Minor Long Term Skin Problems

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I had a photofacial procedure done almost a year...

I had a photofacial procedure done almost a year ago in March, 2009 as a birthday gift from my Mom. I was very excited about the procedure as I had developed some persistent hyperpigmentation after the birth of my second child.

I went to a trusted and well respected dermatologist in the Los Angeles area who did not push any package on me. She felt one treatment would do the trick.

The procedure was quick and relatively painless, like snapping rubber bands on my face. I was out in less than an hour. I have to admit that two weeks later, once the peeling was done, my skin looked completely flawless. I was quite amazed with that aspect of things. However,that only lasted another 3 weeks. The hyperpigmentation returned even with aggressive sunscreen use.

I also noticed, as some other patients here have reported, that my face looked somewhat thinner in the eye orbit areas. I do believe some fat loss in this area took place. In addition, over the next few month, I developed 3 minor scars that resembled double pin pricks. I looked at the laser head before the doctor began the treatment, and these scars resemble the head of the laser. I also developed 2 slightly larger pock marks that still exist though I am treating them with Retin A and TCA peels which seems to be working, albeit slowly.

I don't believe this procedure is worth the skin problems it caused for me. I recommend spending twice as much and getting a good all over TCA peel from a qualified plastic surgeon. I did this 8 years ago and didn't wear make-up for a year my skin was so transformed. The results were incredible and much longer lasting. Just take a week off to peel and hide inside!

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

I don't believe my Dr. is responsible for the side effects of my procedure. I signed a waiver accepting responsiblilty and I believe this technology is just too new. She is an amazing dermatologist that I will continue to go back to.

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