Stomach Pouch Coming off - Sherman Oaks, CA

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So much to say. I'll come back to this. For now...

So much to say. I'll come back to this. For now can I just say I'm a really young 56 who finally lost my pregnancy weight with my youngest baby at age 16, kept it off for a year (SO much harder than losing it) and that my surgery is in less than 2 weeks - TUMMY tuck and BREAST lift (w/a bit of reduction, no lift or implant thank you very much - I had a BR at age 18, a million years ago, and well, they grew back and no way I'm putting anything extra in there). And I can't stay off this site! I'm nervous, excited and everything in between. I have a million questions, many of which you wonderful ladies have already answered here, and I can't thank you enough for that. I may one day get the nerve to post pictures.

I guess I should've put this under "mommy makeover"

So half the price I put above is for the extended Tummy Tuck, and the other is for the breast reduction. Maybe I should have the thread moved? Anyway, I got my medical clearance today. In fact, my doc called me at home to congratulate me on my blood labs - she hadn't seen me since I had just lost the weight, and now, seeing it off a year later was kind of big deal. I'm so proud of myself and ready to finish the job! Again, I have so much more to say. Maybe in my next post.

I promise to post before pics, but meanwhile...

I'm SO NERVOUS. All I can think about is that this is elective surgery and what if I don't wake up? I am doing two procedures together that some doctors won't do together. But my doctor is very conservative and says I'm healthy, he's never "lost one," and I'll do fine. Plus my doctor okay'd me. Clean bill of health. And then again, I see some people on here who do so much more at once than I'm doing. Is this two-day-before fear normal? Tell me it is!

Well, it's done!!!

I'm having a luxuriously (and well worth it) stay at a wonderful recovery center. So far everything looks great. The pain was pretty awful the first couple of days. Now it's very tolerable with my vitamin P's (percoset). Had my boob drains and tummy pain pump removed yesterday. Tomorrow I think I get all stitches out. The doc said that with my previous reduction and no records of that procedure (I was 18!), there were limitations as to where he could remove tissue from without compromising blood supply and sensation. I trust him. He said he got me down to about a D (I was a DD/DDD depending on the bra). They do feel like they go very far toward my arm pits (like wide), but I'm hoping that's just swelling AND the fact that they used to hang so long I'm just not used to having boob where boob is supposed to be. I know I need to post some pics. I promise soon!

left out the word "long!"

I meant a luxuriously LONG stay. And I feel grateful I can afford it. So worthwhile. The staff here are amazing. As is the bed, the chair, the pillows, the food. And it's just a few blocks from home, so my family can easily visit.

update: lots of questions HELP!!!

I know I haven't posted pics. I just can't seem to do it. But I'm overflowing with questions. Just saw the doc today, and he was very encouraging that I'm healing really well. My boobs are probably a cup smaller, but WAY higher. He couldn't take too much without me losing nipple sensation, or even losing a nipple... due to my previous reduction years and years ago w/ no records available, so it was a compromise,

Here are my questions:

1. My thighs suddenly look huge. Is it an optical illusion? I lost about 3 pounds of skin and fat in my tummy and I weigh a couple pounds less on the scale, even with 1.5 week swelling... so I don't think I've gained actual thigh. I also know they were "lifted" a bit in the TT, as all TT's do that a bit and that they were very saggy before (I'm 56). But I'm fearful I will suddenly have "bigger looking" thighs. Did anyone else experience this?

2. I know I shouldn't have, but I tried on my skinny jeans (with my binder) AND after eating. I expected my thighs to seem bigger, because they do period. But I was freaked out that my jeans wouldn't button. Not by a couple inches at least. Is this normal at this stage? When will they button? I love all my new pants since losing this weight. I even loved how I looked in them (dressed, not naked, obviously) as I was able to "hide" my pouch. I would simply be devastated if they never fit again. Or if they took forever ever to fit, because that means going out and about looking "fatter" after working for almost two years to look great. So please answer this question - when will my pre-TT pants fit?

3. My scar is nice and low. But there's a ledge of "puff" above it, all the way across. The doc said that at least on the side, it was my actual hip bone - imagine that. Not sure I agree. I'm hoping it will be a smooth transition of skin eventually, and not look like I have a "rubber band" where the scar is. Help reassure me?! I PROMISE to at least post after pics as soon as I'm up to taking some.

Will some photos prompt replies?

Sorry I've been so chicken. Don't really want to show my boobs just yet. Maybe when more healed. I've included one photo that showed the hang of my pubic area if I didn't "tuck it in." I have some front on photos in underwear where you can't even see it, but I'm going for it here, gals! BEFORE TT:

And now... my first AFTERs!

