Almost 7 months po- Breast Lift Plus Full Tummy Tuck. - Los Angeles, CA

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Hey all. I am 32, have kids. 5'3", about 115....

Hey all. I am 32, have kids. 5'3", about 115. Looking forward to scheduling a breast lift with augmentation as well as a tummy tuck in the next few months. I will most likely be using Dr. Steven Svehlak in Beverly Hills. I really appreciated the time he took with me in our initial consultation. He is the third doctor I've seen, I'm considering a couple more as well. I love reading all the reviews and stories. Thanks so much for this site!

Here's a link I found that shows many women...

Here's a link I found that shows many women several months or even years out from their surgeries. It's helpful to see the scars.

I am so worried about the scarring. My scars do tend to heal to a very pale color but these will be so big. I am worried about my breasts, especially- that they won't be as attractive to my husband. And for those of you who have had an anchor lift, have your breast stayed nice and round along the bottom or have they flattened out?

I am still researching doctors. I have two more...

I am still researching doctors. I have two more consults scheduled for this month, one with Dr. O'Toole in Pasadena and one with Dr. Bresnick in Encino. I am getting so antsy. I just want to pick my surgeon and get this over with! So many decisions, though, and it's so expensive!!

I still haven't decided for sure if I want implants or not. I love love love how they look but I am worried about complications and sagging again. I have severe droopage and my skin seems pretty thin there. I am really worried that without the implant I won't like the shape I end up with or how much fullness I have. It's ironic because before I always wanted a reduction and now I'm trying to hang on to what I have. I wouldn't actually mind being smaller but I do really want to get fullness back and my husband is such a boob man- I don't want him to be disappointed.

As for the tt I feel kind of silly spending $10k on it. My stomach is not terribly big but I do have some saggy skin below my bb and I have a definite muffin top that drives my crazy when I am trying to buy pants or when I am wearing tight pants. I don't know about the rest of you but I get cranky when I am uncomfortable in my clothes. lol And there are just certain positions in the bedroom that I feel so self conscious in because up top my boob are pulling a rock in a sock and down below my stomach is jiggling like Santa Claus.

Besides that I am trying to figure out what to tell my kids, especially worried about my 9 yr old daughter who already is a little too aware of calories and fat content (she has overheard me commenting about myself to my husband, unfortunately). Plus I don't want to them spilling the beans to everyone as I haven't even decided if I'm going to tell anyone yet.

Good times, my sistahs. Good times.

Adding tummy pictures. Don't know if I'll post the...

Adding tummy pictures. Don't know if I'll post the girls. Not sure if the internet can handle that much awesomeness. lol

So for you girls that have had a lift without...

So for you girls that have had a lift without implants- what do your breasts feel like now? I am really curious about what kind of fullness I will have afterward if I choose to not get implants. My current bra size is 34DD but it's pretty droppy up in there. I think if I lost the skin I'd be about a D. If I have a demi bra or lower cut bra my skin hangs over the edges.

Where are you all getting pictures to take to your...

Where are you all getting pictures to take to your doctors of what you want to look like afterward? I have another consult tomorrow with Dr. Bresnick in Encino. Excited!

Another consult today. I feel a bit deflated (and...

Another consult today. I feel a bit deflated (and I'm not just talking about my boobs lol). Dr. Bresnick was about $2k more than the other doctors I've been to- he wanted to break my lift and aug into two different surgeries, hence the higher cost. But then he also told me that with a full tt I would have a vertical scar because my belly button is (apparently) higher than the average woman. So in the end he recommended a mini if I thought I would be okay with a not super flat stomach and not removing any of the skin above my bb. I don't know what to do. I can't afford him so he'll not be performing the surgery but none of the other docs mentioned a vertical scar. And he's the first to suggest breaking up the breast surgery into two. I really just wish I knew who I was going to use and when it was going to be! One more consult scheduled next week- that will be my 5th(!) doctor. Am I being too picky? Maybe I am just expecting perfection when that really is not a realistic outcome. But at the same time I feel like I am spending all this money so it better be good.

Hurray! I found my doctor today! I had a consult...

Hurray! I found my doctor today! I had a consult with Dr. Martin O'Toole in Pasadena today. Really, *really* liked him. He sat with me for quite awhile answering my questions and giving me the run through of how he likes to do things. I just feel like I really clicked with him. And on top of all that he is about $4k cheaper than the other doctor I was going to go with!! I am so excited!! I also really liked Sarah, his patient coordinator. She sat and chatted with me for awhile and was very nice. Everything from the office to Sarah to Dr. O'Toole just seemed very natural and down to earth. Some of the doctors I met with I felt like I needed to have full makeup/hair and clothing done to fit in there... not my style at all and was a little intimidating. I felt very comfortable in their office. Now to find out when I can schedule the surgery and pay the deposit. Need to go over hubby's schedule and need to get a tubal ligation!

