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I had fat transfer under my eyes. The immediate...

I had fat transfer under my eyes. The immediate result was very noticeable mismatched lumps under each eye. My Dr.told me it would last about 3 months. A year later there was still no improvement. During this year I tried restyline to fill in the lumpiness. It didnt work. I tried Radiesse to raise my cheeks in an attempt to hide the lumps. That didnt work either. I also had to get a series of IPL laser treatments to get rid of a bruise that wouldnt go away after a failed attempt to have it removed by needle.

After a year I had surgery to get them removed-a blepharasty. She got most of it out but not all. It was very grisly fat tissue that would have never dissolved on it own. Its been 2 years now and I still have several pea sized lumps under one eye. I tried a kenalog injection in one lump. It helped somewhat I like to think. Both eyes have an identation or groove at the top of the cheekbone where there was not before. I look both unatural and older. When I smile the skin under the one eye folds up very differently then the other. I lost a year of my life consumed with trying to fix this botch and a lot more money. Every day I look in the mirror and am reminded of the worst mistake Ive ever made.

Its been 1 1/2 years since the bleph to remove the...

Its been 1 1/2 years since the bleph to remove the fat injection. The injeted fat that didnt get removed is still just as lumpy and noticeable. Nobody should get FT under eyes! This area is too thin and will show through. Unlike other fillers, fat injections can be permanent. RUN from any Dr that tells you otherwise.

Have had some success with 5FU. It did not...

Have had some success with 5FU. It did not eliminate the lumps but did make them flatter. Instead of 2 separate high pitched lumps under one eye there is now one continuous flatter lump. The lump under the other eye also flattened. The result was an indentation between the top of my cheekbone and the lump. Thanks to a skilled injector-PA a bit of Radiesse has filled that in and for now the lumps are not visible. NOTE- the radiesse was not put in the under-eye area. I dont recommend that! It was injected only in the very top of the cheek since there are no longer any lumps to fill in or connect. I prefer radiesse as it lasts much longer and watching the rapid decline of restyline or juvederm is too depressing. But thats just my opinion, these other fillers can work too.

The 5FU didnt work. It was just an extended...

The 5FU didnt work. It was just an extended swelling that is now gone. Another $500 spent for nothing. The radiesse that filled in the cavity at the top of my cheeks is still holding up. But that problem only happened in the 3 years of that area being poked and prodded in an attempt to get the FT out. It is so wrong that Dr are allowed to do this procedure at all. Even some Dr on this site opine that FT can be removed the same way it got in- by aspirating it. HA. Unlike other fillers FT does not always dissolve. It gets into different planes of the skin and cannot be removed even with surgery. Any efforts to remove it can cause scar tissue, which in the under-eye area is very likely to be noticeable.
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fat transfer under the eye has very unpredictable results and any competent Dr. should know this and not subject their patient to it.

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