A day later, my waist is coming back.

I hope it comes back more. I was 30-31" at the waist pre-op. Now I"m about 34". WHEN WILL MY PRE-OP PANTS FIT AGAIN? PLEASE tell me this is temporary? You can see it's curving in more on the right, but unfortunately I was standing too close to the almost flesh-colored shower border to really show it. The left is still still "square" to me. My boobs are getting rounder every day, and in fact, one looks boxier in the photo than it does in real life. Pre-op they hung down to my BB (or it felt that way)!

Okay, last neurotic obsessing of the day (is there any other kind?)

I just wish I'd asked the doc yesterday about my bigger waist measurement and fear that my new (and extensively shopped for) size 4/6 wardrobe (8 in dresses) of the past year and half will never fit again. Mostly my very extensive skinny jean collection that I just LOVED wearing and felt so proud in. Can any of you lovely ladies chime in and tell me my final waist measurement will be SMALLER than my old one?

A few more details about my procedure: I did have MR, but the surgeon went a teency bit lighter on the tightening at the top for two reasons: 1) I have a hiatal hernia which causes reflux. I take daily Prilosec for it, but I'd been made aware that a full TT w/ MR can make reflux much worse, and both my surgeon and I wanted to avoid this. So he still tightened, just not quite as much as he normally does. And post op he told me my muscle separation was very small at the top (under the boobs) anyway. I'm just not sure HOW MUCH LESS tightening he did, and I never asked him how much smaller, if any, my waist would get. 2) The second reason I didn't just go ahead and say "forget the reflux - make me as tight as you can!" was that I'd found some internet threads of women years post TT who feel "too tight," and even get a bulge above the BB in the evening, and got under my neurotic metaphoric skin and frightened me. So I sure as heck hope that's not why I'm not seeing more waist. If only I'd not forgotten to ask.

The other possible explanation IF IT'S NOT SWELLING, but IT IS, right? RIGHT? is that I only had a had a bit of lipo with the TT just for the most necessary contouring, not sure where, but I think at each front hip (flank?) and a bit in the mons, which was also lifted - nothing aggressive or extra. Doc says all his TT's include a bit of lipo, but beyond that, he said I didn't need it, and I have some fears/issues with too much lipo anyway, which I won't go into here. Since he spent so many hours on my front, the only thing he MIGHT have addressed, in his opinion, was whatever love handle I have in the back. Again, he didn't think I had a big issue there (of course, I think I have a skin issue there, having lost weight, but I wasn't signing up for "around the world." Since I plan to lose ten more pounds (already started), I figured I'd see what that can do and try to avoid lipo there as well.

Next appointment I'll see the nurse, then the doc the one after that. So that will be my first chance to get a clear answer on the jeans fitting/waist questions. I don't love the nurse. She doesn't realize how intelligent I am and has has a bit of a "shut up and relax and be patient" attitude that doesn't mesh well with my super self-informing/educating personality.


By "spent so much time on my front," what I meant was that he was not going to do both MM procedures, then turn me over and lipo my back. Too much at once, too many hours on the table!

Left off some fun facts!

My exact weight pre-op was around 148. (That's a couple pounds higher than was usual and as high as I ever let it go without getting militant, but I also got a rogue period a few days post-op). I wanted it to be lower, but oh well...

Doc said he took of 3-4 pounds of tummy and about a 1/2 lb each boob in the lift/slight reduction.
That's a total of 4-5 lbs removed surgically.

I've been eating REALLY healthy every day since surgery, especially since I got home from the recovery place and know every ingredient. I also get full much faster. I hope that never stops.

Drum roll...

Today, mid-day, I weigh 143.5, so assuming I'm holding some swelling fluid (I've gotta be, RIGHT?!), I may have even "lost" some extra weight. Yay me. Fingers crossed it continues. (And yet, my friggin' skinny jeans don't friggin' fit yet... sorry, I had to go there. OCD).

I have a waist on one side

So I'm already dressed and too tired to post photos, but my waist curve is clearly coming back way more on my right side. Viewing old photos but getting confused w/ the perspective on photos someone else took vs. shooting into a mirror (it's different, right? - my mind is foggy), but I THINK it's possible I'm just shaped that way. Hmmmmm.

