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Hello all! Let me just start by saying I love this...

Hello all! Let me just start by saying I love this site. It gives both good and bad stories and gives so much real insight into what BA surgery is like. I have always wanted big boobs, as i have big hips ans thighs. Up untill recently, i weighed about 160lbs. This past february i decided that i was finally going to lose the weight! Im down to 125lbs.

Ive never been called skinny my entire life but darn if it doesnt feel amazing to hear that now. Took so much hard work and i still have a lot of toning up to do, but very happy.

Anyways, my boobs have deflated and look pitiful. I only had B's to start with and now with the weight loss im even less. Ive decided to go with mid profile saline, under muscle, inframammary Inscision, btwn 300-400cc (undecided). I want to end up with a nice D cup to balance myself out. Surgery is 2.5 weeks away and i couldnt be more excited!!



I've added a bunch of "before" pix, i know its...

I've added a bunch of "before" pix, i know its super helpful for me to see other ladies with my same body type!! I am 5'5", 125 lbs, size 2/3 pants and size sm or med shirt. I have a fairly wide ribcage and short torso. I would add full body pix but i have distinguishing tattoos that i'd rather keep hidden!

I was laughing at myself today thinking of all the ridiculous things I used to do to make my boobs looks bigger... mind you I started stuffing my bra in middle school! I used foam inserts, gel pads, socks, tissues, wearing multiple bras, and even taping my boobs together with duct tape! Good heavens. But after 12/19/2012 I will no longer have to do that! Yippee!

OK ladies I had my sizers appointment today and...

OK ladies I had my sizers appointment today and boy was that confusing! Everything I tried on looked HUGE on me. I guess I'm so used to being flat and wearing sports bras all the time... I thought I looked like an alien. Anyways I added two pictures.. I think I'm going with 360 CC implants... but then they get filled to 390, but then they get compressed by 10% because of submuscular so they look like 360? You can see why I was confused! sigh... I guess trusting my surgeon and my instincts is the only thing to do. I'd rather err on the side of going a little small than going too big. I know a lot of women post BA wish they had gone the next size up, but i'd rather be a little conservative! Plus your risk of complications like bottoming out increase the bigger you go. Anyway let me know what ya'll think! Can't beleive it's only two weeks away... eek!

Well im getting close to being all prepared for my...

Well im getting close to being all prepared for my big day! Im a big list-maker myself so heres some of the items i have on hand for my surgery:

Arnica montana 12c
Painkiller prescrip
Phenergan suppository prescrip
Smooth move laxative tea
3 pairs button up silk pajamas
2 surgical bras
Books, movies, small crafts
Ice packs
Biocorneum scar gel
Lots of extra pillows

Still have to prep all my food but ill wait till closer to the date. And of course house will be scrubbed clean and all laundry done! Let me know if you ladies have any other items that helped you recover

Getting more and more excited!


Well I tried on a bunch of my swimsuits today...

Well I tried on a bunch of my swimsuits today thinking I could post a cute "before" and "after" pic like so many other lovely ladies do on this site. Unfortunately none of them fit! I think the fact that I am smaller now still hasn't sunk in. I still feel like a bigger girl.. but that was 30 lbs ago! I've heard other people have same experiences... that you still see your old bigger self in the mirror. While it made me proud of myself that the suits didn't fit, it also made me sad. Remembering how unhappy I was being overweight, and how uncomfortable is was to even WEAR a swimsuit, much less go swimming! I was really depressed for a long time, at my heaviest I weighed 175 pounds. I remember going on a family trip to Mexico and being so ashamed of the way I looked.. how the heck did I get to that point? I had no self control, self respect, or sense of self worth. So many good years that I could have been healthy and much happier.. I'm really proud of how far I've come and it makes me feel good knowing that I'm getting a BA for me to really feel complete! Now if only my brain will catch up to me lol.

Anyways I measure my chest just to get some before stats..
Ribcage right below breasts= 32"
Breast across nipples= 35"
Above breasts under armpits=33.5"

I was so shocked to see that my band size was 32"... before I wore a 36 or 38 even in some bras! and it was all fat! Good grief..

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season

much love

So i've been going back and forth on my decision...

So i've been going back and forth on my decision to get 360cc (filled to 390). Is it too small? Will I be satisfied? The lovely lady that helped me try on sizers thought I should go bigger, and my PS said my body shape would look nice with bigger ones.. I'm spending sooo much hard earned money that I want to get exactly what I want!

Today I think I finally buried the hatchet. I spend a few hours looking at photos of women who got 360's and had similar starting breast sizes as me. They look FAB! Not obviously fake, just the right amount of fullness and va-va-voom. They look proportionate without being overly top heavy. I'm sticking with my decision! At some point you just have to stop vacillating and doubting yourself, and I think I've reached that point. From here on out I'm going to try and ENJOY the experience and stop worrying so darn much. The odds are in my favor!


Im up early studying and it hit me- 7 days from...