Hope you are all having a great day!!

This whole time I have been a bit on the fence...

This whole time I have been a bit on the fence about the tt. I wondered if my stomach was bad enough to warrant the money this will cost. Today I was on all fours doing some exercises and I looked down at my belly only to see the wrinkled, stretched out skin hanging out of my shirt. That did it for me. I want this and it's worth the money!

I do have a question for you ladies though. Did any of you develop new stretch marks as a result of your tuck? I am worried about that possibility.

Argh!! Realized over the weekend that Dr. O'Toole...

Argh!! Realized over the weekend that Dr. O'Toole went to med school in Puerto Rico.... Um, should that make me nervous?? He did his residency in two well known hospitals here in the states but still!! Oy. Does it even matter since it was 25 years ago??

And then just today I saw a new review from a woman who is unhappy with her "lopsided" breasts on Yelp, and she claims "a few" of her friends had the same problem with their. She says she's had three procedures done by him and is only happy with one.

GAH!! Just this morning I was emailing regarding scheduling ther procedure. What do I do?? Help!!!

I know I can't be the only one, but I am having...

I know I can't be the only one, but I am having really weird worries. As background I do not wear bikinis or show my tummy in public. But ever since a friend told me that another friend said how she can always tell when someone has had a tuck because of their bb I have been stressed about what mine will look like. Hello my husband is the only one who will see it and, to quote him, "I'm not gonna be looking at your belly button!!" (he's a boob man) lol

Anyway as far as the doctor issue I emailed Dr. O'Toole's office again and still no response two days later. This was after emailing last week to see about scheduling the surgery. Sarah (patient coordinator) got back to me once but then when I clarified what date I was interested in she never responded back. So now I have a second consult scheduled with Dr. Svehlak- my husband will go with me to meet him and I have a few more questions for him. Bummed cause he's about $4k more than O'Toole but of course in these matters you don't want to skimp! And I really did like Dr. S when I first met with him and think he does excellent work.

I am now looking at surgery in July... Can't believe it might be that close!

Had my first bad dream about the surgery last...

Had my first bad dream about the surgery last night. Looked down and on one side my tt scar was perfect. On the other side it went crooked and down below my tan line so it would be visible in a bathing suit. My nipple were super uneven and huge, and my boobs were too small and still saggy. Oy.

I keep wondering if I will be happy after the surgery. I am very hard on myself and I know I will still find things to pick at about my body. I wonder if we are all just feeding into society's vision of what a woman should look like. But at the same time last night I was wearing shorts that gave me an uncomfortable muffin top even though they fit my hips and behind. And I ordered some new bras (need one to get me through these last couple months) that arrived last night and my skin just spills out of them. I won't have to deal with that afterward and that (along with spillage in bathing suits) is really one of my main motivations.

Anyway, I hope all of you are healing well if you've already had the procedure. I'm grateful there is a sounding board for me here.

My husband and I went back for a second consult...

My husband and I went back for a second consult yesterday with Dr. Svehlak and it looks like he is our guy. My husband really liked him. They were havin' a grand ol time. The date is July 24th although I haven't actually put any money down. I was surprised they didn't have me put down a deposit as the paperwork states I need that to hold the date. Anyway I am excited but also super nervous. My husband has now changed his tune and thinks I shouldn't get implants. I am torn. I am worried I will regret it but I am already pretty large. I just really wanted the fullness and nice shape you get with an implant. I'm sure i'll be undecided until right up to the surgery. Also I decided I would be getting a full tt, not a mini. There is a chance I'll have a vertical scar since my bb is high and I don't have a ton of loose skin above it but like my surgeon said you have the stretch marks anyway so... I decided to go full because I knew I would be unhappy with the laxity of my skin above my bb if I didn't have it removed. Hope you are all feeling well!

We are putting this on our credit card so we can...

We are putting this on our credit card so we can get the points from it. I paid the first installment today and I am so nervous. I have been having cold feet about the doctor and it's driving me crazy. I love him though, I just keep reminding myself of that. I know it's just cause I'm nervous about the whole thing.

As of now I am not doing implants. I have been thinking a lot and when I was about 5 lbs lighter than I am now I fit in a 'C' cup and I loved the size. I really hated being bigger, it was so hard to find clothing that fit me. Plus there are so many things that can go wrong with the implant vs. just the lift. So I am hoping I will be happy with just the lift. I am scared the result will not be what I am hoping as far as how I look after. My husband is against me getting a revision later to add an implant because he doesn't want me going under general anesthesia again. But I showed him a picture today of a woman whose lift didn't turn out very well as far how she looked (to me anyway) and I asked him if I looked like her would he object. He agreed her results weren't optimal but again just reiterated that he was nervous about me going under again.

