Full Tummy Tuck and Liposuction of Love Handles - Los Angeles, CA

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I am 3 days post surgery. I did a full tummy tuck,...

I am 3 days post surgery. I did a full tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation and Lyposuction of love handles. So far I have the drain tubes coming out of my stomach and a tight binder to keep everything in place. I have started wearing a sport bra to support the breast. Massaging starts in a day or two.

I had a minor internal bleeding on day two and had to go under the knife again to clear up the spot. Body is still sore from the trauma but things look positive. I will keep updating and post pics as I start feeling a little better.

I am 7 days post surgery. Things are getting...

I am 7 days post surgery. Things are getting somewhat better. I am still on pain medication but the frequency of taking the pills has gone down considerably. I feel really sore after waking up in the morning due to this awkward sleeping position. I ordered a wedge pillow yesterday to take care of my posture while asleep. Regular pillows are no good to support your back which is very sore and weak from the procedure. I also ordered stage two compression garments from Marena and Spanx yesterday. I had a strong feeling of cough after my husband fried something in the kitchen. I did not let myself cough, kept sipping water and immediately opened up all the doors and windows.

I have my third post surgery visit tomorrow. Hopefully both the drains will come out. The fluid and blood collection has dropped below 25 cc. The right side still has more fluid and blood than the left tube. I have started massaging my breasts. I massage my back and breast with warm olive oil for about 15 minutes. I will start massaging more from today. Also, gave myself a cold pack massage after waking up.

Today was my third Post op visit to remove the...

Today was my third Post op visit to remove the drains and bandages. Woooooo Hoooo! Finally I am free of the tubes and drains. It feels really good. The scars dont look too bad. Some of the stitches are still wet and it keeps pinching at certain places. I will have to be careful with the stitches. Applying neospirin on the wound should protect it from any kind of infection. I felt a intense burning sensation when the docter pulled the drain tubes out. The sensation lasted for a few seconds. I could also see a considerable improvement in the posture. I am less hunched and can walk more before getting tired. My back is still sore from the lypo. My docter asked me not to wear any compression garment but continue wearing the abdominal binder for next couple weeks. I am going to buy a Gabriella breathable binder from Target tonight. It is specially made for the female body and I read good reviews about it. I have started massaging my back, breasts and stomach twice a day for 15 minutes with warm olive oil. Two more doses of anti-biotics and then I do not have to worry about taking pills every day. Overall I am optimistic about my recover.

Today is day 11 after the surgery. I feel much...

Today is day 11 after the surgery. I feel much better, though some of the stitches are still wet. I have to be very careful with my reflexes and actions. Still sleeping on the wedge pillow, which will continue for next couple months. I am not on any medication, no pain killers and thank god but there is no pain. The area below my navel is still numb. Some parts of my lower back are still bruised and red. Though its getting normal. I use the binder more than 18-20 hours a day. The swelling on my breasts is slowly subsiding. The stitches are not dry as yet and I can still feel a pinch once in a while. Overall, the recovery seems faster after the drains are out. I am applying neospirin everyday to make sure there is no infection in the cuts. My fifth post-op visit is scheduled for Friday, July 2nd.

Three weeks post-op: Today was my first day at the...

Three weeks post-op: Today was my first day at the gym after my surgery. I started going out for walks since Monday, July 5th to get used to working out again. Today I did very light cardio for 1 hour(walking on the treadmill and cycling). I have been massaging my breasts and tummy with warm olive oil for a while. So far things look good. It has been a tough three weeks. Looking forward to the next couple months of recovery.

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I would definitely recommend my PS Dr. David Kim for his professionalism and level of expertise. He never makes the patient feel rushed and is a true gentleman . He is very relaxed, confident and provides answers to every question one might have. He has an exceptional ability to understand his patient's needs. On my first post-op visit which was on a Saturday, he noticed a major swelling on my stomach. He immidiately took action and performed a corrective procedure to fix the problem. He saw me the next day, which was a Sunday (his office is closed on Sundays), but he specially came to the office to make sure everything is fine with me. His staff is very friendly and helpful. I strongly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone who is considering abdominoplasty , breast procedures and/or lyposuction.

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