13 days - The Incredible Half-Waisted woman

I have one half of a waist. Is this a normal way that swelling subsides? One side keeps indenting, the other... nada. My right boob is still a bit square at the bottom, but the doc says it will drop. It was more square (from the first reduction) to begin with, so I'm not 100 percent sure I believe him. Still really happy with my boobs, though, although I don't think I've gone down a cup size. I think I've gone WAY UP and MAYBE a half to a full cup size smaller, albeit with a way better fit. We will see.

Other things: I am very long waisted for someone my height (5'4"), which may be way I generally look like I weigh less than I do. My scar is nice and low. My belly button used to be a bit high, and now it's right back in it's original position (it doesn't technically move with a TT, unless you have a "float which most docs don't do... it just stops sagging with your pouch).

Yesterday and today, from the side, I feel like I have "pot" belly just above my scar. I hope it's swelling and not left over fat I was supposed to lose that moved down from above. I would hate that. I sure like to worry about worse case scenarios, don't I? Tomorrow I see the nurse to check for fluid, and she doesn't seem to like to answer questions, so I'll have to wait until a week from today to ask the doc if I will only have one hip/waist when all is said and done. I SURE HOPE NOT! Anyone else heal this way?

forgot to say... compression garment made the vertical marks!

I also still have some markings that haven't come off. Rest assured, I don't have "lines" on my body. I have to say, my front is looking halfway decent for a 56-year-old who was fat for 21 years, no?

Can anyone recommend a BLACK binder?

Both a major one for a few days from now (something I have to go to - white binder ruins my outfit - have already googled and it's not made in black) and later when I can have something a bit less compressive? Thanks in advance.

A bit more update...

Sorry no pics today. Had to rush to an appointment with Nurse Curt (not her name, but I don't care for her style) where she checked me for fluids (none) and had me switch my boob dressing to the Aquafor and telfa pad system, with a different and wider tape, that Doc has me doing on my TT incision. My doc's office seems to believe it speeds one through the crusty period where often scabs come off with the steri-strips and cause bleeding as well. (This happened once on my boob.) I don't mind this dressing on my tummy, but it's very uncomfortable on my boobs (the tape is different), which frankly I thought didn't look too crusty. Leave it to Nurse Curt to ruin my day. I'll see the doc on Tuesday and hopefully be back in steri-strips, or nothing. When does nothing happen for everyone else?

She did at least drop the rude (to me) 'tude long enough to tell me that for Monday's event I can wear some sort of black spanx or something for a couple hours. Still, I'm not sure I'm going. I HATE the idea of wearing leggings to a party now that I'm a normal weight person with all kinds of pants and jeans that make me so happy. And I have this silly notion that some might believe I've "gained back." Which I will never do! Sigh. I'm so silly, aren't I? But at least I admit it!

So as a possible resortI just ordered some higher end black "coated" leggings that have that leather look (have had my eye on them for a while). Maybe with some great black boots and the right tunic I can feel "non-surgical" and like I have a waist. But that also means the Genie bra doing enough for my boobs (no bra clearance yet, and I'm still purty big!) Otherwise I'll skip it and enjoy a movie a home! I have the whole rest of my life to wear pants with a flat tummy. I hope!

Thanks to all of you. Pics tomorrow, after shower when I don't have all this dressing on me.

My doctor makes the most perfect, natural belly buttons!

I keep forgetting to post a photo. Hopefully tomorrow. I notice many belly buttons that seem odd - mine looks like it's going to be adorable. So that's good!

A bit more waist and other musings....

First off, a comparison of my "right" and "left" waist from two days ago to today. I think the side that was lagging is barely starting to move. But it's something! I'm posting side by side, for a good look. Also posting side views again for the first time in a while. I still feel thick (my waist and underbra measurements are still 1-2 inches bigger than pre-op. My hip (which also used to include my pouch) is the same... w/ no pouch it should be smaller). So I know/hope I still have a better side view in my future. Plus that POT BELLY - ugh! Note, I think it's all made worse by the fact that I'm still not standing up straight. Must be the age!

Two, the Aquafor/telfa pad system is working wonders, at least on my nipples. I'm posting an absurdly close up view, almost too close. Forgive me.

Three, I tried on a bikini I wore on my honeymoon. It's weird. My thighs (and butt0 are 56, as are my arms. But now that my boobs and tummy are newborn, a bikini may actually be a better option than a one piece. Why not show off what works. And this is still with a LOT of swelling. Once my measurements at least go back to what they were before, or better, I'll try again. BUT my new under breast scars had to go further than my old ones to accomplish the right contour, so I'll have to find tops with better side coverage.

