30 yrs old 5'2 155lbs 36B. Getting 410cc Silicone Moderate Plus.

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I'm 30 years old an considered having a BA earlier...

I'm 30 years old an considered having a BA earlier this year. I had my first child when I was 18 and had another 3 throughout the years. I had my 4th child just last year in April. After that pregnancy I went ahead and had my tubes tied. Having children did put a toll on my body and since I now know that I will not have any more children, I've decided to finally focus on myself and do whatever I can to get back into shape. Having children at such a young age, I never really had the chance to enjoy or have a nice body. I figured, hey I'm still young so why not? Thankfully my husband and family/friends is supportive so I scheduled my consult and soon after booked my appointment for the end of next month. I am beyond excited on what's to come! :)

30 yrs old 36B. Interested in getting 425-450cc's.

My preop is in 2 weeks and I've looked at so many pics I cant wait to get sized! Seeing so many different stories and pics its hard to determine what size I want. I know for sure no smaller than a 425cc but no bigger than 450cc. We'll see how it goes...

Current size with and w/o bra

Just a couple photos of what I look like currently


Forgot to add photos to last review :)

Pre-Op ??

Went to my preop yesterday and got all my prescriptions. It's starting to become real ???? I'm very anxious but super excited. I decided to go the 410cc. I'm already a full B small C so I think it will give me the fullness I want. *Crossing my fingers* 10 day count down ????

Counting down the days...

Got 5 days until my surgery! I think I'm all set. Got my meds, bought a bed rest pillow, cold/hot compress, comfty clothes and extra sport bras. This still doesnt feel real. I'm not nervous what so ever. Since my preop last Thursday, I had a moment of doubt on the size I was getting. I contacted my PS on Monday and asked what my options are and what he thought. Considering I was on the boarder line of needing a lift he recommended I stick with 410cc. He said if I went bigger I could have the "snoopy" look. I appreciate and respect his opinion and decided to stick with it.. Crossing my fingers it will look good.

One more day!

I cannot believe its finally tomorrow. This past week I was whatever about it and today every time I realize what today is and what will happen tomorrow I get nervous. I'm really excited an happy though. I guess there is just times when I think of all the negative things but I then I go back into positive mode. LOL I also took quite a few pics today which I'll post once I can do the "before and after" look. Now, I'm going to finish up cleaning and doing laundry and relax for the rest of the evening. :)

I did it!

Surgery went well. One minute they were giving me oxygen and the next thing I know I woke up. I did wake up in pain but they gave me something that kicked in right away. I'm at home resting and so far so good. I do feel all drowsy from the drugs but I'm very relaxed and comfortable. Let's see how the next 24 hours go.

Four days post op

Got the bandages off yesterday and everything is looking good. I'm actually glad I didn't go bigger. I got 410cc and was about thinking of getting 450cc. I was told I have to wear the white band for 3 weeks! Wasent expecting that but I gotta do it, along with a couple other things. I thought they would feel softer but their pretty firm. I only needed the pain meds for 48 hours. I thought the pain was going to last longer but surprisingly I felt fine yesterday and didn't need them.

1 week post op

1 week later and everything is going good. I go back tomorrow to remove the bandages.

3 months later...

It's been almost 3 months since my surgery and things have been good. I love them so far..so glad with the size I got
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