The other thing I'm worried about with just the lift is that one side is probably about a size bigger than the other. So I may talk to the doc about a small reduction in the bigger one. Not sure but we'll see.

On another note, a friend of mine did a fitness competition and I was looking at pictures of last year's competitors... I noticed one woman had had a tt! A tiny bit of her vertical scar was poking out the top of her bikini bottom. I was like, 'go you!' lol Anyway... hope you are all doing well ladies! xo

The morning after I last updated I had a mini...

The morning after I last updated I had a mini panic attack. I came across the one doctor in pasadena's proposal and realized we would have saved about $6k if we had gone with him. I started freaking out (um hello that's a load of $$) and questioning everything. But I took a deep breath and went back over why I didn't choose him in the first place- med school in puerto Rico, a couple of bad reviews, took forever to get back to me... Then I went to Dr. Svehlak's website and looked at his work again, read the reviews for him online and was able to calm down and think rationally again. I reminded myself that when we were getting work done on our house I was always suspect of the bids that were so much lower than everyone else's. This is kind of the same thing, you know? Only more important to me. lol Anyway,mi st wanted to add this experience in case other women go through the same thing. I guess it's normal and just a part of the process, but hopefully that was my last freak out and I will have the peace I feel now from here on out.

Yesterday I had a bit of a window into what my...

Yesterday I had a bit of a window into what my experience might be like. Emphasis on "bit". I had a procedure in which tubes were placed into my Fallopian tubes, it's a type of permanent sterilization. It wasn't too big of a deal but I did have to go under general anethstesia. When I came out of it I was in some pain, I remember telling the nurse it was about a 7 out of 10, and he gave me some morphine. It made me super nauseous and dizzy, I was afraid I was going to pass out, and I ended up falling back asleep for about an hour. He said it was a small dose but I'm not sure how much exactly. Anyway I did end up throwing up twice and I am hoping this will not be my experience after just having had a tt!!

I can't believe it's so close.

Aaargh!! I cannot seem to stop eating crap. I have...

Aaargh!! I cannot seem to stop eating crap. I have gained 7 lbs in the last couple of weeks. I am totally screwing myself over! Very frustrated with myself. My husband said he wouldn't even bother worrying about it because I am getting the work done in a couple weeks but I want to be in the best shape possible beforehand, you know? I ordered a couple of clean eating cookbooks that came last week so from now on I am eating out of those!

Right after I finish these cookies. lol

I can't believe it's actually here. After years of...

I can't believe it's actually here. After years of thinking about it and wishing it was done... Soon it will be. The last couple of weeks seem to have flown by, looking back on them. I can only hope the next few will go quickly as well. I am more nervous for the recovery than for the actual surgery. Not sure if that's normal or not but it is what it is. Not knowing what to expect, hoping that I will finally be happy and accept my body for the way that it will be after I am completely healed, wondering how the kids will react to their mother being down for the count for a few days... all of this is what is giving me anxiety.

My husband has been so good to me. We just went on vacation for a few days without the kids so that was a good distraction. But yesterday he completely scrubbed down the kitchen for me, dusted blinds, ceiling fans and bookshelves. I know he is nervous and wants to do everything he can to make me comfortable. I hope that lasts... lol I am not worried about the house or kids at all under his care. He cleans better than me and the kids have more fun with him anyway. I just told him to make sure they eat their vegetables. lol

I need to finish up a few more errands. I didn't have any luck finding a button or zip up top that isn't a sweater so I am going to be boiling since it's so hot here. Need to go get a barf bucket and I'm gonna get one of those pee funnels so I don't have to get up and down on the toilet as often. I have a catheter overnight the first night as well. Bought tons of pillows, don't have a recliner. I am really worried about my back as I have issues with it anyway. Nothing I can do about that though, besides lots of ice and hopefully some massages from the hubs.

Is it weird that I have thought if I died no one here would know? Oy. If I don't ever post again I died. lol Morbid, no? Crazy thoughts are my friend.

Okay, that's enough rambling. Virtual hugs to all who are going through this with me!! Wish me luck. xoxo

Hi girls! It's almost time for my meds so I...

Hi girls! It's almost time for my meds so I thought I would post a quick update to let you all know I am alive and well. :) I am actually doing a lot better than I would be. It took me awhile to come out from under, I was super groggy. But I haven't thrown up yet, which was one of bigges fears. I'm very happy about that. I'm still a bit groggy from the meds but not too bad. Like others have mentioned it feels like I had an extreme an workout. I am also having some pain on the outside edges of my incision and my breast are sore and swollen. But overall I am so happy about my pain level. I hope it lasts! I only have one drain so that is good. And he have me a catheter so no having to get uP and pee. Which I am so glad for because gettin up and down kills!! They gave me 7 bags of IV fluid so i am pretty swollen and peeing tons! Anyway I hope all you girls are doing well!! xoxo

Post-op day 1: not feelIng quite as good today....