More things:
I sleep in a big overstuffed down chair with lots of pillows. And I sleep like a baby. Until I can sleep on my side, not ready for the bed. The chair is heavenly, and it's in my bedroom anyway (we have a lovely sitting area w/TV and everything).

I didn't mention this before, but I had trouble taking a deep breath for 3-4 days. Doc had me using one of those breathing toys. It's not the tightness - I think it's how long I was under (about 6-7 hours). I can take a deep breath now!

Still taking stool softeners, a couple a day, and a half dose of MOM at night. Hoping to wean off.

I eat insanely healthy. Veggies, fish, chicken, fruit, non-fat Greek yogurt, some SF chocolate once in a while (NOT sweetened with Maltitol, thank you very much). I snack on a few raw nuts and drink green juices.

And now to load pics!!!

oops forgot to post the side by side front view waist shots:


I mean, HERE:

Don't really know how to combine photos, but this seemed to work:

Down another pound. Where did everyone go?

I will post new pics today - hopefully you guys will stop by!

13-15-17 days post comparison

Progress is painstakingly slow. I'd also show you a side comparison, but there is no change. I still have a "pot." I wonder if there was still too much fat above my belly button , so when that got pulled down, I ended up with a bit more fat above my incision than had I been 5-10 pounds lower (my ideal, but hard to maintain and my face typically pays a price - I figured I'd lose it again if I could/wanted to.) Then again, maybe the "pot" is swelling. Feels like fat, though! Will ask the doc on Tuesday. I also feel that I have a bubble/ridge above my incision, where it's tighter below and puffy above, much like I always had (and most do, even skinny girls) with my C-section scar. I'm hoping the ridge goes away!

One more thing: the swelling always seems to migrate down to my thighs. They are normally not quite this bad (as today) and close to the 13 day photo, although it might just be foreshortening angle I'm shooting.

I forgot to mention... Still "half" waisted!

Is the left coming back? Not nearly at the pace the right is. I must have been this way before, but never really noticed. :( Oh well. I'll still take it over the befores, no?

Just feeling better all around!

I will try to post new pics later, but meanwhile I have much to be happy about. With the exception of not standing quite straight (shoulders still a bit forward), I'm really starting to feel like myself again.

My waist now only an inch or so bigger than it was pre-op (as opposed to 3 inches bigger when I first measured), so I have some faith that it's swelling and I'll one day get back into my skinnies (not that they anywhere NEAR up to my waist, but you know what I mean). I feel the binder getting loser and needing to be made tighter. I've also ordered all types of leggings, even the cool "coated" ones I mentioned earlier that look like leather. And with my boots, well, I feel pretty rockin' in those. Haven't had a meeting or event yet (one tonight, but still not sure I'm up to it - may send hubby alone).

I poop every day. I take 1-2 stool softeners and now about a half dose or less of MOM. Slowly weaning off.

Down to 142. 5 (pre op weight was around 148 - Doc took off about 4-5 lbs total boobs and tummy), so eating healthy is helping. That is something I will never stop.

I do take Bromelain, A, C and Zinc every day, as well as my multi. And a liquid probiotic from Whole Paycheck that's supposed to be the best one there is. Tastes like yogurt.

I still prefer sleeping in my big overstuffed down chair and ottoman to the bed, but I have a done a few bed nights. I keep forgetting to ask when it's okay to sleep on my side, but I have to believe it's better for everything right now if I don't.

My boob scars are almost non-existent, far more invisible than most other people's at this stage. I have no idea why. I'm hoping with scar therapy I'll have a really good outcome there. My TT scar seems pretty average to me. Still dressing everything with Aquafor and telfa pads, per doc orders. I see him tomorrow, so maybe he put me back on steri-strips then.

Still have a "pot belly" look and a puffy ridge above my incision. I think that's my biggest concern right now, but I'm not too concerned.

Heal on!

A little depressed today

My "pot belly" effect is not getting better. In fact, it's getting worse. Due to this, I really have never had the "wow" moment I've been dreaming of. I know it looks better than pre-op, but my silhouette still has the same basic shape in clothes or my binder that it had before. I don't know if it's fat that was pulled down from above (not thinned out enough by lipo or whatever), swelling (although it's constant, never flat - not even in the morning) or possibly fluid. I saw the doc yesterday, but I feel it's worse today. He said it would go down. Today it's gone up. Two other visits he aspirated looking for fluid, but this time he did not. I almost wish I'd just asked him to again. I hate second guessing my doctor, but it's in my nature. I've seen plenty of before photos of women who look like me and are flat below the BB by 3 weeks post op. I'm really depressed and obsessing about this. Any words of encouragement appreciated. Here's proof (I know it's a slightly different angle, but still) that my pot belly is worse.

