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Do not get any laser resurfacing treatment close...

Do not get any laser resurfacing treatment close to your period. I had Active FX (A similar treatment) twice before this .. .the first time was tolerable, and the next was absolutely awful - and my period had just started that day. My Pixel treatment was also horribly painful. I got my period the day after the treatment, and it definitely hurt like hell.

Aside from that, what can I tell you... I was swollen for days - looked like a red water balloon. My face was hot and needed lots of icing and Aquafor. The Aquafor sometimes felt soothing, sometimes it felt annoying on my skin... I'd let my skin dry a bit but then it got really tight and cracky so I'd use Aquafor again.

I did NOT look ready for primetime (ready to go out and see people) for 9 days. The redness and flaking were still intense.. I was still doing ice packs and needing Aquafor. Then I was still slightly flaky for these last couple days. 2 blisters developed on my chin a few days after treatment. The blisters became thick, tight, drive-you-crazy tight skin and it scabbed in 2 places. I started using Neosporin when they started to crack and scab. Those scabs are almost done coming off. I hope I don't scar from this.

My brown age spots have all diminished or disappeared. My skin looks pink and blotchy but very clear.

A last thing I am concerned with is the little dots. After treatment there are little dots on your face where the laser burns you.. These go from red to brown then fall off.. That happened, but now I have tiny raised dots all over my face in their place. They are the same color as my skin now, but I feel them when I touch my face, and they are visible if you stand close to me. This did not happen when I did Active FX. I'm wondering when this will go away.

One more difference from my Active FX experience is that there were a couple bloody spots right after treatment.. but these went away quickly.

So it's been a few months. The blisters around...

So it's been a few months. The blisters around my mouth healed fine! There are some spots where I can still see those little dots but they are very pale and they are going away. Also, below my eye there are some hard dots still that I can feel with my fingers... but they are also slowly going away, I hardly have any more.

All in all it worked. I feel I look rejuvenated, lots of my brown spots are gone, and my skin tightened. I even think my mini jowels are more mini... Slightly, but enough to make a subtle but positive difference in how I look. I've gotten compliments and an ex boyfriend said I look 30... I'm 41 and I know he exaggerated, but still that feels nice to hear.
The procedure really hurt, but if I had it to do over again, I'd schedule it further from my period, take more painkillers, and I'd definitely do it.

Now it's been about 6 months. Some of my brown...

Now it's been about 6 months. Some of my brown spots came back despite tons of sunscreen and sun avoidance. Not too bad, though, still have maintained tons of improvement on that front.

The area which blistered about a week after the treatment (near the corner or my mouth)has gone white. Yup, the pigment is gone in that exact spot. Happened maybe a couple months ago. I wonder if they went too crazay with the laser setting?

My last concern are the dots... I still have them 6 months later!! They are hard to see, but I obviously do not want them. Also, there are still some areas that feel raised to the touch. Unbelievable. My skin felt smoother overall before Pixel Perfect. It's like parts of my face have something written on my in Braile.

A friend said she had dots for ages but they went away, so it's taken me this long to freak out. I'm kinda freaked so I've called the spa and will go back for a consult.

Overall still feel that it made me look younger - my mini jowels are smaller and more collages for sure. Which I love. Just hope the negatives can go away!

I wrote most of this review 11 days > the...

I wrote most of this review 11 days > the treatment, fyi! It's been 13 months now and I am of the opinion that the elasticity and pigmentation were improved, but I am really upset that I still have little dots. Hard to see, but if you look close, you can see them.
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