Im up early studying and it hit me- 7 days from now i'll be up early and on my way to surgery!! Ahhh so excited :):):) Have a great day everyone!

Welll ladies i only have 5.5 days to go!! As you...

Welll ladies i only have 5.5 days to go!! As you can tell im a bit giddy... But hey this is the biggest gift ive ever given myself so i better darn well enjoy it! Im already anticipating trying on all my clothes to see how great they look after surgery! I had some blood work done today so hopefully all is well. Getting the house ready feels good! Nothing like shiny floors and organization to make this girl happy :) anyways happy almost-friday to all

Well its my final weekend as a member of the itty...

Well its my final weekend as a member of the itty bitty titty commitee. i hung out with some girlfriends last night (who do not know about my BA), and we talked and laughed about boobs forever!! Honestly i think women are just as obsessed with breasts as men! At least we all get our own pair to cherish :) anways finishing the final preparations on my house this weekend, running all my errands. Hope you all are having an amazing holidays!

Well its finally here. Tomorrow at 6am i will...

Well its finally here. Tomorrow at 6am i will begin my transformation. Honestly i am relieved it will be done with. I have not had the best week. Everything ive tried to do has gone frustratingly wrong. I am so irritated and annoyed (mostly with myself). Cant wait to be loopy and lie around watching movies! I feel calm now, just happy the week and all the preparations are over with. At this point there is nothing left for me to do and im damn happy about it!
Ok enough venting :) so excited to see my results. I know to have realistic expectations- its not going to look perfect right away, and ill probably be in a fair amount of pain.
One good thing that happened today is i talked to my nurse from the surgery center and she is a compelete crack up. She really made me feel at ease.
Happy to know she will be with me through the process tomorrow. Anways going to try and get some rest. Goodnight everyone!

Hi ladies, Ive been home resting for a few hrs,...

Hi ladies,

Ive been home resting for a few hrs, napping on and off. My pain on waking in recovery was more like the worst "muscle pull" feeling, esp on upper sides of chest around armpit. Painkillers dont really eliminate the feeling, jut take the edge off. Havent even seen my new bb's yet! I have post op appt tomorrow at 2p. Patience is a virtue (that i usually dont have lol).

Ill take some pics tomorrow during appt. So excited to see them!!! Oh and there is an NCIS marathon on today so im very happy.

Hope all of you gals that had surgery today too are recovering well.


Well it's been quite a day! I'm so tired right now...

Well it's been quite a day! I'm so tired right now. Pain is so-so, but i'm taking meds every 5 hrs. Why be in discomfort? :)
Finally got some pics! Please excuse all the pen markings i couldn't get them all off and it makes the incision look way worse than it is (not allowed to shower until tomorrow). I think they look awesome so far! A little big, but Doc said they should reduce about 10% once swelling goes away. Ended up going with 365cc in the left and 390cc in the right to even out the slight difference. Really happy so far, already getting tired of being in pain and discomfort. Ahh well it will be worth it :) cant wait to try on clothes n see how much better they fit!! night all :)

Happy Friday ladies! I guess this would be day 3....

Happy Friday ladies! I guess this would be day 3. Got to take my first shower today and man oh man was it amazing! The warm water really helped loosen up my muscles and give me back some range of motion in my arms :) plus I was able to get more of that darn marking pen off! I barely napped yesterday so I slept through the night pretty well. Took half a percocet before the shower (didnt take a whole so i wouldnt be dizzy), then the other half about 2 hrs later. I think im starting to get some "zinger" pain in my muscles. Most of my discomfort is still in armpit area.. boy am i glad i didnt do a transaxillary incision like i originally planned! im guessing it would have been waaaay worse recovery (at least from what ive read). Gonna take it easy today and watch some movies. OK this part is way TMI but i am so incredibly constipated!! I took a Senna laxitive tea last night (which usually clears me out like nobodies business) and nothing happened! Drank another cup this morning and I'm praying it works. I'm soo uncomfortable its almost worse than the boobs!! I'll update more later :) xoxo

Ok so surgical bra was bugging me... So many darn...

Ok so surgical bra was bugging me... So many darn clasps, folds, and rouching... So switched to a snug fittin genie bra. INSTANT releif!!! Feels so much better having this smooth fabric :):) i wear genie bras usually for work since i have a uniform, so the fact that the same size still fits is awesome! Of course its a wee bit tighter now haha. I measured myself today, around ribs is 32" and fullest part of bust is 39".. Which depending on which bra calculator you use im a 32G or a 34DD?? Oh these calculators are so confuddling... Guess ill just have to get a real fitting once swelling goes down. Should lose about 10% of volume so ill most likely be a 34d when everythings settled. Currently taking half a pain pill every 4 hrs and i feel ok! Also taking arnica montana and bromelain, and i have almost no bruising! Only near inciscion. Very happy girl. Xoxo!

Good day to all! I feel really good today,...