Post-op day 1: not feelIng quite as good today. Yesterday in the recovery room they were shooting me up directly with the pain meds and now I am just on the pills, plus I have been walking a bit more so I think all of that is combining for more pain. The worst of it is gettIng up or down. It's just natural to use your abs to support your body and it hurts when those contract!

Had my doc appointment this morning and he said everything looks good. I did end up with a vertical scar where the original opening of my belly button was but that was almost a guarantee. I have a couple residual stretch marks on the side but not too bad. My incision looks like it's nice and low. I forgot the camera in the car so I didn't get any photos. Although at this point in the game I think all the pictures look very similar. :) happy healing my friends!

My pain has gotten so much worse. I feel like my...

My pain has gotten so much worse. I feel like my medicine is not really doing much if anything at all. I'm going to call the doc in the morning and see of he can prescribe something a littl stronger. I have a constant pulling, aching and burning sensation in my
middle ad at my incision. Also last night I started swelling really badly so that hurts as well. I keep telling myself in a few days I won't be in pain like this anymore and so to just hangin there.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement...

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement last night and this morning. I feel better pain-wise now. I'd say I'm about a 7 from 1-10 where as last night I was about a 9. I feel more like I did the first afternoon. I even waited an extra hour to take my meds just now. So very grateful for that and hope it keeps up. I am able to get up to use the restroom by myself now, albeit painfully. still haven't quite been able to do it without engaging my abs. But it's getting better. Have been taking stool softened and had my husband grab me somme MofM today. He had to leave for a couple of hours though so I am waitin to take it till he gets back, just in case I need help for some reason.

My doc told me to really only use the binder when I was up and walkin around. When laying down he wanted me to just keep it open so I don't get indentations. It feels odd but good, too. I am getting zingers already and I have a fair amount of bruising on my flanks. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon. Thanks ladies! xoxo

Added a picture from last night- post op day 1.

Added a picture from last night- post op day 1.

Hey ladies. Winding down on post-op day 4. Had a...

Hey ladies. Winding down on post-op day 4. Had a friend stop by to pick up some things and she sat and visited with me awhile. That was nice as I've been a bit cooped up. Still having some tightness and pain in my abdominals. I've been taking Tylenol extra strength instead of the Percocet. Finally was able to have a bm today. Not sure if they're related. It wasn't fun, that's for sure. But not unbearable either. Haven't been as tired today. My
Main complaint now is heart burn and my food tasting funny. I don't know if it's because I've been reclined so
much but everything I take in (pills, water or food) feel like they get stuck in my throat. And I don't know what's up with my taste buds. It's almost like when you've burnt your tongue and so nothing tastes good. Hopefully that passes quickly.

All this gas and extra fluid flowing around in my body isn't that pleasant either. It feels uncomfortable and I am really nervous I going to end up with more stretch marks, although I know everyone says it doesn't happen. Showered with my husband's help this afternoon.

I just keep telling myself that this won't last and that is helping me get through it. :)

8778074372 I thought I would add some more...


I thought I would add some more detail about the first couple of days of my experience.

I took a Xanax the night before the surgery so I would sleep through the night. I went in first thing in the morning- grateful for that because I didn't have to fast for too long. :) 

My husband dropped me off and left right away to go home to be with the kids. I had to be there at 6:30 and didn't anticipate being out of surgery until 1:30, so it seemed silly to have him just sitting there while the kids were with a sitter. I filled out my paperwork and went back to get prepped for surgery. Dr. Svehlak arrived and marked me up. I need to add here how amazing he is. I have felt so comfortable with him through this whole process. I was laying in the bed when he first came in and he immediately greeted me with a smile and rubbed my knee. He also rubbed my knee when I was getting my IV to help distract and reassure me. He really helped me stay calm all morning. 

The anesthesiologist came in... Good thing his bedside manner didn't have any bearing on my experience. lol He asked me if I had any questions but didn't even really make eye contact with me. He told me he was going to give me something to relax me and it was lights out... Don't remember anything after that point till recovery.    

Recovery itself is a bit hazy. I have trouble coming out from general and this was no exception. I vaguely remember my PS coming in to check on me. My mouth was super dry and so I ate a lot of ice chips. I also had one of the jellos I had brought once my husband came back to be with me. The nurses were great. I had a catheter so didn't have to worry about getting up to pee. And they had given me a patch so I wasn't nauseous either, thank goodness. I was so afraid I would throw up. The nurse told me they gave me 7 IV bags of fluid because I was so dehydrated- so drink up before your surgery as well! As a result I was pretty swollen. My hands and arms and my face. It was kind of funny but also kind of sad. :) I ended up staying there for quite a while. I think we left about 5:30. 

