Fat Transfer to 'Reverse' Buccal Removal?

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Hello everyone... I was hoping you could help me,...

Hello everyone... I was hoping you could help me, as I'm at the point of making a very big decision. I really need advice, as I am dealing the devastating aftermath of having my buccal fat pads removed. The worst thing is that it was a miscommunication with the doctor and they were removed without my knowledge/understanding of what he was really doing, so you can imagine the psych. and self-identity issues I'm dealing with after such a dramatic change to my face.

It's been about a year and I have been searching for the best surgeon to correct this and refill the buccal area via fat transfer. My whole face shape changed (sunken) and I've had horrible nerve damage to under my eyes, as they are being pulled down and 'open' slightly by the weight of the upper cheeks not having the buccal fat as supportive tissue.

I am part asian and my face had very large buccal pads that helped to give my face a solid, heart-shaped volume. Now it looks like a very sharp traingle, with saggy skin on both sides of my mouth from where the pads used to be, and sagging upper cheeks that no longer have the buccal 'shelf' to sit on.

Have you ever known of someone else who was going through this and seeking a solution via fat transfer? Have you ever undergone a fat transfer to the buccal hollow? I am so terrified of the procedure. Did you have any issues with lumpiness, asymmetry, or nerve damage? Scars at the incision sites? Does the fat feel like a 'part of you' or does it feel like something foreign was put there? Does it look natural? Does it change the way you smile or move your mouth? If you could let me know your experience with this, it would mean so much to me. I feel like I lost the aging game, big time.

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Never do this.

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