Q-Switch N-yag Laser for Melasma. Los Angeles, CA

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Hello everyone, I felt I needed to post my results...

Hello everyone, I felt I needed to post my results for those of you who have melasma for several years. I'm 48 yr old Filipino w/Spanish heritage. People tell me I don't look Asian. Just to give you an idea of my skin tone. I have dry skin especially around my cheek area. I use a chemical sunscreen since my early 20's. Wore a hat all the time when I knew I'll be in the sun. My melasma started to show in my early 40's. After extensive research, I've learned to live with it due to all research outcome stated it'll never go away. So I covered it up with make-up. In the past I've tried kinerase spot remover, clinic skin tone lightner, hydroquinone and Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle kit (glycolic pads). For non- prescriptive products I found PTR (glycolic pads) work the best for lightening, but still able to see patches of melasma. Early this year my husband and I traveled to the Philippines. During some down time, we decide to get some treatments done to our face. Dermetologist recommended q-switch n-yag laser for my melasma. Doctor warned me of possibilities to the area. Redness, skin pealing and might get darker before it gets lighter. Also,I might need several treatments. I figured it wouldn't hurt and its non-invasive. Boy, was I blown away of my results. Some parts of the Melasma actually got "broken up" and disappeared. I still had 2 sun spots that didn't go away. So when I arrived back to the US. I researched where I can have another procedure. Found Celebrity laser spa and surgery center in Los Angeles. On my first visit the PA stated the picosure focus would give me the fastest results. I tried it. Well, it lightened my melasma by 5-10%. The melasma pattern did not change. Sun spots disappeared or "Peeled off." However, it left my skin so smooth. I'd do this procedure again. On my second visit I informed the PA I didn't like the results. Told her I want to go back to the q-switch laser. Which she did a quick pass thru out my face and did a few more passes on the melasma sites. Sure enough it "broke up" pieces of the melasma further. Now, my left cheek melasma has significantly reduced to the edges. My right cheek still has a pattern, but some parts of the melasma internally are gone. I'm going in for a 3rd q-switch procedure. I don't know how many more procedures I'll be needing, but the q-switch n-yag is my choice for melasma treatments. Hope this helps.
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