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Well I'm going to be 23 hrs old. I have always...

Well I'm going to be 23 hrs old. I have always knew I would want a tt since I was 16 in 2007 when I had my first baby. Then specially when when 2 yrs later I had my 2nd, and 2yrs after that had my 3rd. I'm done having babies I currently have a 5yr contraception, and will remove it to get my tubes tied. I never got to enjoy my body pregnancy wasn't what caused my weight gain it was the depo shot. I always went back to pre pregnancy weight with my last I actually lost more than original weight and was really thin, thin arms etc and i ate everything literally anything, and thought I was fat.

Now 30-40 lbs later I diet and exercise and this weight won't go away I weigh more than I ever did pregnant which was 140 at 9 months pregnant my regular weight was always 120-124 lbs, after I got the shot I went to 156. I almost cried! since my last baby left me at 115 lbs lower than my normal weight how did I gain this all in 5 weeks. I then had really bad hyperemisis gravidarum for 6 weeks I practically ate nothing sometimes I would just eat a couple of ice cubes literally and throw up all day nonstop I ended up in the hospital many times be wise I was so dehydrated and vision would get blurry and I was practically starving.

I tried everything know out here to stop it unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 3 months. It left me with a flat stomach. However, I Got the mirena and gained back in a month I've dieted and exercised but it stays the same size I'm okay with the way I look its just my abdomen. I forgot to mention 3 months after Giving birth to my 3rd baby I had my gall bladder removed and the messed up my belly button just sticed it all together. I decided I don't want more kids I've had 3 miscarriages already, don't want to go through that pain again... I'm very happy with my 3 kids at my young age. I never enjoyed my self or my body since I started young so I'd like to think about me for once and not feel bad. Sorry for the 10 pg essay. Just no ones knows what I've gone through since I don't have any one close besides my hubby. Well just to find an affordable yet great doctor. I'm in Los Angeles but will consider traveling if its cheaper than la and its a good doctor or else I'll just do it here for more but get a good dr. Any suggestio. Tell me where you got yours and how much did you pay I've seen some cheap ones and good in Utah from 3000-5000. Just trying have some choices. With clothe I can hide it but not without! Lol.

Tummy tuck and bbl

Haven't went yet

Just got a quote haven't put the deposit since I just made up my mind.

So I barely got this quote which is weird it's lower than the first time I asked. We'll I was being charged $7000 but with breast lift and ba but I decided that can wait. My priority is my stomach and since they will be doing lipo might as well put the fat to good use and get a bbl. I already have a big butt but a little more shape to it won't hurt.

Going in this year

Well I'm trying to loose some weight because I don't want to get the surgery and gain due to not being able to exercise. I have a month clean eating I only lost 5lbs don't know how many inches but I fit into old clothes. Many times people do use plastic surgery as a quick fix bit please try to get fit before not after that way you are use to it. I use to say I can't nothing g works. Well you have to give it your all. I don't want ps to remove what I can, once I'm done it will take care of the extra skin.

Loosing weight.

I was not told to loose weight, but I felt I was cheating myself if I got the surgery without trying first. I'm still getting it but when I finish loosing weight. I have 7 weeks and I've lost 20lbs! I never thought It was possible but I completely stopped all junk and drink nothing but water. I've been eating juices fruits and veggies and just about 3-5 oz of either chicken shrimp or some seafood a day. I was consuming 4000 calories of junk a day and I keep it around 1000 now I'm never hungry always full, but just way healthier. I literally stopped after one day of seeing how much I consumed. I'd drink about at least 5 cans a soda and a bunch of juices that are supposed to be healthy but are packed with sugar. I make my own almond milk, and limit dairy and no red meat and pork once in a while like no more than 2 times a month. I exercise everyday and am so happy. Im going to feel better and not worry about gaining weight back after tt because I'm not just doing it for now it's became a lifestyle for me! And don't be fooled when I sit you can see a lot of loose skin!

Lost some weight

Well I've lost some weight and decided to split he surgery I'll do tummy tuck first, the. Breast lift and augmentation after. Doing it in June when my kids are on break as I have to walk them to school.
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