Upper Eyelid Hollowness 6 Years After Surgery

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I originally planned to only have lower eyelid...

I originally planned to only have lower eyelid surgery because I was always bothered by bagginess that made me look tired. There was some droopiness to the upper lids so the doctor suggested fixing that at the same time. I have fairly closely spaced eyes, and he told me that my age would show in my eyes more than anywhere else on my face, so having my eyes done could help me look younger longer.

The surgery was painless, and I had very minor discomfort afterwords. But immediately after surgery, I noticed that the left upper lid suture was not pulled tightly together. I kept ice (or frozen peas) on it as recommended and slept sitting up for more than two weeks. The next day when I went back to the doctor to have the stitches removed, he said it was fine -- that it would heal OK and that any scar would fade in time.

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty in Jan 2004. Results for the lower are good. I had a lot of fat and puffiness that were removed. However, I have been unhappy with the upper lid results from the beginning. My left eye has a visible surgical scar on the outer edge, which the doctor told me would fade over time. It has not only not faded, but it now looks even deeper because of my brow slowly drooping. In addition, the extreme hollowness, especially near my nose makes me look older than 53. I hate the sunken look. Do you think fat grafting would help or hurt? I am worried about having another procedure that could produce yet another visible scar. (The After photo is from today, and the Before photo is from almost 6 years ago, so of course there is other aging taking place in the After photo.)
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Other people I know who had procedures by this doctor were happy with the results. I was not happy with my results. I think he's retired now.

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