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I have had Juvederm (and Restylane) injected into...

I have had Juvederm (and Restylane) injected into my lips a few times+ with great results. I saw the same person in the past and really loved the way he did my lips. The first time, it took a couple of visits to get it the way I liked it and then he knew what to do. It has been a year since the last time I had my lips augmented. I loved my lips. My doctor did an amazing job. Sometimes, after the injections and when the swelling went down, the doctor would have to tweak my lips a bit to get them even. He is the one who would say make a follow up appointment. He always said that he wanted me to be happy.

I have a lower full lip to begin with and my upper lip not as full. I look better with fuller lips so the doctor would only put very little in my bottom lip, and more product in my upper lip. When going back to get my lips evened out or fuller after the initial injections (only a couple of times), I was never charged. I didn't take my doctor for granted. He is the one who told me to come back so he could see the results and then we would decide together. I went to a new person two weeks ago and I told him that I wanted my upper lip fuller and showed him what I wanted it to look like by sharing photos. He started injecting the product on the sides of my upper lip, but then injected most of the product into my lower lip. Even under the corner of my lower lips. I asked him why he was doing that, and he said he was evening my lips out and that I should have a fuller lower lip. I know that, but it was already full to begin with as I said and reiterated that I wanted my upper lip a bit more plump.

Long story short... my lower lip is larger than I wanted it and my upper lip is fuller on the left side and thinner on the right and uneven. The lower lip is cockeyed (more product on the left). It is obvious and in fact, when using lipliner, it is difficult to make my lips looks even. I understand that sometimes after more time, lips and other areas of the face will settle in and even out. However, this does not look like it's going to happen. I went to see the injector yesterday to follow up and to show him what I am concerned about, and he said that my lips are the way they are, because that's the way they are naturally and that I have a muscle defect above the lip which is indented and is causing the side of my lip to be slightly crooked. I have never heard that before and never saw this before even before I had injections. If this is true, then why did he not notice it when he was injecting and why did he not plump it up so it would not indent. He was grasping. He said he would be happy to make my lips fuller, but I would have to pay for it. I told him that I do not want larger lips; I just want him them evened out and get what I paid for and requested. I know no one is perfect, but before I was injected, my lips were more even than they are now. I could understand if I was unhappy because I wanted them fuller (which takes more product), but that's not what I want/wanted. My smile even looks off.

The injector was cocky and adamant about not fixing them unless I pay. He said he would have to open a new vial and charge me. I wish I would never had had him do it. I just heard such great things about him and the way he injects and it was convenient for me. It was actually a gift. My original doctor is much more expensive too, but as they say, you get what you pay for. I will give an update in a couple of weeks. Perhaps my lips will settle in. I know that the price looks good (special price), but the office makes extra money through the program they are signed up with. Anyway, hoping that my lips even out as this injector is not going to budge. He did what he wanted to do and not what I requested. It was not my first time doing this, so I knew what to ask for and what I wanted. He said if I want to come back, he will be happy to inject more. He was not listening nor does he care.

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I knew about this injector and through a friend.

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