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I am a very healthy guy and practice yoga 3 days a...

I am a very healthy guy and practice yoga 3 days a week (one day being bikram yoga). I do some light workout for 45 mins 2 days a week and one day of hard work out per week. I eat right 6 days a week a have one cheat meal per weekend.

I am in good shape at 5'6", 128.5lbs and 28" waist but no matter what i do i just wasn't able to get rid of a little fat off my stomach. It's not bad or anything... but it bothers me because I live a healthy life and been exercising regularly for the last 5 years. I wanted a 6 pac or at least a very flat stomach but no matter what I did it just didn't happen. I ended up losing muscle when I go on diets and when I try to build more muscles my stomach fat gets to be even more noticeable.

I did Velashape for 3 sessions from Groupon it did NOTHING for me! I was about to give up but magically I saw a Groupon deal for Zenora Cold Laser deal after an extensive research on maybe getting it zerona. I jumped on the deal because it was want I wanted for only 50% of what normally it would have normally cost.

I did the what I was told to do, took the supplements, ate right (i ate right anyways so didn't effect me at all), kept on doing my same routine of workouts. I didn't notice any changes for the first 3 sessions but than after the 4th one I started to feel it. I didn't want it to end after my final 6th session. By than I have lost 7.5" from lower chest to hip (3.25" off my stomach). I know I must have lost some muscles but my stomach fat is about 1/3 of what it used to be (i been using my hand to grab as a method of measurement) and when I am up right my stomach is as flat as it can be!

This is magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My tech told me she was first a bit worried that I may not see any results because I was already fit (her words) and is surprised by my result because she usually saw results like this on "bigger" people because they have more to work on. She also told me that Zerona guarantee 3.5 inches for a full series of treatments and I did really good.

I feel great now and after years of struggle I finally found something that worked for me. I know I can keep it up because my forever gone stubborn stomach fat had been there years before I started my active life.

I will treat myself to another Zerona session if I am still not able to get rid of the left over 1/3 of fat at the end of the year. It fells great to have a flat stomach, I can't wait to go to the beach.

I have noticed the weight lost continued for about...

I have noticed the weight lost continued for about 2 weeks after my final measurement (or 3 weeks after my last actual laser session). I am even more toned now. This this is magical and I have not change my diet a bit (other than drinking even more water than I usually do, that pill made me really thirsty) ! I think the pills really boosted my lymphomic ad liver systems and flushed out the fat.

It's been 9 weeks since my Zerona treatment: As...

it's been 9 weeks since my Zerona treatment:

As I said I been eating healthy before Zerona for 3 plus years and have not changed my diet before or after for this. I am still maintaining my weight and been keeping fat off me. I am still taking yoga classes 3 times a week and workout 2 days a week. My stomach is more firm now than a month ago and my abs feels strong. I got myself another groupon for Zerona to use in this Nov just for a little tune up. I really love what it did for me.

It's been 3 months after my month long Zerona...

It's been 3 months after my month long Zerona Laser treatment and still eating healthy and staying active through yoga, workout, and dance classes 5 days a week. I will try and take another pic sometime soon however I would like to be even more fit and have tigher abs. I have another Zerona treatment in the end of october and am looking forward to it.
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