Weight Watcher Was the Answer for Me!!!!

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In July of 2011 I needed to have some minor knee...

In July of 2011 I needed to have some minor knee surgery but my surgeon told me that if I did not lose a lot of weight I would NOT be walking in 10 years.....at 53 that was just NOT okay. I went to my GP for pre-op and a fix for the weight!! I asked for the lap band and she said "NO" explaining that if I did not learn how to eat and exercise correctly the lap band would be a temporary band aid....she suggested I go to a program to help. I decided on WW so I did not have to eat "their" food. My first weight is awful....I tipped the scale at 296 (I'm only 5'5").....but the first week weight loss of 5+ lbs lead me in the right direction. I could not exercise due to the knee surgery but tracked everything I put in my mouth!!! I lost every week for over a year..sometimes only .2 lbs but never gained...I started Zumba in Jan of 2012 and 17 months from my start date (Dec 9, 2012) I hit my goal weight of 160 and I'm now at 153. I have missed maybe 2 meetings due to vacations....even when I can not go on my regular Sunday I make it sometime during the week. The secret is really simple...you most be accountable to yourself.....own everything you eat and get active!!! I now zumba at least 3 times a week and I walk at least 30 minutes every weekday before going to work ( 2.5 - 3.5 miles). When you do put on a few pounds don't beat yourself up just do what you know how to do.....ENJOY your life which means eating out and eating "bad" sometimes!!! Help this helps!!!

it is a very merry christmas this year!!!

Last year at this time I had just hit my goal weight after losing 136 lbs and while that was reason to celebrate I was left with a lot of unwanted skin!!! In June of this year I has that taken care of and I could NOT be happier about my decision to do a tummy tuck.....I did not do arms or thighs and I had no lipo and I'm happy about those decisions as well. I have maintained my weight for a year....I am down about 2 sizes however ( in July of 2011 I was a 22/24W and I currently wear 6/8)!! Wishing everyone a very happy new year!!!
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