Front keeps getting better/side not so much

Side view is a TEENCY bit better today than yesterday. I'm beginning to think I may not have the flat front I had dreamed of. Maybe it's just my pubic bone, some fat that moved from above to below the BB, or just the way I'm shaped. I sure hope not.

Front view just keeps improving.

Reading this actually made me feel better about my "pot!"

Although I think my doc said the same thing. Why oh why don't I listen (OCD OCD OCD):

Well, I don't think I look 56, that's for sure

Loving my front view. Still worried about the side. I'm convinced I have fluid and will demand they aspirate today or Monday. But the front? Couldn't be more thrilled with boobs OR tummy!

Saw the doc - an update on my "pot!"

Well, my left lower belly keeps getting smoother and flatter, while my left (seen more in photos facing the other way)... still quite "pot belly-like" right above the incision. Looking down I can see a gradual pronounced bulge that comes out on the right, beginning with the mons, actually, and continuing until a couple inches above the incision. The doc saw it too. His thoughts:

1. It's not fluid. He aspirated just for the heck of it. And I have very little fat there. You can feel the muscle quite close to the surface of the skin. But the muscle on that side rises higher than the other. Weird, right?

2. This area is flat when I lie down, and he showed me photos of myself opened up... before he closed the flap - also flat.

3. But standing, my anatomy actually curves outward on that side... same side with a more pronounced hip bone. My pubic bone sticks out more. And again, so does the mons and the muscle right above it. There is a hard spot right above the incision that doesn't exist on the other side. It feels like muscle. He said it is NOT scar tissue (he took out the old C-section scar tissue and I guess it's too soon to have new. )

Conclusions: we will keep an eye on it. It could, hopefully come "down" more as swelling further dissipates, but I am also just different on that side and may have always been. Doubtful, but it could be a hernia. I always thought I had a hernia in my right groin (whenever I coughed REALLY hard, I felt a "bubble," but not since losing weight). Also, my regular doctor could never feel it (now or when I was heavier) and the PS didn't see anything there. Granted, it could be deeper down either into me, or toward my thigh. Still the PS said that type of hernia is rarely operated on, anyway and may not be causing that greater curve outward regardless. Mostly, he thinks it's just asymmetry in my body which, unfortunately, creates a slight bulge on that side. We talked of evening it out with lipo one day, but he said frankly, there isn't much to lipo there.

I hope I'm remembering it all correctly, but that's the gist.

I do feel better having discussed it with him. I'm so happy with everything else, and given the difference in my hip/waist on each side, I suppose it's possible my protruding pubic bone and anatomy are what's going on here. I may have always had this issue. I can say that I never had a straight line flat stomach, even when I was thin in my 20's. Wish I had some old photo angles to look at!

He said sometimes things become clear after TTs and lipo that you just couldn't see before with all that extra skin hanging around!

Another note: My PS makes the most incredible belly buttons. I don't get why so many have visible stitches all the way around, and mine looks like a completely natural "innie" with no stitches showing at all.

Anyway, down another pound today to 142.2!!! Doc took of 4-5 and I lost another 2 or so. Yay me. Probably muscle with this lack of activity, but I'll worry about that later.

My pre-op pants button, but feel tight at the button. Could be just that "numb" weird feeling right there. Staying in leggings for now.

EDIT: sorry I meant my "right" is still "potty!"

Left - good; right- not as good.

Update, but no pics (maybe tomorrow)!

A couple weeks behind you, I still have a troublesome spot of bulge on one side above my incision, under and to the right of my BB... and the incision in that spot is having a hard time healing/completely closing. (It's not skin necrosis, but I've spent some time googling, and I fear it may be fat necrosis under the skin). I have to put sulfadine cream on the incision in that spot every day, which is helping. But it's still very red and raised, with a bit of yellow scabbing. I wonder if the two ("pot" bulge and incision redness right below it) are related. Doc says "we're keeping an eye on it." My pubic bone bulges out there more as well, but I think that's coincidental. My boobs are healing great. As is the other side of my tummy ("pot" going away there). I'll try to post pics one of these days.

First, the happy news. My boobs!

