ODD Feeling After Veneers - Los Angeles, CA

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About a month ago I went in for a consultation...

About a month ago I went in for a consultation with a cosmetic doctor my family I have been to for many many years. I had gaps in my front 4 teeth and after two failed attempts with braces (completely my fault-did no wear my retainers) I opted for veneers. Initially I just wanted to close the gap in my two front teeth, but the dentist suggested the 4 front teeth to have a fuller nicer smile. I said ok and started the process.

On my first appointment he prepped the teeth, with was very minimal, he took impression, we discussed the size, shade and temps. The final appointment came, the temps were removed and he placed the veneers. He did ask me if they were fine, and he did ask many many times if I was ok with the look, and I said yes. I will take that.

Well, about a week later, I realized I didn't care for the color anymore or the shape. He did explain that I had agreed and that he has asked if i wanted anything changed, and that he would modify things until i was 10000% happy. I will give him that. So, as crazy as it sounds, i asked him to redo them. He was very hesitant because he said i did not have them on for very long and that i should give it some time. Well, i said no and asked him to redo them. He did, we picked a new color and shape and i was very happy, NOW this is where my issue lies.

A day after he cemented the second set of veneers, I started getting this weird feeling on my veneered teeth. Its not sharp or throbbing pain, its not sensitivity to hot or cold, heck, i don't even think its actual pain, if that makes any sense. I can sleep at night perfectly, i can go about my work day, but i feel SOMETHING. I know its crazy, but i feel strange even telling my dentist this because its not really pain, but its an uncomfortable feeling. Its also not pressure, or bite pain. Sometime i think i feel like a little tiny prick, that last about a millisecond then goes away.

I hope i don't sound crazy, or stupid, but i definitely did not feel this way the first time around he placed the veneers.

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