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Smaller inner labia, wedge method Surgery date...

Smaller inner labia, wedge method

Surgery date 8/5/2016
Age: 36

Day 1
Healing has been good. I went under sedation and it was like taking a small nap. Comfortable during surgery.
I had a nurse drive me to the hotel and stay with my for 6 hours.
Very helpful! I able more mobile easer to get up and walk. Glad I am healing quickly I was worried there for a little! I think it's cause the vaginas are meant for trama and amazing..even though we don't like the long labia.
Been icing. Wearing a pad. I bought my own which, it was a big relief to take off the surgical one and put on my own at the hotel. Way more comfortable and thin. Some spotting. Supposed to get period soon.
No meds so far
I am supposed to drive home tomorrow. I think i am okay without any meds. But, the bed at this hotel is rock hard. And it's hard to sleep on it. Worst thing so far...haha. Try to recover in your own bed.

Day 3 post op

I feel better. I had period like cramps with no blood. I am due, maybe I will skip it this month. Labia wasn't too swollen. Still trying to take it easy. It is hard to be patient and relax I keep worrying about stitches not healing and having to go back to work. Trying to not get anxious and relax.

Day 4

I slept better last night. I still wake up with pain in my knees and lower back. I am a side sleeper, making myself sleep on my back is tough! I also got my period. TMI but What a mess! So hard not to wear tampons and try to keep the area clean without wiping. Also I feel better without underwear so I lay on a dark towel but the have padded underwear around my knees that I pull up as needed.
The swelling has gone down a lot. I heard if peaks at day 3-5 and then gets better. I think mine peaked at day 3. So it's getting better slowly. I get emails from work and my to-do list is going up. Trying to relax and force myself not to do too much. I know my surgeon did his job and now I have to do my part and take it easy. Even though I kept this surgery a secret I did have to tell some people at the hotel I had surgery. I had the bellhop carry my bags and place everything up high. Make sure nothing is on the ground or low on a shelf for the first few days. Also, if I ever have another surgery I am getting an object grabber stick. It helps a lot in the first few days if you are caring for yourself.

Day 6

I saw my doctor today and he said everything is healing nicely.
I still can't wear any underwear and stick to long maxi dresses/skirts etc. I am going to be buying a slip and some more dresses to wear for work for the next few weeks.
Also, I rolled up a towel into a donut shape to sit on for the hour drive. It really helped especially since I have some stitches on my perenium.
I will update with a new pic tomorrow. But I am still puffy swollen.
Everything is going well. Just tedious to still be tender down there.

Day 7

Swelling slowly going down. Still staying off my feet most of the day.

3 weeks!

Yay. I've been waiting for this day. I am walking normally and able to sit down without being too uncomfortable. I still slouch a bit and am not comfortable sitting with my legs crossed. It's kind of like a junior high boy sit with my legs a little apart and the slouch. Haha.
I am still wearing maxi skirts, midi dresses and maxi dresses. I am okay with underwear when sitting but if I am going to be walking around, cleaning, bending over, is more comfortable to be without.
My swelling has gone down a lot. I am able to open up my vagina and look inside. I still see some zigzag like groves and it is in fully healed. The edges are better though. I haven't wanted to post any pictures because I have a white film and think it looks gross. I have no discharge but just see it when I look in there. I took some Diflucan and it hasn't cleared up. I am not sure it it is just healing or yeast. But I am not too concerned at this point. I really want to get in the area between my lips and skin to clean with a q tip and hot water and get the little residue stuff off. But I don't want to mess with it so I will wait a little longer. I also have a strange odor. I've heard that it could be from the stitches absorbing. Not sure. I've been so busy I am just going to monitor and be patient. I will send pics when things improve.


Labiaplasty uncertainty

I feel that my surgeon gave me the Barbie look I wanted with no complications. I am healing well. But I have uncertainty. I feel that the time healing, money, and loss of my vacation wasn't worth it. I could of traveled someplace amazing for my vacay and the money.
I feel this way cuz I am not sure how my Barbie vagina will hold up. I always had guys love the way I feel and have said it feels the best. I have read that non tiny labia feel better for both partners. And when asked a former bf if he thought camel toes where hot he said "haha no".
But the biggest reason I feel this way is that I am 37. And like most people no nothing about menopause. Well, let me tell you what I learned. In about a decade or so my Barbie labia is going to shrink due to lack of estrogen, labia atrophy happens to 50 percent of women during and after menopause. Perhaps even more but women don't talk about it or are embarrassed to bring it up to their doctors. Okay. So we get a Barbie vagina sometimes from a gyno and then decade or so later we are putting estrogen cream on it daily to keep it from completely disappearing..And not just a couple of years but for the rest of our life. And one women wanted to get off the hormones after so many years so she just let her vulva go due to health risks. If I knew it was going to go back to a prepuberty state I would of just let it be. I thought if anything it for bigger and longer and more stretched over the years. But it is the opposite.

Labia will shrink

So a couple of days ago, I asked my mother about menopause and labia shrinkage. She laughed and said, "no, if anything it gets longer". So I was glad to hear it. BUT then today she told me she was looking down there and noticed it had shrunk and is gone! She got labiaplasty too when she got a face lift. She said "maybe I should of kept it then it would have been normal now...but oh hell at my age who cares...and you wouldn't want to be on hormones forever cuz they give you cancer." So ladies just letting you all know it is true. But no body talks about it.

Photo update

Still healing.

Almost three months PO

I feel like it is looking more natural. My PS wants to touch up the right side edge.
But I am happy to be back in the gym and comfortable wearing tight pants again.

No lips show when I stand

Almost 3 months PO

It is smaller. I feel like the hood is larger than the sides and it is weird. Also dislike my brownish color. But the size is smaller.
Name not provided

So far so good. Check back in 3 weeks for a full review. And Doctor Info.

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