Good day to all! I feel really good today, starting to get some nerve zingers but nothing unbearable. Still taking half a pain pill every 4 hrs. I've been really surprised how easy my recovery has been so far... but I'm not going to push myself! So I was really curious how much my implants weigh so I did a bit of Googling....
My implants are 390cc on right and 365 on left = 755 cc total
1cc = 1 gram, so I have 755 grams of extra weight
1 lb = 453.59 grams
755g / 453.59 = 1.66 lbs
Viola! I gained 1.66 lbs from the implants :)

Anyways going to go see the Hobbit with my friend today. Wish I could walk around the mall but don't want to risk getting jostled with all the holiday madness! It's pouring rain over here so no walking outside. Ah well. Hope everyone is healing well!


Haha I feel dumb today is actually day 4 post op.....

Haha I feel dumb today is actually day 4 post op... thought yesterday was. I blame the pain pills! :) After going out with my friend yesterday I slept a solid 13 hrs last night!! Geez I guess my body needed it.
I measured around fullest part of bust again today and swelling has already gone down an inch! From 39" to 38"
My bbs feel pretty good.. hearing a lot of sloshing, a few zingers here and there. Sometimes I get bad achy pains, which massaging and rubbing helps get rid of. My skin in numb all around the incision site. Nipples are a little desensitized, but i'm ok with that... better than hypersensitivity! Hopefully it comes back. I am able to move the implants around a lot more than in previous days. Kinda scared to push too hard downwards, I don't want to bust a stitch! Other then that not much to report!

Merry Christmas Eve to all! Today it finally...

Merry Christmas Eve to all!
Today it finally stopped pouring buckets over here, so I went on a long leisurely 2 hr walk in the California sunshine :) Then I promptly came home and napped for 4 hours! Guess I still tire easily, but overall I feel great. Got tired of feeling loopy and being constipated (sorry TMI) so I decided to forgo the percocet today. And I feel perfectly ok! Didnt even take any tylenol. Yeah I had moments of ache and ouch, but nothing near unbearable. Also today was my first day driving, only about 20 miles total. Wasnt too bad, though making sharp turns is tricky. I'm so pleased with how the girls look. The incisions seem to be healing up nicely. At about the 2 week mark I will start using Scar Guard MD on them (silicon based as per my PS recommendation). I added a new picture. They are definitely starting to "jiggle" more which I am very happy about :) Ordered a bunch of bras from 6pm today (Zappos discount site... amazing!!!), mostly soft cup ones in size 34 D. I hated underwire even as a small boobied girl and I think I will continue to hate it! Soft cups all the way for me! :)
Hope everyone else is healing well and having a wonderful holidays with their families

ho ho ho! xoxo

Not much to update on day 6. Girls are dropping a...

Not much to update on day 6. Girls are dropping a bit, though they weren't that high to begin with. I added a new pic (with wonderful genie bra on). The right side is definitely tighter and more resistant to movement than the left. Scar on right side is a bit sore too and tender to the touch. I'm being extra vigilant to make sure no infection gets a hold! That's the last thing I need sheesh. They still don't feel quite like they're a part of me yet, maybe because of the numbness. Hopefully they will feel like a natural part of my body soon. Tried on some of my old clothes today and I'm really pleased with how nice everything looks. Can't wait for the bras I ordered to come so I can test them out too! Ahh how exciting. I'm going to see some friends on Thurs who don't know about my ba... I wonder if they will notice? I will be wearing an oversized sweater for sure haha! Not quite ready to show them off to the world yet, though they do look normal enough to do so. I will blame my new boobies on changing birth control pill types and gaining a bit of holiday weight :) such a sly fox! I can't believe tomorrow it will be only a week post op! Feels like I've had them for much longer than that.
Good night everyone.

Well I survived the week! Actually was no where...

Well I survived the week! Actually was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I am going a little stir crazy what with my limited activity and gym restriction. Starting to feel chubby and I don't like that one little bit!! Guess I have to restrict my diet in the mean time while I cant work out. I keep having to remind myself not to lift anything! Not in too much pain at this point. Incisions are tender and right outer breast hurts when I press on it to do massages. Other than that no complaints! Happy healing to all!


Hello All! Been a while since I updated, life goes...

Hello All! Been a while since I updated, life goes on :) So I'm 17 days post op and I have my second follow up appt today. Dr says everything is healing nicely and I have to say I agree!! I am sooo happy with my results. The new girls look amazing, and everytime I try on something I am so pleased! I also love that it's not totally noticeable (well at least not in winter clothes). I now wear a size 34 DD bra, which is equal to a 36D or 38C (honestly I still don't understand bra sizing lol). I know it sounds huge but its really not that big! Im glad I didnt go bigger though, these babies are the perfect size for my body :) Over all I lost 2 inches from the initial swelling. I started off with a 39" circumference and now I'm down to 37". I am still having a "sunburned" feeling on my skin from the incision to the nipple, but Dr said that will go away with time. I'm a little tired of not having full use of my body, but I know patience and taking it easy will pay off in the end. Happy healing to all!
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