shriking and they are differenct shapes and I'm thinking it'll settle out. But, I've never had this before, even when I was young. I'm very happy. I can't believe I got implants back then in the first place. I mean, does it look like I needed them? Wow, as they say, if I only knew then.....I'm very happy with this decision to remove the implants and have the BL. Not to mention that I have NOT one time, had the pain in my left scapula since they were removed. I had constant pain there and always wanted it massaged to "get the knott out". I think I got the knott OUT!

Wearing a tank top without a multi-strength-support-system bra!

Yay! I have a nice comfortable cheap normal bra on that doesn't have to hold up implants plus breast tissue. No padding, no wire, no anything, just nice comfy material. Ahhhh. It's nice to just be normal, not big, not perfect, not anything, but just proportionate to everything else - the way it was suppose to be in the first place!

3 Weeks Post Op!! Things are evening out nicely!

I hope this isn't to much like Groundhog Day! Same over and over BUT, I'm so happy - nipples are evening out (only on this site can I say this!). One was oval and one was round and they were both a smidge too big. The bigger one is shrinking more equal to the smaller one and the oval shape is changing now. They're looking so much more proportionate now. It seems that every few days things change for the better. Less swelling, although I'm still wearing the same sized bra. I want to post these things so that ladies out there that get a breast lift without implants (BLs with implants are more common on the site) can see some of the scary healing stages - Frankenboob stage, the boxy stage, the spatula stage, the platypus stage, the uneven stage, swelling stage and then the stage where things start to even out, sometimes on a daily basis. It can be disheartening at times to go through an implant removal alone, that an adjustment. Then to get a lift and see some very scary looking things as the breasts heal. I saw where a PS on this site said that things can be very uneven in the beginning and they have a way of blending together just right. It's hard to believe that when you see some of the changes. Hope this helps some ladies out there the way I've been helped by this site. Thanks to all that have been brave and posted photos and shared their stories. This has been such a great help to me.

Good bra for explant and breast lift.

Thought I'd post this bra, Bali Comfort Revolution. It's awesome as it has cups to help give gentle support but it doesn't have wire, padding or smash things down too much. It's like a sports bra with cups. Very comfy.
Also, had a check up and have some fluid build up in breast from explant but not like it was before at all. PS says to wait and see. If it's not down in a week he'll drain it. Hope everyone is doing well.

Over one month post op breast lift

Had a check up today, PS wants to let the little bit of fluid build up go down on its own. It less than the last time he checked and doesn't want to drain if he doesn't have to. Everything feels great. Nipples are still evening out but he says they will in time. Redness around incisions at this time is normal also. So happy I did this. Very happy with the results even as they heal and change.

6 weeks post op breast lift!

Funny how things keep changing. The changes are slower but there. It seems like they've filled out more, they're more round than right after surgery. Some of this is probably healing from the explant as well. The nipples are shrinking and change shape a lot. When I compare this 6 week photos with the one at 11 days, I see a big dif. The scars got darker, which I hear is normal at 6 weeks and will light up - hopefully anyway. Still very happy I explanted and even happier with my lift and my surgeon.

7 weeks post op. Fluid going down?

It's hard to tell if the fluid on the left side is going down or not. Going to get a check up next week with PS to see. Seems like Ground Hog Day with the photos! Smaller than they were but I think the nipples are still to wide. PS says they need more time and heal, swelling underneath to go down, and things to shrink up. I added the first shot again before breast lift for comparison.

Very happy!! Over 2 months post op for breast lift (4 months post implant removal)

Very happy!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sutkin is just awesome. He's comforting and gentle. He's a board certified plastic surgeon with F.A.C.S. and lectures and teaches at Stanford University here in California. I am very happpy with this surgeon and would highly recommend him.

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