Unfortunately my husband wasn't paying attention when I told him I wouldn't be done till 1:30 and he started to get nervous when he hadn't heard anything by 11. So he dropped the kids off and came down to the center. lol poor guy. They told him I'd be out of recovery about 2:30 so he went over and checked into the hotel we were staying at that night. 

We got to the hotel and got me settled in bed. My husband was so sweet, I could tell he had been worried. He did great getting my meds and emptying my drain and catheter. I slept decent that night and then the next morning we went in for the doc to look everything over, then on home.

As far as what it felt like, the best way for me to describe the sensation is to liken it to when you tear a piece of cotton apart. That stretching and ripping is kind of what it felt like was happening to my midsection. My breast incisions and the sides of my stomach incision burned pretty badly as well. 

Anyway I'm one week out now. Went in yesterday for a visit to the PS and he "loosened" some of the stitches in my nipples, vertical and bb incision. That was not fun. My nipples hurt and when he removed the tape from my vertical incision it made me feel like I was going to pass out because I couldn't feel it at all. I know that makes no sense but the fact that I could see something happening to my body but not feel it just really weirded me out. Also unpleasant was the removal of my drain. It hurt and was just WEIRD. My husband said it was only a few inches long but i felt the sensation from the right side where it was inserted all the way over to my left. Maybe it had kind of attached or something, I don't know. Either way I'm just glad I only had one to remove. The site where it was was really itchy last night but today it's not bothering me at all and has already started to close up and scab over.

Yesterday was a little rough because I got up in the morning to fix myself and my kids a smoothie and ended up feeling like I might pass out. Very light headed and woozy, and even a little clammy. Went back to bed for the rest of the morning until it was time to get ready to go to the doc. Showered, which helped (my second), and off we went. Felt good there and for the rest of the afternoon. 

Started to feel guilty in the evening because I can see my husband starting to get frustrated with everything he has to do to keep up without me being able to help. Pretty sure he wasn't paying attention when I talked to him about how long I would be down. Unfortunately I was pretty sure this is what would happen as it seems to follow the pattern of anytime I am out of it (with babies or sick or whatever.). I told him last night that I missed the couple of days after the surgery because he was not stressed out yet. 

Last night was awful. Worst night I've had so far. All evening I was super itchy. But scratching didn't help because my skin is really too numb to get relief from it. And I've been taking sleeping pills the last couple of nights to help me sleep and decided to forgo those last night. Big mistake because I was up so often. Could not get comfortable, was too hot and had a bad episode of my restless leg. 

Woke up this morning feeling really frustrated, tired, guilty and with an extremely sore back. I just want to get up and go!! Tired of sittin around on my arse. My butt and my back hurt and I want to streeeetch. *sigh* I read about all of you napping and I haven't been able to nap since a couple of days ago. I wonder if it would help if I could? 

Alright. So that's the negative. Gotta add the good in with the bad. 

I am currently laying on my side. My doctor told me if it feels okay it's fine, just not to do it for too long. It feels good to give my back a break for a few minutes at a time. Overall recovery has been a lot easier than I expected. I came into this bracing myself for the worst, figuring if I did that then anything else would be a welcome blessing. Pain has been on and off, it never goes away but is not ever completely unbearable either. Usually fluctuates between a 2-8 now. My lipo sites tend to burn when they are giving me trouble. My back is definitely feeling the pressure of supporting me. I anticipate being able to stand straight by the end of the week so that will be a welcome relief. I am much more mobile and able to get the majority of what I need by myself which is helping to take some of the load off of my husband. My doc said I will most likely be able to drive by the beginning of next week as well. 

I know this was a long post but it's been very therapeutic. I feel much better now! lol Feel free to ask any questions. It's impossible to add all the details of the week here! I'll update pictures a little later today. Xoxoxo hang in there ladies!

Added one picture from a couple of days ago and...

Added one picture from a couple of days ago and four from tonight, including my belly button. You can see how swollen I still am at one week out.

Nine days out.  I didn't realize that the healing...

Nine days out.  I didn't realize that the healing process would be a series of starts and go backwards. Today I was a lot more swollen again. It's painful and tight and I can't say that I'm a fan. I guess what's the most frustrating about it is that I can't tell what causes it. Is it because I was up and about too much yesterday? Is it because I have not been eating as well? Is it because I haven't been drinking as much water? Or is it just all part of the healing process and there's nothing I can do about it? I wish I knew. 

I need to write a longer and more detailed update but it's hard to get on here with my kids around. It's been a tough couple of days but I know it will get better. Hanging in there!

