Damon Braces / Traditional - Los Angeles, CA

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We'll I got my procedure done on October 18 2013...

We'll I got my procedure done on October 18 2013 and my doctor suggested damon braces upon my initial consultation which total cost was $5,084.00. With a extraction of my lower front tooth ( see pic ) my question was since I got my teeth extracted the doctor said I will needs traditional braces on bottom of my teeth and I was wondering was this a good idea ? Doctor said traditional braces work better with extractions . Total treatment time is 18-21 months ..Please help in clarifying

9 months on damon

We'll I see a difference now. Most drastic change has been my lower teeth closing gap and aligning my teeth .. I need about 12 months left or less to be done with treatment

12 month update

well it's been 12 months and 3 weeks into braces!!! Such a great improvement since day 1. My teeth are almost alight perfectly, they are some minor tweaks that need to be done on my top teeth. And for the bottom teeth as you can see are pretty much align but still need some work done to achieve a proper straight alignment. Once my teeth are straight ???? the doctor will work on working on overbite and once I'm at that stage then I can say for sure we are in the last months!!!???????????????? but for now I am waiting patiently???? and anticipate this treatment to be over no later than July of 2015. I hope I am over estimating . But we will see and I will provide a new update in a couple of months to show you all the great improvements!
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