Swollen Nose from Radiesse Due to Chronic Fluid Retention in Injected Areas, Three Yrs Post

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Horrible experience, am suffering since that...

horrible experience, am suffering since that dreadful mistake I made by agreeing to augment my nose with radiesse. I had had a rhinoplasty before this..even with that dr's incompetence, this dr made things from bad to worse with tis disfigurement of an enlarged, red nose

I had Radiesse injected along the bridge of my nose almost three years ago, and my nose remains distended, red, and swollen all along the areas treated with the filler. They look just as inflamed as if it had been injected recently. I have come to discover the swelling is not scar tissue, but a chronic edema. Is there any treatment to get the fluid to dissipate? All suggestions welcome!


Updated on May 29, 2009
never never again would I dare to augment my nose with a synthetic agent, that being radiesse.I had had a rhinoplasty that left me with a shortened nose...so I thought some augmentation of the bridge with radiesse would work to enhance my looks..wrong! I have had nothing but chronic inflammation of the nose and now it has affected my breathing and I am congested and getting sinus complications as a result..I don't know who to turn to at this point..see question

had radiesse injected along bridge of nose 3 yrs ago..the stuff has caused chronic allergic reaction in my nose..at first I thought scar tissue had formed as nose remained bulbous, inflamed, distended.even had kenalog injections to thin out the thickening texture around my nostrils..any depressions caused are likely masked by constant nasak swelling especially at night..ENT Dr prescribed steroid nose spray but it only temporarily suppresses the inflammation.have trouble breathing now..help


Updated on July 17, 2010:

I previously posted a complaint re: radiesse injected along the bridge of my nose in "06..the dr injected over 1.50 ccs to give me a "grecian look"..the stuff never dissolved..I now have thick fibrous tissue..it even has taken my otherwise straight bridge and given me a hook to the bridge from the contraction of the tissue..I contacted a dermatologist who has tried laser on the areas and vitrase..nothing works..it appears there are several areas where the hardening has concentric borders around it, encapsulaing..is there any way to remove this scar tissue..any kind of excision or freezing possible..the buildup of pressure from the scar tissue appears to have also affected my breathing..when I palpate the areas above my nostrils along the bridge it creates a mucous producing reaction in the back of my throat..all responses welcomed..the texture of the affected areas remain thick and shiny compared to the normal texture of my skin..

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Dr. screwed up my nose with that radiesse

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