Hi ladies. Two weeks out today. Physically I am...

Hi ladies. Two weeks out today. Physically I am feeling so much better. I can do light chores around the house and yesterday spent most of the day out and about. I tire out much more easily. My back is doing much better now that I am standing straighter. To look at me you would probably just think I have bad posture. My skin still feels very tight when I try to stand completely straight, and the muscles at the top of my stomach feel like they are going to stretch out.

I have slept on my side the last couple of nights. I have a feeling I shouldn't be but I have not been able to sleep on my back and so I don't know what else to do. It's not super comfortable and this morning when I woke up I had ridges on my sides from where the swelling had creased. So that's probably not good for me. But like I said I just can't get to sleep on my back. I have restless leg syndrome and when I try to sleep on my back lately it acts up, keeping me awake.

I don't swell nearly as badly anymore. The most uncomfortable thing now for me is the numbness combined with itchiness. You can't really get rid of the itch when your stomach is numb. The thing I find the strangest and most unnerving is when I bump my stomach into the counter or something else that level. I can't feel it on my skin but I can feel the sensation of my stomach being pushed in. It's very weird and I dislike it intensely.

The swelling is also leaving my breasts (no aug). They are quite itchy, too. This morning I have had shooting pains in my right, which is no fun. I have mixed feelings about them, but am hoping I will end up really liking them.

The one thing that has been getting harder for me is my emotions. Yesterday and a couple of days before that I had a crying spell in the morning. They came after nights of barely any sleep so I am sure that didn't help. I had warned my husband beforehand that this would happen so he has been immensely helpful in reminding me that I am just going through the normal process.

Yesterday I was upset to discover that when I bend over I still have some laxity in the area below my bust line, and have some really wrinkly skin that I had never noticed before. Now it's lower so it's more obvious. But I showed my husband and he was able to talk me down. He told me "it's just skin" and reminded me that I don't have the bulging and folds that I did before. I have to remember that before the surgery I knew my body would not be perfect afterward. Stretchmarks that were on my sides are now angled towards my front, and are wider from my skin being pulled tight. I have a couple from up above that I didn't realize were there, although they are relatively small. Right after I had the surgery I was able to tell myself that it was all going to be worth it, now that I am starting to see the results I am starting to have little doubts. But then again I am only two weeks out. So I still have a very long way to go. I think I was maybe expecting too much and will have to adjust my expectations.

I have my two week checkup today, so if there is anything new to post afterward I will.

Had my two week visit today. Boy I could do...

Had my two week visit today. Boy I could do without all these mood swings. I left my doc's office feeling great. I really love him, he always makes me feel so good! Today he even mentioned that there is a British tv show on mommy makeovers that is profiling him and he wondered if they could contact me. I told him no since I haven't even told my family that I did this! But of course I felt great that he thought enough of my results to want to show them off. He took off my tt tape and talked tome about scar options. He said I could use medical tape, or go with a lotion or the silicone strips. He said the strips would yield a "little better" result but of course they are super expensive. Not sure if I want to invest in them or just the tape which is just a couple bucks. I wonder how much of a difference it really makes.Anyway I was feeling good until I got home and showed my husband the incision without the tape on. Standing there looking at it without my doc telling me how good it looked (I had only seen it from my perspective at his office, not in the mirror) I realized how much it looks like someone sliced my stomach in two. I could tell that my husband was a little unnerved as well, which of course made it worse. He kept saying, 'it will get better.' It's gonna take awhile though, you know? Plus now that the tape is off I see a couple more stretch marks. Argh!!!!! I feel so shallow for even worrying about any of this. I mean, people are starving and living in war-torn countries and I am worried about what my stomach looks like. Lame.

Hey girls. Welp the emotional roller coaster...

Hey girls. Welp the emotional roller coaster continues. 16 days post op and had another little breakdown this morning. My stomach has had a burning sensation pretty much constantly the last couple of days and since the tape has come off the incision itself has been more painful and it was really wearing on me. Plus I didn't sleep well again last night and I had several really disturbing dreams... not fun. My husband has been great though. Every time I start to have doubts or feel sad he is right there telling me he thinks I look great and that everything will turn out well. I've been a little more swollen lately and my back has been hurting again more. I need to get something supportive to wear. I bought one from CVS that was good but it has a big seam going up the front that gives me a huge indentation. I can wear it inside out but then you can see the seam. So the search is on.

I have been regaining more feeling in my stomach. Maybe that's a trade-off for the burning, I don't know. But when I have an itch now I can actually kind of feel myself scratching it. The swelling is going down in my breasts, still waiting for the tape to fall off. This morning I had stitches that I could see along the edge of my belly button and tonight I can see that they are breaking apart. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I was really worried about how it would look. It's a little small but it's deep so I'm glad about that.

