PMU Eyebrow Tattoo! Worst Decision! - Los Angeles, CA

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To put it simply. I should of never touched them....

To put it simply. I should of never touched them. Having a slight sparse eyebrows here and there, or asymmetrical drawn on eyebrows are nothing compared to permanent ones with out the versatility of being messed up one day and then perfect the next. My husband said it best, sometimes the lil imperfections are better than the "corrected im-perfection". Thankful to have found a lady named Carol packman that does removal of eyebrows without he laser! It's a process but I just can't deal. Natural is better. The pictures look good but in person it's just too risky. Afterwards I felt so sad. A real emotional rollercoaster like wtf did I do.. Not worth it!

1 day before removal

I have appointment 2 try removal. I updated pics. No tweezing in three weeks. I trying to see what hair grows in and how much I need to get removed vs removing it completely. Maybe testing it in s small area first.

After saline PMU removal

I decided to do a partial removal. My removal lady said that I needed to be patient with removal. Here are photo right after. Doesn't look much different . Waiting for scab to come in and fall off! I pray I need 3 sessions or less to be completed . I just wanted her to remove the excess she put on the tails it was too high on one side.

Day after 1st removal

Starting to see more of a scab forming. Not too bad. Eyebrow does appear to look darker as s result. Considering a full removal now I know what to expect. Not sure how much comes up after first removal but Iam expecting lots! ????????

Day 4

Scab is more prominent. Iam hoping that it is pretty successful this first time . I didn't really have much of a scab when I got them tattooed the first time. This is definitely more noticeable. Not too bad. I am going to cover will concealer later today, or maybe not. Yay! I'm getting this tattoo off! Like it never happened!

1 week saline .PMU eyebrow removal

Scab. Came off. Looks like it pulled pigment up. Looks lighter. A lil gray. More so in the sunlight. I went to get eyebrows waxed because I let the grow they looked bad. I am debating if whether I am going again. They don't look gray after the wax and oil. Will see Tommorow morning . Still has the tatto look where my hair hasn't grown over. Symmetry still off, but I am learning to live with it, will wait til Feb2 to see if I worth doing it again

Pic of gray before wax

Pic of removal in sunlight before wax and moisture

2nd Removal-

Had second removal. I don't believe it was the same saline method. She used a liquid that was a color corrector or lifter of some sort . The treatment was more aggressive than the first time and she went over the area several times. The last lady was done in 5 min. This time it was about 20 min! I see more bruising this time. She attempted to correct the part where it was too high. And in the very beginning where the strokes look to harsh,

Had 2 removal attempts. Looking better

Ok. so I went to have them removed the first time with saline. The second time I went back to the lady who jacked them up and she did Saline removal. Her technique was harsh left a little scar. They have lightened significantly, However the tails still need work. Here is an updated photo.
Tatto Artist for pmu

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