I had a very difficult case due to an earlier breast reduction (massive) over 30 years ago with no records. My scars went quite far and were very spread out. But I kept growing, had two kids that I nursed (amazing, I know), gained weight, lost weight... and at age 56, was a big saggy mess. There were limitations as to how much smaller he could make me without jeopardizing nipple loss. Aside from longer scars that were unavoidable and look much worse than they are in these photos (due to the way he has me treating/taping them right now, they're kind of "greased up" and red... but soon I will go silicone sheets)... I cannot get over the shape and fullness. And it gets better every day. So this post is all about my boobs!

And now the big concerns

Two things. The part of my TT incision that is still on the sulfadine cream regimen, still hasn't closed... and right above it... the "pot" that will not go away. Doc, who I will see in two days, says "we are keeping an eye on it." My lower abdomen is pretty flat on my left side. But on my right, right above the troublesome incision spot, there is a bulge. From certain angles, it looks like I NEED A TUMMY TUCK!! I was aspirated for fluid, and he found nothing. My pubic bone does protrude more on that side, but still... something seems wrong. Perhaps swelling related to the incision problem? In operation photos you can see that I was flat there. I just want it to go away! You can see how it changes depending on the angle (and in some of my boob photos above, you can't even see it!). I guess I'm sharing all this so that when it HOPEFULLY has a happy ending... others in similar situations won't have to worry.

ooops - pics didn't load.

Here we go:

I love my doctor.

So I had my 5 week follow-up today and immediately he saw the "pot" on the right side, DIRECTLY above the part of my incision that is healing the most slowly. He agreed that it's not acceptable as a final outcome, but is fairly confident that my body will heal that area on it's own... something about how circulation is returning to that area more slowly than everywhere else - no coincidence that the "bulge" is directly above the still-gaping part of my incision that we're treating with Sulfadine cream... and he was encouraged by its progress from last time. The good news: It is likely to resolve on it's own (again, I should have written down exactly how, but the scar tissue will soften and the swollen/harder tissues/swelling there should "dissolve" - sounds like "fat necrosis" when I search RS, but he did not use that term), but if it DOES NOT resolve, he will go in under local anesthetic and "clean it out" - hyper scar tissue created by slow circulation, outside scar and all. Or, possibly inject the area w/cortisone to dissolve the hard spot. When I look down at my belly, one side is getting flatter and flatter, and other has the "pot." So glad he didn't tell me it was an okay result that I'd have to live with!!!

Meanwhile, my boobs... OMG I can't get over how perfect they are. I'm literally flabbergasted with what he did there.

Other news...I can travel next week, which we are doing, but should limit excessive walking due to my trouble area. My waist measurement is now 30"!!! That's about an inch less than what it was pre-surgery. I suspect it may go down a bit more. My hips are 37" including the "pot" which sticks out an inch more on one side, so I'm hoping that will go down to 36". (Interestingly, with my pre-up squishy fat pouch, that same area was about 38" pre-op, but now, due to the "pot" thingie, it's a HARD 37" - which is why my low-rise skinnies aren't comfortable. Squishy skin/fat is easier to cram into pants than hard swelling! So I'm optimistic that whenever whatever's going on in that area resolves, my skinnies will be comfy and look great.

My front view is perfection. Once the side view catches up, I'll be ecstatic.

Five weeks

My boobs and front view of tummy - just couldn't be happier. If the bulge above the incision issue goes away soon, my side view will catch up and I'll be ecstatic!

Just can't wait to get out of leggings

I'm still putting silvadine on my TT incision, just off center where it hasn't closed all the way. It is taking forever but seems a bit more closed than a few days ago. I think! Until that closes, and the bulge above it goes away (if it does - he may have to inject cortisone or do a local and cut the hard part out) I'm not putting on jeans. It just feels like it would be weird and wrong to having anything tight or pulling there. So leggings it still is. Haven't lost any more weight, and I'd like to go down another 5-10. I wonder when it's okay to reduce calories post op without jeopardizing healing?

A crazy benefit of TT that I keep forgetting to mention!

Prior to my surgery I was suffering from horrible bursitis in one of my shoulders. It had been present years before, had gone away (once by itself and another time with a steroid shot), and was back with a vengeance. I was planning on another steroid shot post surgery, as I didn't want to get one right before surgery. Well, from the moment I wok up... my bursitis pain in that shoulder is GONE.

I don't know whether the position they had my arm in for 6 hours of surgery somehow "stretched" out the issue (but I'd had several massages that did little to nothing just prior to surgery) or if somehow the days of major pain medicine somehow knocked it out...

But it's gone. Amazing.

I should have said...