The night before last night I took one of my heavy duty pain pills because I figured it would help me sleep as well as take care of the pain. Total mistake. It didn't kick in until about 5:00 the next morning. I ended up feeling so nauseous and drugged. My husband had to go in to work and luckily I had planned on going to my parents' with the kids. So I was able to go there and kind of sleep it off. I felt nauseous again in the afternoon and took another nap. When I got home I dumped the pills.

We spent the day at the beach today. I wasn't sure if I should go because I wasn't feeling that well but I thought the sunshine would probably be good for me. It was. :) It was nice to wear my suit and not have to keep hiking up my boobs. The seatbelt still hurts my abdomen and chest so I hold it out while I'm in the car. I can drive and have been for about a week but I prefer not to since I still don't feel super comfortable turning my abdomen to look over my shoulder or behind me when I'm backing up.

I need to get my eating under control. Go back to drinking more water. The day after surgery my doctor told me to drink a couple of sips every ten minutes or so. I need to remember that advice and keep at it. I feel so much better when I am eating better and drinking a lot of water. But darn it that junk food tastes so good. :)

And now for the TMI part of my post... I have been really surprised at how I have still been having trouble with the bathroom. Last night my stomach hurt so bad from gas. And I have still not been regular in the bm department. Some days I'm fine and then others I wish I had taken a stool softener. But I don't have any idea what is causing it or when it's coming. (or not coming, as it were. lol) Don't want to take too many stool softeners ifyaknowhatimean. As far as the bedroom department, I have been in too much pain to really be interested in any kind of foolin' around. We tried about a week or so after surgery and it didn't go well. My husband has a habit of forgetting where I am sore and he'll grab my hip or kind of smack my side and it hurts and then he feels bad and so that's kind of been a hindrance to any kind of romance. I'm starting to feel some of those inklings again though so we'll see what happens. It will be nice to have things normal there again. I have really missed feeling close to my husband that way. It's been hard because we are very physical. Not even necessarily sex but we will cuddle before we sleep and lay together while watching tv at night. Haven't been able to do that really since the surgery and I am looking forward to getting back to that.

I'll try to post some updated pictures tomorrow. Hope you're all feeling well.

Post op day 17 pictures added.

Post op day 17 pictures added.

The site is not updating for me and it's driving...

The site is not updating for me and it's driving me crazy!! Am I the only one? Don't they know I'm addicted and I need my updates??? lol

Hi y'all. Alright so tomorrow I will be three...

Hi y'all. Alright so tomorrow I will be three weeks post op. Emotions have settled down... couldn't have helped that I was on my period. Regardless I am glad that seems to be gone. Now just back to the usual bitchy me. lol Not much difference in how I look, although my scar does seem a little more red. Finally bought tape for it. I honestly don't wear my binder that much. I don't really feel like it helps much with the swelling. When I do wear it it's more because I feel like I should. I uploaded pictures of the compression garment my doc's office recommended. It's from CVS and was $8. I think it's L'eggs brand? Just look near the socks and nylons. It definitely does it's job. I can barely get that sucker up and over me. But when I do. Bow chicka bow wow. Holds my booty in nice and tight. lol I am still afraid someone's gonna ask me if I'm preggers though, it can't hold me in THAT much! Only bad thing about it is the seam that runs up the middle. When I wear it how it's meant to be it makes a huge indentation up my stomach. The first time I wore it it even cut my skin a little it was so tight. So now I wear it inside out, although then you can sometimes see the seam. But oh well.

Sleeping still sucks. On my side is not comfortable and I can only sleep on my back once in awhile. But I had problems sleeping even before the surgery. It's just a little harder to deal with now because it's also painful. I signed up for it, however, so there ya have it. Still really numb. Was not prepared for how much it would bother me. Can't wait for the day when that'll be gone. The burning sensation is still there. Driving is the worst, but it's a pretty constant feeling. I feel like I have gone backwards as far as standing up straight. Not able to as easily as I could about a week ago. I guess it's something I need to force myself to do. Nipples are SUper sensitive, and not in a good way. The bra protects them for the most part but if something brushes up against them.... yikes. Painful and not fun at all.

I'm attaching a couple of pictures. I know I'm not technically three weeks but I am going to put on the tape as soon as I'm done with this and I need to leave it on for a few days at a time, so I won't get pictures tomorrow.

Hope all of you who are healing are doing well!! xoxo

Hi girls! One month post op today. I am doing a...

