Vaser Hi-Def: Chest, Abs, Flanks in Los Angeles, CA

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Hello All- I thought I would write a review here...

Hello All- I thought I would write a review here of my experience and update it as I recover. I am in my 30's, I am pretty lean (5'10, 155lbs), and I am genuinely very active. I know a lot of people who get Vaser say they are athletic and simply can't get rid of some trouble spots- then when you see their pics, you realize they actually have quite a bit of weight of them. I am genuinely fit. I work out 5-6 days a week and have done that for years. I eat a clean diet, and indulge occasionally on the weekends. Overall- I've always been considered to be "naturally thin".

I decided to get Vaser primarily for my chest. Although I am lean, I've always had soft tissue on my chest. With diet and exercise- I was not able to firm up my pecs. After speaking to my doctor, I decided to have the treatment done on my abs and flanks, also to help sculpt and define those areas.

So here's my experience so far... PRE-OP: I decided to take 3 days off work plus a weekend. I work in an office and I was hoping after 5 days I would be able to return to work and be able to move about without it being too much of a problem. I'm not telling anyone at my office about my surgery, so I'm hoping no one will be able to tell- even if I'm moving a little slower, stiffer, etc. My surgery was schedule for a Wednesday. I started taking Colace a week before the surgery because I was told by many that after the procedure that I would feel constipated. I also decided to get a colonic on Monday (2 days before) just to be as clear as possible. I also started taking Arnica and Bromalain three days pre-surgery, to help with scarring and swelling.

The morning of my procedure, I was nervous, but mostly because I decide to go under general anesthesia. Honestly- from the time I entered the surgical center to walking up in recovery 5 hours later, it went by in a snap. When I woke up, I felt sore, but I wasn't in pain...groggy. I was in my compression suit, and my incision spots we kept open for drainage with pads in place. I went home, I napped for most of the day, when I was awake I chatted with family and friends, and in the evening I got up and walked around the house a couple of times.

Drainage was pretty disgusting. I had large absorbent pads on my bed, and I had towels on top of me, under my blankets. Everytime I would get up to urinate, we would change the pads in my compression suit, the pads on my bed, and the towels on me. It was pretty gnarly, but manageable. I was sore and tired, but not really in pain. I slept like a rock all night.

DAY TWO: Coming soon, pics coming soon.

DAY TWO: I spent most of the day napping. I would...

DAY TWO: I spent most of the day napping. I would get up to go to the restroom and change my drainage pads which was considerably easier to manage as the draining slowed a lot. I am drinking tons of water and mostly eating soups and Jello. I'm getting up every couple of hours to walk around my house. I'm moving slow, I'm sore- but not in much pain...bending over and sitting up is challenging, but luckily I have a loved one near by to help me as needed. I'm taking a pain killer, but considering switching to Tylenol tomorrow. I'm still taking Arnica, Bromalain, and Colace...and now I'll take an anti-biotic.
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