Ulthera Did Not Work - Los Angeles, CA

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I had Ulthera done in May of 2012. I paid $2000,...

I had Ulthera done in May of 2012. I paid $2000, which was the cheapest I could find. I waited six months, hoping to see some results, but when I saw none, I asked the doctor to re-do it for no additional charge. It took several phone calls to his office, (guess they were just hoping I would go away) but they finally agreed. When I arrived I was told that the Ulthera treatment protocal had changed since my last visit and that I had not received enough "lines" of treatment before. If this was the case, why did the doctor not call his Ulthera patients and tell them they would need to come in again?

So, in January of 2013 I received a lengthy treatment. Now, five days later, my face is swollen and I look like a chipmunk. I hope the swelling will go away and that this time I will see some results. This is a HIDEOUSLY painful procedure, especially as the new protocal requires deeper blasts of the laser, and I would not reccommend it without a nerve block anasthesia. Actually, at the moment i can't recommend it at all. I will let this community know if I see some improvement. Thanks.

I said I would update this community regarding my...

I said I would update this community regarding my 2nd Ulthera treatment.
It's almost two months after my 2nd and very powerful Ultherapy/Ulthera treatment and NO improvement whatsoever.
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