Hi girls! One month post op today. I am doing a lot better, although I still have a ways to go. Now is the time when the frustration of not being able to get back to all of my normal activities sets in. I am able to do a lot more. Monday I spent the day doing laundry and light housework. There has been a definite improvement in pain. It's still there but is kind of just a constant that hangs out in the background. I'd say from 1-10 it's about a 2. The incisions on my breasts are still very itchy. And I actually had a spot open up at the 't' on the underside of my left breast. (Insert serious stress until I saw the doc today.) My doctor said he thinks it's just a stick coming out. I was jus surprised because at 3 1/2 weeks I didn't think I'd have that happen.

Scar is pretty red. Asked the doc today and he said it's the worst at about 6 weeks which was a relief as I had heard it was 8 months and was really dreading having it look awful for so long. I've just been using the paper tape on it but will probably buy some vitamin e oil or lotion to rub on it as well. Got the ok to not wear the sports bra anymore. Bought a couple cheap wireless bras to wear till I can do wired again. Any good recommendations there would be appreciated (wireless).

Still not sleeping super comfortably but there has def been an improvement there as well. One of my main issues now is worrying that I am going to tear apart my incision, although my doc assured me that unless there was major trauma to the area that would not happen. This weekend a friend hugged me from the side and he pulled my shoulder up toward him and I thought my stomach was going to rip right open on that side. When I checked it I was relieved to see that it was not torn but it was sore for a couple of days. But I am nervous to reach up too far or turn my abdomen too much. I guess that paranoia will go away as the soreness and pain recedes.

Oh, and today I found out that he took out about two lbs of fat from my tummy and flanks. Woot! Although now you can see my bony hips...

Anyway, I know there was more I was going to share but I can't remember now. Enjoy the pics.

I meant to ask my doc yesterday but did your tt...

I meant to ask my doc yesterday but did your tt scar lower a bit as the swelling went down? I swear it was lower right when I first saw it before the swelling really set in.

Also regarding vitamin e, I read today online that it can actually make scars worse so I didn't buy any. I'm going to research scar treatment a bit before I do anything more than the paper tape I'm doing now.

Hey ladies. Not too much has changed. My pain is a...

Hey ladies. Not too much has changed. My pain is a lot better in my stomach, my breasts are bothering me a bit more than they were before. Or maybe they're the same and since my tummy's not as bad the breasts just feel worse. lol My scars are more red than they were before. I have realized that this surgery is not a cure all.

It's been a long day... I wanted to post more but I waited too long I think. I am emotionally drained and think I just need to go to sleep. I'll try to update tomorrow or the next day, although I don't know if anyone even thinks these posts are helpful! Goodnight y'all.

I am changing my review to not worth it today....

I am changing my review to not worth it today. This has been really hard for me and I do not think I was emotionally ready to have the surgery and the resulting scars and issues. I was expecting perfection, even though logically I knew that was not possible. My stomach skin is not taut like it was at first. It used to be very saggy below my belly button and now it is saggy everywhere but there. I have a lot of looseness when I am sitting or bending over. My breasts are not as high as I was hoping they would be, although I do love that my nipples are perky. My husband is upset with me because even though we spent $18k on the surgery I still have low self-esteem and am extremely insecure. It doesn't help that he was thinking my boobs would be round like they get with an implant, even though I told him and showed him pictures of just a lift. I guess he just figured I had enough breast tissue to make it happen anyway. But as a result I feel like he is disappointed, even though he says I look better now than before. See? I have issues. It makes me feel physically sick to think that we spent so much money on this and yet I am so unhappy. I don't honestly know if there was anything else the doctor could have done or if this is just the way my body healed. I haven't taken pictures in awhile. Honestly I just feel too depressed to post anyway.

Hi girls. Changing my rating to worth it. It's...

Hi girls. Changing my rating to worth it. It's been a long haul. Don't love my boobs but they are definitely better than before. After the swelling has gone down they hang down just as before. But my nipple is in a better place. My skin just sucks and I have a lot of stretch marks so I don't think there is anything that could have been done about that. My tummy looks good. Not sure if I still have swelling or not. I've always had a pooch (even before kids) so that could just be a permanent thing. My scar is disappearing nicely. I only use Vaseline on it, and even that is sporadic. I do have a couple of tiny dog ears and there is one small spot on my bb that I may go on to have him just slightly correct. We'll see. I'll try to update more thoroughly soon. Thank you for all of your kind words to help me get through my rough period. I didn't respond but I was reading them and they definitely made me feel some degree of comfort. xoxo
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Dr. Svehak was the third doctor I met with, and after meeting with two more after him I went back. He spent so much time with me, about an hour and a half just in our initial consult. I never felt rushed or like he had anywhere else to be. He is kind and has a great bedside manner, and helped make me feel at ease the morning of surgery. My husband really liked him as well, which is unusual. I have already recommended him to a friend who is interested in an augmentation and I would do so to anyone else interested in a procedure. I found Dr. Svehlak through a Google search for Los Angeles plastic surgery.

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