My pain going away might have been a benefit of the breast lift/reduction, not the TT!

on a trip with my family

I thought I'd let you all know I'm still alive. It's week 6 and I'm in NYC. Doing a bit more walking than I should (I know some of you go back to the gym practically the day after surgery, but my doc doesn't believe in that!), especially given that part of my incision is only just now beginning to close and I still have a more and more noticeable (especially since everything around it has flattened out) 2.5 x 1.5" protruding bump on one side. It is hard and it is not going away. Because of it, from one angle I look like I could use a TT, because it's in the exact same spot where my pouch used to hang. But alas it is hard, not soft and stuffable into pants. I have yet to wear pants, although they do zip and look great from the front and one side. The side of the lump is also the only area where I still feel regular discomfort. I tend to want to support it if I lean over or pick something up. I hope he'll ultrasound it before he does whatever he does to fix it, as promised. He's extremely professional about it and believes giving it time is the best thing right now.

Meanwhile I have thin scars everywhere and absolutely perfect breasts. Still large, but not too large, and up where they belong. I honestly marvel at what he did there. My friend who recommended him (also had MM) said her anesthesiologist friend had worked with several plastic surgeons and wouldn't go to anyone else. Soooo glad I went to him. Even with my bump watching, I still feel like I'm in great hands.

When does the numb tummy go away?

On our trip, I've walked around a LOT. Yesterday I went binder-free for the day, albeit in a tank/bra/Spanx type garment with "firm" compression, but not as much as my binder.

And I wore my size 27 jeans!!! (Which are no looser than before, but fit BETTER, as expected) Come on - I don't expect to be a 26!

But... the "numb" feeling in the tummy area? It's way more noticeable without the Dr's CG. When the heck does that go back to normal? Anyone know?

had my 7 week PO visit!

First of all, my waist now measures 29"!!! One inch smaller than pre-op and about as small as I can hope for without losing a few more lbs (and then, my face would pay the price, so no thanks)!

As for my "pot," it's now more of a quarter avocado sized lump on one side consisting of fat necrosis (doc confirmed that's what it is), which is a hard area beneath the skin, just above my incision on the right, about an inch high and 2 inches long . It can be felt, but not seen - and it's scar tissue from fat that died (different from skin necrosis), very common in this area after TT. Apparently it will likely eventually be "absorbed" and soften up. If it doesn't, and it bothers me, it can be cut out. Then, just above that, and visible to the eye, I seem to have slightly more regular living fat (lovely) than on the other side, creating the bulge from certain angles. Doc believes (now that everything around it has calmed down) that I had more fat on my right side above my BB (asymmetry seems to be the theme of my body), and when it was pulled down, it gave me this lump on my lower right. I tried on a form fitting dress that looked fantastic, except it looked as though I had something in my underwear there!

BUT, my muscle is also a bit higher toward the surface below that area than on the corresponding side. I may have some muscle weakness there as well.

So what's the solution? Well, there may still be some swelling there due to the fat necrosis. So it may get better as weeks go by. But I may still have a bit of extra fat on one side. My doc is a typical LA conservative professional who doesn't lipo the flap (more likely to have skin necrosis, which is much more serious), but he WILL go in and lipo that tiny area in a month or so... and even things out visually even though my muscle sits higher on that side. We'll revisit in another month.

Having spent more time poking around there than anyone (I love to pretend I have a medical degree), I'm concerned that lipo'ing will just make the hard area below it more visible, so I'm inclined to see if that goes away by itself, which will take LONGER than a month... more like 6.

I've been measuring around my hips including in the area where the lump is (exactly where my squishy pouch used to be), and it's gone down in the past couple weeks from 37" to 36.5", so I'm optimistic.

Sorry for the long rant. Trying to keep track of all the facts!!

Boobs still look amazing. Scars are thin. Using silicone strips now. And my TT incision has completely closed, so no more sulfa creme.

Wearing my skinny jeans most every day now (not looser, just fit better). Wearing a TC intimates firm control tank with a built in bra - AHHHHHHHH (and it HOLDS UP MY NEW BOOBS! - the old ones would've fallen out) and binder at night.

Got a bikini. Will try to post pics soon.

Happy healing everyone.

some 7 week pics!!!!

Love the front. LOVE my boobs (my old bras still fit, only WAY better). The "bump," not so much. Patience!!!

oops, one more!

bikini shot. Not too bad for 56, and the bad parts show in a one piece anyway!

Only wearing binder at night!

I wear my TC intimates control tank (with built in bra, only sometimes I wear my bra as well depending on outfit) during the day, and the binder at night. Wearing all my clothes. It felt weird at first, but I'm getting used to it. Still very numb in the tummy, but doc says that can take up to a year! I think the bump is getting a bit smaller - my hip measurement (where it kind of falls) is now 36.5 instead of 37. I think there's still at least a half inch of "bump" on that side, so we'll see. Everything fits better, though, which is awesome, and I feel like an elephant got off my chest. Amazing what a pound of boob can do to a girl!

Still have a "bump" but feel great

I saw my doc a week ago to check out the (fat necrosis) bump just above my incision on my right. It will probably be excised under local and maybe with a drop of lipo in that area (really not a fan of lipo). He says it's possible my body may still dissolve it, but it's not happening fast, so going in and cutting out is likely. It's really the ONLY thing bothering me at this point, but I'm wearing all my normal clothes and loving life, and you can only really see it from certain angle (in clothes, that is; naked, it's right there!). It's just something that can happen in areas of the most tension. My scar is fading so nicely (using silicone strips most of the time), my breasts are as perfect as I could've imagined, and my BB is totally natural looking. The hard lump of fat necrosis is about the size of the top third or more of a hard boiled egg. I have a bit of extra fat just below my bra on one side that he may lipo away when he excises that stupid hard lump. It's weird because it's only on one size Symmetry is not my strong suit.

forgot the BB shot!

Here's my BB, albeit blurry. And in my post above, auto-correct changed "side" to "size" and took out the period after.

OMG, I also forgot to post the front!!!

Here I am!! Yes I have a bit of a dent going down my upper chest. It's way more noticeable in pics and it's worse in the morning because I sleep in my binder.

in my size 27's WITH A BELT!!!

Haven't put on a belt in 21 years.

The hard lump is coming out June 11!

Well, that's that. My PS is going in and cutting out my 1/2 golf ball/hardboiled egg hard lump of fat necrosis on the lower right of my TT. At the same time he will also lipo a very small but noticeably fattier area under my bra on my left side that doesn't exist on my right (which will help get rid of the "ridge" I see there - as the bump along one side of it will come down). Yay!! I will finally be completely flat and "pot" free!!!

Well, my bump FINALLY came out today!

My surgeon removed the hard lump in my lower abdomen today under local... and he lipo'd a lump of fat I had under my bra only on one side only (my left - you can probably see it in some earlier side view photos). It not only made my torso a bit asymmetric, it contributed to the "ridge" pointing down to my belly button. I was awake and talking to him the whole time! I think he had to cut about a four inch section of skin out, so I'm back in a binder for a week or so, only this one comes all the way up to my bra so it includes the lipo'd area as well. I'm all bindered up, so I won't see it until he checks me tomorrow, but I'm so excited to have the totally flat tummy I've been waiting for from the side view as well as the front!!! Stay tuned for pics in a few days!

New pics after revision to remove "lump" of fat necrosis! 4.5 MONTHS PO

Well, the annoying little bump is gone! I had to go back in the binder for a few weeks, so some of these pics show binder marks, and there are also weird shadows - couldn't get the best lighting. But as you can see, the half an avocado sized lump of fat necrosis scar tissue (inside my incision) that was ruining my result... IS GONE! (And I'm still a bit swollen on my right lower abdomen from the revision surgery.) I also lost a lump of fat (a bit of lip) under one boob that didn't exist under the other. All done under local (for free), chatting with my doc the whole time. I think I'll look even better if I could knock off another 5-10 lbs (say from my current 142-144 to 135), but honestly, I'm 58 now and not really sweating it for now. I think I look pretty dang good. One of my boobs is a teency bit bigger than the other, but I'm the only one who notices. PLEASE NOTE: In some photos (maybe all, can't remember) I'm wearing SCAR TAPE on the vertical incision. My horizontal incision is very long because I had a previous breast reduction years ago that already had a long scar, and he had to go a bit further to smooth things out. All my scars are flat and fading slowly but surely. I will try to get a better boob shot later today - this time I was focusing on my stomach. I LOVE my doctor!

oops - I'm 57, not 58!!!

And clearly senile.

Saw my doc today!

Did I mention that I love him? I'm having my scars lasered in some areas - it supposedly helps to resolve the redness. (I don't have any thickness or keloids - just redness.) Apparently it just speeds things up - does what time will eventually do anyway. And again, NO CHARGE from the doc. I'm also using the silicone tape. Now that my fat necrosis is gone, my stomach is finally the flat I expected (see pics above). I can't believe this is my body, even with a few extra pounds. God bless science!
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